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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can one person acquire an anti-egoistic screen if it can only be acquired through the group? Or is the Creator the only one who can give us a screen?

Answer: The Light comes through the group in response to my request and builds a screen within me, which helps me rise above my ego and connect to the group. A screen is a connecting link between myself and the group, or between myself and the Creator, which is the same thing. It helps me rise above egoism and, once I rise above myself, to connect with the Light, with the Creator, with the essence of the group that is revealed at the group’s center.

We don’t need anything other than the screen. There is my desire and there is the group within which the Light and the Creator are found, and the screen helps me connect with them. That is how I enter the spiritual world: at the center of the group.
From the 4th seminar at the New Jersey Convention, 5/13/12

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  1. The first man, although he rose on his own, did so by absorbing all the desires of all his fellows, that all of them became part of him, and thus he attained similarity of form to the collective being of all people, much like we are to our cells, like how Keter contains the nine. So in essence, the ascent is always on ones own, but it comes through others to one’s self and then back to others, and thus are one and the same anyway. Like the tree, from root to trunk to branch and back again.

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