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A Big Turn

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday humanity is starting to look for methods that will enable it to manage life and to know something about the future. It’s now that the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, and just like it was revealed to humanity in the days of ancient Babel so that they could correct themselves, now too it’s about to bring about a correction because we are at the second climax of the rising of the ego.

The first eruption of the ego took place in Babel, and now we have reached the peak of its growth, but on a new level which is absolutely wild.

A Big Turn
Our ego is constantly growing, not gradually (linearly or exponentially), but in leaps. These sharp leaps bring about wars, revolutions, and hard times. Although a revolution can be an industrial or a cultural one, like in the Renaissance or the industrial revolution.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we understand what is happening to us. The point is that we are in a state of shattering which we must correct. There are only three states. In the first state, we are all together as one whole, and this is called the world of Ein Sof (Infinity).

From this state of unity, we descend into “this world,” and from it we have to rise to the world of Ein Sof again. The difference between these three states is that the first state of the world of Ein Sof is corrected, our present state is corrupt, sunk in a huge ego, and in the third state we must attain correction again.

A Big Turn
It’s as if we return to the same state we were in before, the same world of Ein Sof, but in the first state we were unconscious. We didn’t understand anything, like a drop of semen in a womb that hasn’t yet developed into an embryo and which means that it hasn’t developed into the “human” level yet although there are all the necessary conditions and potential for that in that drop.

The third corrected state which we have to reach now is special since in it we understand, feel, and attain everything that happens in the world of Ein Sof—the One who created us, His intention, the plan of this upper force, all of creation. We understand all this, feel it, and control it.

In fact, this is the goal of this whole big circle that we made. It’s a unique process: During the descent from the top down there is a shattering and corruption, and after the shattering there is the correction. So now in our world, we are in the worst possible state, in the most shattered state, under the control of the huge ego, which we have to correct. It’s corrected by the connection among us.
From the Brazil Convention 5/04/12, Lesson 1

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Fundamentals of Kabbalah – 05.20.12

A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah

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The Convention Is Never Over

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you preserve the permanent state of the convention from now on?

Answer: A convention is a leap through unity. If we have such exercises of unity once a week by having intensive workshops called “friends’ meetings,” we may not need to have big conventions in order to advance anymore. We will rise from one week to the next by preparing ourselves from one meeting to the next.

Everything depends on the preparation, which determines what level of unity we will be able to attain in the workshop. We need a big desire, the recognition of the importance of the goal and the uniqueness of such a meeting as a special action, as the only method by which we can create a place for the revelation of the Creator.

From one week to the next we will live with the feeling of the coming friends’ meeting and yearn for the lesson day by day. Before the lesson we can also feel as we do before the workshop. The lesson can be as intensive, because in the lesson we speak about the same internal work but in different words. On the whole, we are talking about the same topic—the revelation of the Creator to the created beings, where it takes place and under what conditions.

All our collective actions should be seen from this perspective no matter what we do. It all depends on how much a person appreciates every opportunity he is given. Therefore, we shouldn’t wait for conventions if we don’t prepare ourselves from one lesson to the next, from one friends’ meeting to the other, and from one convention to the next one.

Otherwise a big convention by itself will not be very useful—it will summon a temporary awakening but not an ascent. If a person doesn’t come with the previous impression, he will not be granted ascent, advancement, and a greater connection. This is because he hasn’t prepared himself for it; he hasn’t yearned for it and has no deficiency for it. He will simply be impressed from everything else, but will not attain a specific fulfillment.

So it turns out that we feel elated from one convention to another, but then we fall again. The elation should be before the convention and the convention itself should be a level upwards. In this convention we managed to do that to some extent. After having risen to the next level and having felt that we are in a state of descent, disappointment, and fogginess, we should immediately start preparing for a new meeting. This meeting can be in the next lesson, the weekly friends’ meeting, or a big convention.

Everything is determined by the preparation. There shouldn’t be any “dead time” in which I just sit and wait. I have to increase the deficiency inside me or to fulfill it by connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/12, “Talk About Past Conventions”

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Reasonable Consumption

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say that the workday at a business is being cut in half. In other words, a person will work four hours and spend four hours studying. We will have to decrease people’s salary, but we will need to do it gradually and guarantee the minimum standard of living.

I think that, after several months, it would be possible to begin doing a completely different kind of work with them. We would be able to begin to transition the city, all its services, and all social relationships to reasonable consumption.Reasonable consumption is when we care for the entire city so that people have a normal standard of living, not a minimal standard of living, but normal. We create a certain basket of consumption and make sure that the entire population receives it under certain conditions, such as when a person participates in upbringing, education, certain types of production, or public works. For example, let us say that he provides social services and must remain at his job. Then, gradually, all people will come to a normal level of consumption.

Will a normal picture of consumption vary for different age groups and genders?

I think that this only depends on a person’s physical and physiological needs, never on his position in society.

Is there a certain algorithm for determining it? It is simply that I, as a practical person, immediately imagine a line of people.

