On The Borders Of Humanity

The movie “There’s no Tomorrow”

(“There is no Tomorrow” is a half-hour long movie about the depletion of natural resources and energy and about the impossible limitless life in a limited planet. Inspired by the capitalist caricatures of the 40’s, the movie is an introduction to the energy dilemmas we are facing today).

My Comment: Our problem is that although the message in this film is true, it isn’t the whole truth. Nature has its own plan according to which it develops us, not to live modestly, but to understand the meaning of our life. So our wandering and wondering in the endless search for the right way to live on earth brought us to a general crisis, to a crisis in every aspect of our life, even if we could multiply beyond the earth’s carrying capacity.

The crisis is in us because we’ve developed until we reached the question about the meaning of life, and it doesn’t exist in our current existence! All the problems we encounter in everything that we do are called the “general crisis,” it is our own crisis, as we consume ourselves and nature, living in order to “live.”

Nature pushes us out of the crises to “turn on our brain,” so that we will think about that and discover the next level of our development, in another dimension, in the attribute of bestowal, above our current feelings and mind. We will discover another space instead of the earth and our bodies, which are felt in the attribute of receiving (the ego); we will discover a field of forces of bestowal, the dimension of the quantum state!

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