Major Rules Of Equivalence With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan finally is realizing that he is not the master of nature and that nature is the supreme power of the world. Thus, it is necessary to lower our heads and abide its laws.

The rules of nature to which we should become equivalent in everything we do are the following:

  • Nature runs on sunlight
  • Nature uses only necessary energy
  • Nature brings form in accordance with function
  • Nature recycles everything
  • Nature rewards cooperation
  • Nature is based on variety
  • Nature requires experience in local conditions
  • Nature limits excesses from within
  • Nature reveals the power of restriction

However, Kabbalah explains that, by keeping these laws, we turn from bad creatures to neutral ones. If we correct our anti-natural egoistic qualities into altruistic ones, we will climb to the top, eternal, and perfect level of nature.
Source:  Integral Education

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