There will not be a line. We need to create a communal service that simply will supply every single person with everything he or she needs. The minimal provision needs to be in the form of products so that a family would receive at least whatever it needs to exist in its natural form and, perhaps, a part in monetary form.

However, the city has funds such as pensions and federal child benefits.

No, we are saying that we are trying to gradually transition the entire population to a completely different type of existence. What does a person really need money for when he is fully provided with all services? We are speaking about a city that lives within its closed system, and about a reasonable standard of living that we must provide people with, being certain that, together with education, they will not have the ability to profiteer from it. This can only be avoided by natural provision.
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It’s A Long Way Back Home

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we are facing a serious economic crisis that will help us discover that by our unrestricted yearning for wealth, control, and technological advancement, we have confused ourselves and placed ourselves in a trap. We run around like a hamster on a wheel feeling that we constantly have to manufacture more and more products for which there is actually no real need.

But nature, compressing us into one ring, shows us that we have to start living like one harmonious family that needs only the normal basic necessities and no excesses. This means that we will have to reach the level of rational, sensible consumption. Of course, a person needs clothing, food, medical care, security and a job. But he doesn’t have to follow every advertisement, which for the sake of someone else’s gain convinces him that he really needs meaningless products, by constantly offering him new things and igniting his appetite.

There must be an end to this chase, and we are already starting to feel that global production is slowing down. As a result, many people are losing their jobs and are being thrown into the streets. The number of unemployed is in the millions and is growing day by day throughout the world. This trend will continue.

I believe that the crisis will be reflected in the family causing an opposite process. After all, women will begin to gradually return to the home. Men too, will spend more time at home. Life at home will be more balanced and the mad chase in which we wish to swallow the whole world will stop.

Then we will feel the desire to live in a family again, not like in the past, but in a more balanced, tranquil way. A person will start dealing with his internal development! He will live a balanced life with nature.

First we must reach a balance among us in our relationships by forming better connections in society. We must do that or we will simply not survive. The external harmony will change us internally and make us more tranquil and patient and teach us how to build our families based on such connections so that “love will cover all sins.”

Then we’ll be able to be more tolerant and learn to live in a family where everyone is free, but at the same time internally connected to a spouse. We’ll want to have children in such a family and will learn how to treat them and give them the right education according to the spirit of this new humanity.

It may well be that not everyone has understood this yet, but the old world no longer exists. In the new world we’ll be filled, not by running around from one place to another chasing money, status, and fashion. We’ll feel what lies behind all this emptiness and the filling that is on a higher, perfect, sublime level giving us a sense of upper harmony.

We’ll begin to feel a more internal reality, the harmony that exists in nature, and all thanks to the fact that we connect with others in mutual concern and mutual guarantee.

None of us has ever felt what true fulfillment is! Have we ever succeeded to fill ourselves in the chase after wealth, honor, control, and knowledge? Did you ever stop and say, “Now I am happy and I don’t need anything else”? There was never such a moment. We only keep on running, but we can’t fill ourselves.

Now we are about to rise to the next level of existence and to find out: what can a person enjoy, what can he be filled by? We’ll be filled by reaching the right connections among us because in the right connections and the ties among us we will reveal the wholeness of nature. This is the feeling of love that no one has known until now. I will enjoy my good attitude toward others and my love of others, and my desire to bestow upon them. If everyone treats others this way, everyone will be filled with this feeling of love.

Very little is needed in order to achieve this—only to learn how to do it! We have everything that we need: the method and the system of the integral education that can teach everyone. It’s an ancient method that has existed for ages, but it’s revealed only in our times because the world has reached such a state that it has become crucial for its existence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode19, 2/2/12

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“Human Societies Starting To Resemble Ant Colonies”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DiscoveryNews): “The human population is growing at such a staggering rate that we are organizing ourselves more like ant supercolonies, with new research finding that we have more in common now with some ants than we do with our closest living animal kingdom relatives.

“The new study, published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, points out that both humans and ants (termites, too) live in societies that may consist of up to a million plus members.

“’As a result, modern humans have more in common with some ants than we do with our closest relatives the chimpanzees,’ Mark Moffett, author of the study, told Discovery News. ‘With a maximum size of about 100, no chimpanzee group has to deal with issues of public health, infrastructure, distribution of goods and services, market economies, mass transit problems, assembly lines and complex teamwork, agriculture and animal domestication, warfare and slavery.’

“’Ants have developed behaviors addressing all of these problems,’ added Moffett, a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. He pointed out that only humans and ants have developed full-blown warfare.”

My Comment: We were given the mind in order, not to be guided by egoistic nature like ants, but to become conscious of the evil of egoism, to rise above it, and to change ourselves, and thus reach the level of the ruler, the Creator, His eternity and perfection.

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The Smallest Part Of The Whole Contains The Whole

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Cornell University Library): “A central question in our understanding of the physical world is how our knowledge of the whole relates to our knowledge of the individual parts. One aspect of this question is the following: To what extent does ignorance about a whole preclude knowledge of at least one of its parts?

