The Decimal System Of Circles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why will the next stage of the work be unity among the groups? How is it connected to the unity within each group and to the individual work of a person?

Answer: In fact, unity begins from a group of ten people. A human is built in such a way that he can apprehend specifically this amount of people. Ten is a convenient “round” number, neither too large, nor too small. It is called the “Minyan,” meaning it’s what can be “counted” (Limnot). Our perception is structured in such a way that it comprehends only this kind of a system, since it completely enrobes our internal structure (the ten Sefirot).

However, at the lesson when we’re not talking about our own impressions, but in general are reading articles and discussing the material, a very large group can participate in this, including the whole world. Therefore, during workshops we sit in groups of ten, while at the lesson there is any amount of people who are capable of such a clarification and discussion using the Kabbalistic language.

We just need to worry that it doesn’t turn into a routine, and for this we need to constantly increase the desire inside of us and the importance of the goal. Each time we will be talking about another, new character of the revelation of the Creator.

By uniting with the group, we are creating a “One,” the commonality for all of us, not belonging to any one of us, but only to all of us together. It’s the higher essence, the “amalgamation.” It’s not simply our sum, but a kind of an addition to it. It’s because in order to have arrived at this sum, each one must have traded-off his egoism. The concept of One, being above us, is composed of all of these personal cancellations of egoism. This is how we build our higher level.

If we were to unite simply as egoists for a common profit in order to build something together or to win, like a football team, then the result would be an empty sum of our efforts. However, if we are cancelling our ego, then we are building a new common vessel above all of us.

It belongs to all of us; those ten who are sitting in a circle having a discussion are cancelling themselves out and are exalting the group and friends. The highest Sefira, Keter, is defined by how I listen to everyone else, how I place the group, the Creator, and the goal above myself. And I value myself as  low and I lower myself relative to my friends. This is the way my Malchut is defined.

After each one has clarified these two points, Keter and Malchut, we unite all of these Keters and Malchuts together. And if each one is doing it with enough capacity for the first level of revelation of the Light, then it reveals in this gap between the Keters, united into one, and the united Malchuts. An internal luminescence occurs between them, since we have cancelled ourselves out.

Although it’s not yet the constriction or a screen, the Light is already being revealed and is beginning to work to the extent of our opposition to our egoism and desire to unite. It’s because both of these principles are already spiritual. We are exalting the spiritual, bestowal, and we are disregarding the material, receiving; we’re taking the actions which we are capable of, like small children.

And then the ten people, supplementing each other and ready to unite, are creating a large tension, a distance between the united Keter and a united Malchut, building our common spiritual vessel in this way. And when we have built it among the ten of us, we understand that the rest of the friends around the whole world, are exerting the same efforts right now. All of our joint efforts are combined regardless of the size of each group.

If after our efforts to unite in our circle we want to include the rest of the groups inside of us, then we are uniting everyone together. And then a truly huge and powerful vessel is being formed, capable of revealing the first level of the Light, according to the similarity of qualities. The more distance there is between the common Keter and the common Malchut, the bigger the vessel, and possibly it will already be enough for the first revelation of the Light.

The Light is revealed in a discreet form, in portions: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, and so forth. And if we reveal it, then it will be revealed in each group and in each person according to his personal efforts, more in some and less in others to the extent of the efforts invested.

That’s why we need to long to connect all of the groups and separated friends to us, and even the whole world since it has a huge vessel. It’s there that the true desire to enjoy lies, and if it will join us even in a passive form, then it will add a lot of material to us. And if we with our longing towards the spiritual are working on this material, then we are receiving a huge additional capacity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/12, “Talk About Past Conventions” 

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