Peculiarities Of Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose a teacher falls into his “blind spot” and does not notice that he revels in his power over people and begins to abuse it. In this case, should we patiently wait for these states to pass or should we still limit him?

Answer: When this happens in a regular psychological group, we shouldn’t restrain him; instead, we must work with him as with any other person. But if we are in an advanced group, which is already beyond simple egoistic relationships and attitudes, then we must understand that the teacher can appear as an egoist, a very strange person, moody, and dictatorial. He can appear this way to students because he really is on a high level, and this is why he behaves this way. It is written: “Do not judge your friend before you reach his level.”

This is why we must always understand that when it comes to friends, it’s easy to respond since we can more or less understand their states. But when it comes to the teacher, we might not understand his states; they might appear egoistic, dictatorial, moody, and willful. It’s possible that his states only appear this way to us because his level is higher than ours, and we don’t adequately perceive every consequent state.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 2/27/12 

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