Feel Your Neighbor’s Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which psychological or verbal actions will help a person from an integral group “come out of himself?”

Answer: To do this one first needs to study the materials we have prepared about integration, interconnection, and mutual connection between people where it is written about how to start coming “out of yourself” and feel others, which means to feel their desires.

In reality, I cannot feel the desires of others, but when we acquire common desires and common aspirations, then I can imagine that they are common and can “enter” them as I understand that my group partners, my friends, also exist in these common desires and aspirations.

These can be both men and women since a group can be mixed, but it can also be homogenous, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it is best for men to study alone without the participation of the women. It is harder for women to be together, they do not communicate as well with each other. We must take all of this into consideration.

In general a lot depends on the people. None of this matters when they are prepared. But when they are not prepared, we even need to take their social level, origin, and other things into consideration.

The group needs to be carefully selected to make sure there are no “black sheep” in it, who will slow the process down because they have their own way of doing things, a certain position that obligates them to act in a certain way or in some way they were taught. These people need to be removed from the group because they are unable to flow with it right from the beginning. And then they can enter it very slowly and passively as they become closer to the group training.
From “A Talk on Integral Education” #17, 2/28/12

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