The Taste Of New Sensations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A person needs to open slightly to feel the taste of exiting himself, the taste of integrality. How is it possible to do that? Where do we begin?

Answer: In the beginning, we use games in the process of teaching. They show how much we lose in our interaction from being individualists and how much we gain if we participate together.

When we mutually participate, we don’t connect our efforts or our knowledge, but rather give birth to something new: a new force, a new knowledge, new opportunities, and most importantly, a new sensation that exists between us. And we all exist in it together.

From within this new participation, we do not begin even to feel the “we” since it is the total of the individualists who assemble together. When we exit ourselves, the individualists, we go to the next state of integrality that is called Adam (Man or Human). We must try to begin to feel it. But this is fine tuning.

Question: What is the first step to begin to feel this?

Answer: I think it is built on conversation, on communication, on understanding and mutual participation. A kind of commonality is gradually created, a kind of deep, internal, non-verbal mutual understanding, when they begin to feel what ties them together, what is common between them.

It is a shared goal. But it is not an individual goal of each of us; this goal is above us: harmony with nature that we must understand, grasp its meaning, its characteristics, its relationship to us, and the way we enter it and exist in it.  However, we only exist in it thanks to the connection between us. It is specifically the connection between us that creates the “lining,” the background, our integral sensor. With its help we feel integral nature revealed in our mutual sensation, as if within us.

Then, we begin to feel its thought, intelligence, the goal, the plan, and gradually, we begin to attain it. Besides feeling that it exists, I begin to attain it, to discover it, but I discover it inside, through our shared feeling. Together with everyone, I begin to discover this more and more.

We begin to share our emotional impressions and discuss it from a logical point of view: What is this plan? What is this force that operates on us and others? How does our perception of our world change when we begin to feel the inner force of nature, which, apparently, exists here inside, and all of our world as if lies on its platform, while it constitutes a network of forces that holds up the entire world and manages it. So, what is this force? What is this energy?

When we begin to clarify this between us, among the friends, each one of us arrives, first of all, at this shared knowledge and receives from everyone additional feelings and intellect. And through these shared sensations and intelligence we begin to attain the harmony and the integral force of nature, which can never be discovered and attained alone.

This discussion should take place for a few hours in a group of ten people and two instructors, in a calm environment, with specific reading materials.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #17, 02/28/12

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The Secrets Of The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The purpose of our work at the workshop is clear: We open the heart to each other, we draw closer, connect.

Answer: You are learning to understand what a group means. Before that you only heard what it is. But here, I hope, you began to feel that special properties are embedded in the group, which you won’t be able to scrutinize alone. By listening specifically to your friend—and it doesn’t matter what he is saying for he may not know anything (he may be in the group for one or two months), you will hear in his words what you need to hear.

Question: There is also another form of group work, when the text is simply read and no commentaries are given. What’s the difference? When do we apply this kind of work?

Answer: It is a very serious question.

In general, how do you discuss something between yourselves when you stand in a big circle and say something? You also speak about yourself, from yourself, about the greatness of the group, the greatness of the goal, of the gathering, or about why you came to the convention.

Most important is not to talk about what’s in your heart at the given moment. You do not give vent to what you feel at the moment. As in our world, you do not want to tell anybody about your deepest feelings, personal secrets, and the same is here. That is, I do not talk about my relationship with the Creator as it concerns only me. All the rest—it makes no difference.

Question: When we work independently in the group, who will help us stop on time and talk from the heart, not from the mind?

Answer: Don’t be afraid to err. It’s not important. It’s completely unimportant!

Those who study for a month or two can gather into the group and try to discuss something between themselves, to mumble like children—it’s not important. They will nevertheless grow, if they only do what’s needed. No preliminary knowledge is required from a person, nothing. Most important is to act simply, open heartedly, and naively, and then everything will work out.
From Vilnius Convention 3/25/2012, Workshop 4

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.20.12

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson: Talk About Past Conventions 

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpts “Beresheet (Genesis),” “The Separating and Connecting Firmament,” Item 368, Lesson 99

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 7, Item 3, Lesson 4

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Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 138, Lesson 62

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