“Relying purely on classical intuition, one would certainly be inclined to conjecture that a strong ignorance of the whole cannot come without significant ignorance of at least one of its parts. Indeed, we show that this reasoning holds in any non-contextual hidden variable model (NC-HV).

“Curiously, however, such a conjecture is false in quantum theory: We provide an explicit example where a large ignorance about the whole can coexist with an almost perfect knowledge of each of its parts. More specifically, we provide a simple information–theoretic inequality satisfied in any NC-HV, but which can be arbitrarily violated by quantum mechanics. Our inequality has interesting implications for quantum cryptography.”

My Comment: From the perspective of Kabbalah, there is no paradox because the part and the whole are equivalent. Everything from micro to the whole is built on the principle of a hologram where any part contains information about everything. In other words, any part and the whole are made up of ten Sefirot. Our egoistic mind cannot connect the parts and the whole, recognizing that a part is equal to the whole. However, in the spiritual world, this condition is fundamental and understood on the first spiritual degree.

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Avoiding A Panic

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say that a big factory has closed down in a small town of fifty thousand people, and people have been left without work. What should we do? Should we inform people information that qualitative changes are coming on a global scale, or just put them before the fact?

Answer: What do you want the population to do, panic? Confusion, alcoholism, crime, collapse of the family unit, and so on, all social relations, even the concealed ones, immediately become aggravated.

You must first warn people, give them the remedy, and then tell them about the illness. We must have mercy on the poor population. This comes first.

Second, how do we do this? Imagine the horrible state of fifty thousand people who gradually will descend to the poverty level and degradation. How can this be prevented?

Question: We do not stop the factory. Instead, we begin to gradually cut down work hours by one hour a week. We offer people the option to spend this hour studying, without leaving the plant. We make an announcement that the corporation is introducing a special service, and now everyone must attend lessons as if it were work.

Answer: Our explanation can be in accordance with the common condition of the nation and the world, the common crisis, the common problems. This is why we want to enlighten the population and even make our city special, exemplary. This is the reason that we are introducing common, anti-crisis education and upbringing.

We can speak about the fact that the crisis is not only taking over the city, but the entire world. We really must justify it in the press and everywhere else. People must understand that there is a “tsunami” heading toward the entire planet. The only thing is that the population must be enlightened gradually, not with a harsh blow.

As the crisis continues to grow, we must educate the population and change social relations and our life into a form, a system, that could serve as a buffer to live through the crisis peacefully and well, without conflicts, perhaps even with a certain benefit. In other words, the crisis does not have to be presented as a crisis, since the word actually means “the birth of something new.”

We can explain all this to the population gradually. We must study all this so that we understand where the world and the country are, with us inside them. This will help everyone survive and succeed to the extent of his or her understanding.

All this could be realized through different public services, local television, newspapers, and presentations by local celebrities. We must do everything we can. We can invite professors and organize something very presentable, respected, and convincing. All these presentations will make it clear that the world really is at a bifurcation point.

Question: Instead of grief, “All is lost, we are closing the factory,” we can make it a celebration, giving people a chance to create a good, positive emotional background. In reducing the workday by one hour, we could say, “This is a very good thing.”

Answer: We introduce a system of integral learning not only at the factory, but also for all in general as a mandatory system, up to retirees.

Question: There is a category of people, entrpreneurs, who are very difficult to engage in studying. They are economically independent. How can we influence them to learn?

Answer: We can do it, for example, through the taxation system. A certain decree obligates a person to attend a course. Only then, will he be allowed to file his tax return.
From KabTV’s “Experimental City – Soultion to the Crisis” 3/2/12

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On The Borders Of Humanity

The movie “There’s no Tomorrow”

(“There is no Tomorrow” is a half-hour long movie about the depletion of natural resources and energy and about the impossible limitless life in a limited planet. Inspired by the capitalist caricatures of the 40’s, the movie is an introduction to the energy dilemmas we are facing today).

My Comment: Our problem is that although the message in this film is true, it isn’t the whole truth. Nature has its own plan according to which it develops us, not to live modestly, but to understand the meaning of our life. So our wandering and wondering in the endless search for the right way to live on earth brought us to a general crisis, to a crisis in every aspect of our life, even if we could multiply beyond the earth’s carrying capacity.

The crisis is in us because we’ve developed until we reached the question about the meaning of life, and it doesn’t exist in our current existence! All the problems we encounter in everything that we do are called the “general crisis,” it is our own crisis, as we consume ourselves and nature, living in order to “live.”

Nature pushes us out of the crises to “turn on our brain,” so that we will think about that and discover the next level of our development, in another dimension, in the attribute of bestowal, above our current feelings and mind. We will discover another space instead of the earth and our bodies, which are felt in the attribute of receiving (the ego); we will discover a field of forces of bestowal, the dimension of the quantum state!

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