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Ascending To The Top Of The Pyramid

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should I feel my group as a result of the workshop?

Answer: The group is “one” because only one soul has been created. And the more I reveal the structure of a single soul, the more I reveal the group.

A group is not a material concept, not ten physical bodies sitting in a circle. The group is what we build above our egoism through the connection between us, downplaying our ego and raising the importance of connection, the Creator, the Light. The farther apart we take these two opposite points, raising the importance of bestowal, love, and connection, there above, we begin to feel as one.

Everyone feels not himself but only this collective one, outside of his body, his thoughts and desires. We all feel just this desire and one thought “as one man with one heart.” This is called the group.

If everyone acts like this during the workshop, we build a common locator in our group, which begins to pick up all the other “units” in the hall, formed from each circle or approaching this. And then I will start to feel through this sensor all the souls of the righteous existing in the spiritual world. This becomes my vessel with which I work in the spiritual world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/12, “Talk About Past Conventions”

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A Note Of The Utmost Importance

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot,” p. 137: From the aforementioned, you will learn that the Holy Torah, whose Height is endless, did not emanate or emerge from before Him as it appears to us here in this world, since it is known that “The Torah and the Creator are one,” and this is not at all apparent in the Torah of our world.

Question: If the Creator is completely concealed, how can we talk about the real Torah? After all, the “Torah” is correction.

Answer: That is why we are talking about the Torah of our world. The “Torah” is essence, connection with the Creator. The “Creator” is the general Light, but the “Torah” is partial lights that reveal the desire, correct and fill it.

In our world, there is a means that allows us to reach the Light, the Creator. We aren’t locked in desires; we are activated by a slight illumination. Suppose, I am drinking tea and enjoying it; in other words, there is a light, corresponding to my desire, and I work with it: I want or don’t want, accept or reject. We are talking about micro-portions of the Light that can be obtained in the egoistic desires of our world.

Besides that, there is a degree, preceding the spiritual world. This is something completely different, the state Lo Lishma, when in despair, I start using my material, egoistic desires to achieve bestowal. And although my motives are questionable, this is already connection, a possibility to apply efforts on the way.

Thus, I was given the end of the thread. As if Kabbalists left me a “note,” and if I use it as intended, follow their advice, then I establish connection with them, and they help me as the grown-ups help a child.

I was given an initial desire, the point in the heart or troubles, from which I need to escape. I was awakened, and I am not just an “animal”; the mind and desire, Reshimot, inner states and external situation, fear for the future of the world, and my own future wake up in me. The foundation has been laid.

And afterward, no matter what, at some time I will need so-called the help from Above. And searching will help me find the truth—the Light that Reforms.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Every Person “Cooks” According To A Personal Recipe

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the Convention I discovered that I do not have a desire to connect with others. How can I receive this desire?

Answer: It is natural that we do not have a desire to connect. We live in a world where disconnection and disunity grow from one day to the next. People hide behind computer screens and mobile phones, and all other means that create an illusion of connection instead of real unity.

But we like this more! 99% of all devices that are manufactured are designed to help a person avoid connecting with others. They create the illusion that we do not have to meet and look one another in the eyes, that it’s enough to look at a small screen and to press buttons. No one looks at one another. People walk down the street like zombies aimed at the destination point, and they practically do not talk to one another.

The whole world is growing more and more distant from one another. My ego forces me to restrict my connection with others to the maximum, so I need a separate apartment and separate food. I build my habitat so that I have all the household appliances in my home and so I don’t have to depend on anyone. Soon robots will do all of our housework and I won’t need anyone at all. A person feels best when he is alone. And if he suddenly gets bored, then he calls someone or sends an e-mail.

With this form of our egoism’s development, the aspiration to unite is simply opposite to our material nature. And it is clear that people coming to the Convention to unite feel uneasy. Moreover, the more developed a person is, the more resistance he feels, as it is written, “One who is greater than his friend has greater egoism.”

This pushes many new people away, as well as long-time, good, strong students, throwing them out of their boundaries. We must understand that this is every person’s natural reaction. And if someone leaves, that does not mean that he is ready for spiritual advancement, but he simply did not receive sufficient support and a patient attitude from others.

Every person should receive the opportunity to work at the Convention and to participate in some way, and gradually, time will do its work. If a person has a great egoistic desire, he cannot immediately accept the fact that we have to be connected.

