A Look At The Family From The Height Of Global Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, the happiness of man depends on his relationship with the environment, on whether he finds his proper place in society. And so we see that gradually a person leaves the little family unit.

At first all of life was connected with family, not only women, but men as well. The husband would leave to some factory in the morning to return in the evening to his wife, children, and the household, and all of life was revolved around it.

But this pastoral idyll ended. We left our homes for the wide world, began travelling and experiencing the world. On the other hand, thanks to modern means of communication, this world has begun entering our homes. As a result, we all ended up being interconnected through industrial, economic, and financial relationships. The circle closed, and all of us, both men and women who want to connect, must unite and through this connection, return to the familial connection, but on a new level.

For this to happen, everyone should examine: where we live, in what state, in what kind of world do we find ourselves, why do certain processes take place in the world, and what do we need to do? In what way does nature move us forward, giving us no opportunity to resist? Then, we will see that we need to establish tighter connections through media and specialized education.

In the end, we who once headed for the world, freed from home and family ties, will return back home free and independent. Once again, we return to a more quiet and slower-paced life, in connection with each other, but in a different form. Each of us will remain free, and based on this freedom, understanding, and vision of the future, we will establish for ourselves a connection between all people around the Earth and within each family.

Man suddenly sees that family offers meaning; there are great benefits and a better life in a family. Then, he will find a partner close to him in this new spirit that he has acquired based on integral education, and he will re-build the family.

We are beginning to understand the meaning behind uniting above all the differences between us. We had to learn to build connections between all countries and all nations while feeling our mutual interdependence. In a similar manner, I now relate to a woman that I have chosen as my partner.

I see that we are different from each other, but realize that there is no other choice because we already had received an appropriate education and know how to create a connection above all differences. That is why we are building a very different family, a family that is more tolerant, a family where both partners understand why we need a family and what it should look like.

We are undergoing a transition, a disturbing period, and again, we return to the family, but based on the knowledge that love will cover all transgressions. It is as if we are installing new software program, rebooting the computer, and beginning to work anew.

We will feel a great benefit in having and bringing up children. It won’t be material, but spiritual, since it is a continuation of my own self. I will feel where my inner, spiritual part lives within my children.

By connecting with the entire world, we will be sensing new forces working within these connections. We will feel the next dimension, one whole field of connection, love, a network that will function above time and space, bonding us internally, not physically. It is not the bond of physical bodies, but the bond of desires and souls.

Then, I will feel that the children who I bring up and prepare to join the same common network are the continuation of my path. I will relate to them as if they were actions of my soul, giving birth to and nurturing them spiritually. Once they go through the rapid physical development that is needed for the material body, let us say until the age of five to six, they will begin receiving spiritual upbringing, studying internal connection with everyone.

I will feel that through directing them toward connection with the entire world, I will be continuing my own soul.

It’s a contact that exists above life and death. We will feel ourselves living in another dimension, on the level of eternal and perfect nature.

We will stop feeling material life and death altogether. After connecting to the common network of connections between us, we disconnect from the sensations of our own bodies. I begin to feel others, everyone who exists outside of me, as myself. And gradually, I disconnect from my own perceptions and, above all, only feel us, together, and afterward, only them, just living for them to such a degree that I will not feel that my body belongs to me.

Inside of man, a psychological upheaval happens, a true revolution, lifting him to a new degree of perception of reality. Similar to a lifeless stone that doesn’t know how to be a plant, the vegetative does not feel what it is like to be animal. In the same manner, an animal does not know how to be man. We climb to the level of man, Adam, which means equivalent (Domeh) to global nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 19, 2/2/12

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  1. This is quite good

  2. Can an unmarried gay man also be corrected by the Transforming Light and ‘begin to feel others, everyone who exists outside of me, as myself’?

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