A Big Turn

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday humanity is starting to look for methods that will enable it to manage life and to know something about the future. It’s now that the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, and just like it was revealed to humanity in the days of ancient Babel so that they could correct themselves, now too it’s about to bring about a correction because we are at the second climax of the rising of the ego.

The first eruption of the ego took place in Babel, and now we have reached the peak of its growth, but on a new level which is absolutely wild.

A Big Turn
Our ego is constantly growing, not gradually (linearly or exponentially), but in leaps. These sharp leaps bring about wars, revolutions, and hard times. Although a revolution can be an industrial or a cultural one, like in the Renaissance or the industrial revolution.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we understand what is happening to us. The point is that we are in a state of shattering which we must correct. There are only three states. In the first state, we are all together as one whole, and this is called the world of Ein Sof (Infinity).

From this state of unity, we descend into “this world,” and from it we have to rise to the world of Ein Sof again. The difference between these three states is that the first state of the world of Ein Sof is corrected, our present state is corrupt, sunk in a huge ego, and in the third state we must attain correction again.

A Big Turn
It’s as if we return to the same state we were in before, the same world of Ein Sof, but in the first state we were unconscious. We didn’t understand anything, like a drop of semen in a womb that hasn’t yet developed into an embryo and which means that it hasn’t developed into the “human” level yet although there are all the necessary conditions and potential for that in that drop.

The third corrected state which we have to reach now is special since in it we understand, feel, and attain everything that happens in the world of Ein Sof—the One who created us, His intention, the plan of this upper force, all of creation. We understand all this, feel it, and control it.

In fact, this is the goal of this whole big circle that we made. It’s a unique process: During the descent from the top down there is a shattering and corruption, and after the shattering there is the correction. So now in our world, we are in the worst possible state, in the most shattered state, under the control of the huge ego, which we have to correct. It’s corrected by the connection among us.
From the Brazil Convention 5/04/12, Lesson 1

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  1. It is as if we left home, going out into the woods, searching for the critical thing the village needs to survive, like a hunter searching for food. Now that we have found it, in the depths of the wilderness, it is time to return home and share the abundance.

    That is why there are cycles, for our cup of coins can not carry everything at once, for there is no end to the abundance.

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