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Brazil Convention – 05.05.12

Brazil Convention, Lesson 2

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Brazil Convention, Workshop 2

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Brazil Convention, Lesson 3

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Brazil Convention, Workshop 3

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Brazil Convention, Lesson 4

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Less Indecisiveness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can we tell people who are still not sure of whether they should sign up for the upcoming convention?

Answer: It is very important to unite on the corporeal level to be able to move on to uniting the souls, in other words, to the correction of the common soul, which broke and separated into billions of pieces. A convention is necessary for a person. If it happens, let us say, once a year in your region, then you must try to participate in it.

It is hard to believe that the Creator would give someone a disturbance a person is not able to overcome when it comes to coming to the convention. After all, there is none else beside Him. Everything comes from the Creator. So can it be that a person’s correction is so hopeless that the Creator will put a hopeless obstacle before him and cut off all the ways? I cannot imagine this.

Simply, the analysis of the situation is entrusted to the person himself. He feels like there are “guards” on his way, who push him away—but this is done only so he would realize how necessary the convention and how important the goal are.

So less indecisiveness. Who knows when the next time will be and whether there will be a next time. I am ready to give you everything. Just come, and we will unite. It is the key to the correction of all the negativity that manifests in us because we are opposite to the Source.

Question: Can friends, who have lost their inspiration and strengths, use the convention to ascend?

Answer: The convention is a place of healing. We all unite physically and virtually—on the plane of this world—to overcome ourselves and attain a real unity. Even if we do not yet understand what it is, we still play pretend like little children.

So, a convention heals and raises the level from the corporeal to the spiritual. A convention generates a force that can heal anything. We need to see the source of energy and information in it, in other words, the manifestation of Light in our world. There is no better illustration of unity in the chronicles of the correction of the world than a convention.

And this is why I recommend everyone to participate in it, and be as friendly and united as possible. You already need to invest into the preparation and establish the closest contact possible with the venue, the theme, and the entire process the convention will take us through. Bring those who deserve it with you, and we will be able to ascend to a spiritual degree. It is like the miracle of the exodus from Egypt—let it also happen here.
From the Brazil Convention 5/3/12, Lesson 1, Shamati #8

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This One Is For Mommy

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person must check his reactions every moment. Maybe he asks the Creator to give him a good life? In this case it is as if he is saying: “You are sending me evil. Please, be kind to me.” This is what the “99 percent” do.

Or a person says otherwise: “I realize that I feel evil and I understand that the reason for it lies in my qualities, which are opposite to You. After all, everyone rejects according to his own flaws. And I ask You for correction: Give me the strength to correct myself.”

A person experiences burdening along the way (“I have created the evil inclination”), but he remembers that the Creator sends it to him (“I have created the Torah as a spice”). And then the person acquires the Light, which is concealed in the Torah and returns to the Source. He asks for the correction of his own qualities: They are directed towards egoistic reception and are opposite to the Creator—so let them become directed towards bestowal and then the person will feel that the Creator is kind.

But why do I need this? To feel good? In this case, I am still an egoist. Is it so I would stop cursing the Creator? “What if He punishes me for perceiving His goodness as evil?” No, this is also egoism. So how do I form my reaction? What state do I need to come to? This is not about words but the heart’s aspirations: What correction am I asking for?

I ask for a correction when I feel bad in my desire to receive, but in my intention, directed towards the Creator, I feel that it is coming from Him, Good, Who does good.

In this way a person divides into two parts that are connected: He is submerged in darkness in his egoistic, restricted desire for pleasure—and he feels the Light above it. And then he is sure that the correction that he receives is not to satisfy his self-love. No, his pleasure is above this, and he really is in a state of bestowal.

For example: Mom makes me porridge, but I do not like it. Mom knew what she was doing: She made the healthiest food for me. But I cannot see the value in it. Should I ask her for a different porridge? Or should I eat this one that tastes bad, and change my attitude towards mom above my sensations? This way I will begin to acquire her qualities, her view of the world, her desires, directed towards bestowal. This is how I grow as I acquire my spiritual image.