The average person will happily agree to sit together with everyone and to sing. But for an individualist, who has strong desires – egoism, pride, and love of power – this is unacceptable and unbearable, and he runs away. Therefore, we have to give these people the chance to “cook over a low fire.” It’s like preparing a dish where every ingredient is cooked separately and at different times, and afterwards everything is combined together in one pot. Likewise, there are all kinds of people in the group, and every person has his own cooking time! But in the end everyone will unite and will cook together.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/12, “Questions and Answers about past conventions”

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Attaining The Creator’s Profession

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe greatness of Kabbalah is that it gives us the method that enables us to evoke spiritual energy, which corrects our nature and miraculously unites us. We have nothing to worry about; we only gradually need to establish a connection in the group and maintain a fraction of unity and mutual guarantee in mutual actions. This is sufficient to evoke the Reforming Light.

On one hand, there is an enormous journey before us, severe and difficult changes which require immense human effort. But on the other hand, there are no actions that we need to do on our own, the only thing we need to do is evoke the Light, which will do the work.

Many people try to correct themselves on their own, and they assume that this is possible. However, this will never happen; they will become disappointed, stop studying, and leave the group. This is because their efforts are not directed towards the Light, they want to do everything on their own instead of asking like a baby sitting on his mother’s lap asks.

I need to feel that I am in the Creator’s arms, feel that I am dependent on Him. And then, once I understand that any action begins with a request directed towards Him, I will stand next to Him, holding His hand, like a child who does not yet let go of the adult. I will pull Him after me to correct my faults. Once I discover uncorrected thoughts and desires in me, I will consciously and deliberately direct Him towards specific faults that require correcting.

So we grow by bringing out the things that are not corrected between us that are set up by the breaking and asking the Creator or the Light to correct them. Initially, before we know how to talk to Him, we simply point to the problem: “Correct!” Then we will explain to Him what we want just as parents demand for the child to tell about his “misfortune” as if we did not understand what he needs. Here there is a need for communication, reaction, explanation, and the child’s participation, more and more of it. He realizes part of the action, and the adult realizes the other part.

In this way we study the Creator’s “profession,” we put ourselves in His place, until we correct the entire system and acquire His status.

So, make a note in your heart: We do not perform any actions. Regardless of whether we feel bad or good, whether we see any faults, whether we want to correct something, first of all, we need to illuminate the damage as much as possible and then understand that only the Light will correct it. All the actions and connections in the group, the misunderstandings, fights, and other things are evoked by the Creator so we would invite Him to reveal Himself between us. It is written: “The One who establishes peace in His heights will establish peace between us.” The only thing we must do is raise MAN, a prayer, an appeal for correction. I “pray,” which means that I judge myself, become a judge to myself, and then I evoke the force of correction.

This is the way to act, by strengthening the connection between us. Groups must follow this principle and be like organs of a single body caring for each other. After all, everyone who falls also drags down the others. Sometimes events in a group are not caused by the strengthening of egoism before an ascent to the next degree, but by a descent of another group. After all, when a certain part of the body becomes sick, the sickness also transfers to the others.

At first, the right kind of state needs to be established in the groups, and then among the groups. We need to take care of each other, we need to unite and be concerned for our common spiritual health, then over just a few months we will reveal the spiritual world, and in a few years we will complete the correction.

We have not yet begun this work; we don’t yet act consciously and correctly either in groups or in their interconnection. These things come out gradually, we need to be conscious of them and understand them, and for this we need an inner demand. Nothing will come on its own without your demanding it.

So, we need to clarify this rule of mutual guarantee through mutual unity. And we only unite through a common prayer, when we together understand that only the upper Light will establish peace between us.
From the One Convention in New Jersey 5/12/12, Lesson 3

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Major Rules Of Equivalence With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan finally is realizing that he is not the master of nature and that nature is the supreme power of the world. Thus, it is necessary to lower our heads and abide its laws.

The rules of nature to which we should become equivalent in everything we do are the following:

  • Nature runs on sunlight
  • Nature uses only necessary energy
  • Nature brings form in accordance with function
  • Nature recycles everything
  • Nature rewards cooperation
  • Nature is based on variety
  • Nature requires experience in local conditions
  • Nature limits excesses from within
  • Nature reveals the power of restriction

However, Kabbalah explains that, by keeping these laws, we turn from bad creatures to neutral ones. If we correct our anti-natural egoistic qualities into altruistic ones, we will climb to the top, eternal, and perfect level of nature.
Source:  Integral Education

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