A Bridge Over The Eternal Conflict

Arava ConventionFrom the lesson dedicated to Israel’s Independence Day

On a day like today, we usually don’t speak about deficiencies, meaning the unfulfilled desires, but we always measure everything with regard to the vessels.

First we have to understand that the term “Israel” symbolizes the intention of “Yashar El,” (straight to the Creator). We will actually celebrate the real independence day of Israel when we are freed from the domination of our ego, when we unite above self love, when we keep this connection at least on a minimal level, and when it prevails over the separated desire that rages inside us as the evil inclination. Then the power of unity will rule over the power of separation. This is the exodus from exile to independence.

Are we free on the corporeal level? Is our group free in the spiritual world? This is what we should ask ourselves and measure. After all, everything is relative, and as we ascend the spiritual levels, we will discover the powerful size of the separation over and over again, according to the new Reshimot, (reminiscences). Then we will acquire the power of unity with the help of the Reforming Light.

This is the way—the unity and the separation alternately replace each other. So where is our independence? It narrows down to our supervision over the process. Even when we fall and seem to lose our independence under the rule of evil desires, we still know how to rise. Therefore, we are called independent.

Today we are still dominated by our egoistic needs and desires. In this world we are not united as a nation yet, we still reject one another and do not want brotherly love, we don’t accept it as our goal yet, but see it as an option: It is desirable, it’s possible but “there is no rush.” And we feel pain since this fire isn’t burning in us.

We are in a state of exile and not in a state of freedom and independence. After all, independence means that at least we make the efforts to attain it. We have received all the necessary means from Above in order to determine our independence, rising above our ego in general unity. We haven’t attained it yet in order to immediately pass it on to the people and to the world.

All our friends throughout the world need to feel this, both in corporeality and in spirituality, and we must fulfill our mission and reach the independence of the desire to bestow over the desire to receive. This is called “faith above reason.” This is what we are facing.

The uniqueness of our times is in the fact that everything is ready for correction. The world is approaching this and we understand this better and have what it takes. No one is standing in our way, not physically, not morally, and not mentally. We don’t have fierce enemies that stop us from carrying out our mission.

So the problem is only in us. We have to actually feel that we are under the domination of Pharaoh that reigns within us, an alien force, and it alone does not allow us to wage war for independence.

Question: There is a growing need for a change. Everyone understands the reason for all our problems already, we understand that it is all about the environment, about the separation and the lack of mutual trust… how can people reach a common perspective?

Answer: “Love will cover all sins.” This is the whole secret. We don’t correct anything directly, but we simply build our unity above all the problems and the disagreements.

By being in a labyrinth of opposites we will not achieve anything. If you start clarifying this swamp, Egypt will simply “swallow” you, and bury you under its massive pyramids. This is the exile in Egypt from which we will not be able to rise if we work directly with the defects that are revealed among the friends. We mustn’t do it. This is why Pharaoh, the ego, forces us and seems to logically be showing us the problems that need to be solved first. He is saying: “Bravo, keep on dealing with the spiritual advancement, but only in my territory, in the corrupt mutual relations among us.” We mustn’t listen to him!

Leave the ego, you are not correcting it, you want to build a bridge of love over it. Only then will you succeed, in “faith above reason.” After all, spirituality is above corporeality. The Creator has arranged things this way, and so I only have to escape Pharaoh, or in other words, to rise above him. We don’t have to destroy or to correct him. When I begin to build something above him, the “angel of death” will turn into “the holy angel.” This is what Moses is asking for: “Let my people go!”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/12, “The Israeli Nation (Independence Day)”

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