There is no other solution – it is written: “All will attain Me, from the small to the great.” And “attaining” means to unite above our egoism. This is the fundamental principle of spiritual work. And even though it might appear difficult, in reality it is very easy when I act in unity with the group, and it is impossibly difficult when I try to move on my own.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/12, Shamati #8

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The Complexity Of Integral Interaction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While studying in the group, people feel a kind of embarrassment because new tools, mechanisms, and experience are required in the mutual integral cooperation. A person has gotten used to living and working according to a certain program.

Suddenly he discovers that the program has changed. People remain in the circle and their role is simply to carry on a conversation between them, to get to know one another, to see other people. A person begins to worry and to ask: “Tell me what to do? Where are we headed?”

Answer: The point is that they find themselves closed among themselves, and we must develop a new approach to a new integral dialog with one another.

A person really feels concern and uneasiness. He suddenly sees that he isn’t ready for the mutual integral cooperation because he was taught differently.

The interesting thing about the mutual cooperation is that we don’t just discover our interdependence, but that there can be no hierarchy here, and this is very complicated. We are used to thinking that someone is a bit above me and that I am a bit lower, I can hide and when the time comes, I can come out and declare that I don’t exist. This is our ordinary social communication.

Here, however, we have to establish a new infrastructure that has to be among us and not in each of us. We don’t have to arrange people hierarchically, as each one represents a small individual part, which together make up all of society. In the mutual integral cooperative society, it is what we form outside ourselves, something that is around us, that is external, among us. Each one enters this society as a small integral part and dissolves among the others.

Therefore, people find it very hard to experience this exit from themselves: I am in society, as part of it; “I” and “they” are the same thing. There is no such thing as “I,” and later there is no such thing as “we” either, because “we” is just a sum, a number, while an integral is the sum in which all the elements add up so that they are not separate entities that come together, but rather a totally new whole in which the individuality disappears and the unity appears.

This is a difficult experience and not everyone can easily become accustomed to it, or shall I say, bear it. One must go through much pain, because you seem to be cutting yourself off of yourself. You enter a group and lose yourself inside it: “Where is the ‘I,’ where are all my elements, my basic inclinations?” It is as if you don’t exist and the result is something general. Moreover, it isn’t our “sum,” we don’t arrive at some common opinion, but suddenly there is a partnership born in us, which exists on its own.

I understand the people who reach that and who feel a little bad, you have to get used to it.

They need a serious theoretical preparation and practical studies. We have to show them that this is what our society that was born of one element, of an initial drop of semen somewhere in the past generations, should be like. It has grown to several billion people who now have to reunite. They don’t destroy themselves and their functioning on the corporeal level, but they should all come to the state in which they will all be one image of one single creature.

Nature compels us to precisely this closeness, to where we feel everyone else as one whole, including ourselves of course. There will be no integrals, no differentials, and no sums. It will be something that is totally new, a new society that grows from the terrible separated state of the global crisis.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #17, 02/28/12

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Feel Your Neighbor’s Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which psychological or verbal actions will help a person from an integral group “come out of himself?”

Answer: To do this one first needs to study the materials we have prepared about integration, interconnection, and mutual connection between people where it is written about how to start coming “out of yourself” and feel others, which means to feel their desires.

In reality, I cannot feel the desires of others, but when we acquire common desires and common aspirations, then I can imagine that they are common and can “enter” them as I understand that my group partners, my friends, also exist in these common desires and aspirations.

These can be both men and women since a group can be mixed, but it can also be homogenous, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it is best for men to study alone without the participation of the women. It is harder for women to be together, they do not communicate as well with each other. We must take all of this into consideration.

In general a lot depends on the people. None of this matters when they are prepared. But when they are not prepared, we even need to take their social level, origin, and other things into consideration.

The group needs to be carefully selected to make sure there are no “black sheep” in it, who will slow the process down because they have their own way of doing things, a certain position that obligates them to act in a certain way or in some way they were taught. These people need to be removed from the group because they are unable to flow with it right from the beginning. And then they can enter it very slowly and passively as they become closer to the group training.
From “A Talk on Integral Education” #17, 2/28/12

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