Details About The Creator’s Portrait

Dr. Michael LaitmanBeing on this side of the Machsom (barrier), we don’t see the reasons for our actions and we think that we are independent. However, the result actually is predetermined and it summons the actions that will lead to it.

Question: But it says that even if the reward is guaranteed, we still have to do our work. So is this our independence, our free will?

Answer: I wish we would come to that and see that the whole world of Ein Sof (Infinity) is spread before us. No matter what you do, the Creator gives you everything that is good, but like a guest sitting before the host, you are prepared to receive from Him only through “restriction” and a Masach (screen).

Question: And each time a person has to decide: “Am I now going to do what should be done?”

Answer: Of course. Then you discover bestowal on the part of the Creator.

He wants to teach you to receive in order to bestow. On the part of the Creator there are no limitations, but He does that in order to bring you to His level where you will acquire the understanding and the recognition and not just the filling that is only the means. If you receive more or less, it is only the means, while the goal is to reach adhesion.

Adhesion is not the filling, but the pleasure from being similar to the Creator. It is above the game of the “Lights and the vessels” and this is the fulfillment of the “point in the heart,” it is the utmost pleasure.

On the one hand, we say that the goal of our development is the adhesion. On the other hand, we say that the goal of creation is pleasure and delight. So it turns out that adhesion equals pleasure.

Actually, it is always about levels of pleasure, since the desire, the vessel, doesn’t feel anything but that. The pleasure is behind every detail of my perception. For example, I differentiate colors to the degree that they bring me pleasure.

In every situation we measure the pleasures and usually connect according to their forms because we have a similar form. Upward and downward, strength and weakness, heat and cold, we check everything according to this principle, and it all stems from the impression of the desire from the filling or from lack of filling.

Our desire is divided into many discernments and shades that are determined by our five senses according to parallel ranges and levels. One way or another, there is nothing but the desire. Everything is measured by my feeling, even the most neutral things. I don’t feel and don’t identify anything that doesn’t touch my feeling. Every discernment I make receives an “emotional sign” which I measure. Behind all the words and the names there are the emotions, the state my desire is in. This is what our language is based on.

Question: I know the pleasures that fill me. I know what I yearn for. But what does it mean “to resemble the Creator?” What kind of filling is that? The feeling of belonging to something great?

Answer: If you take the internality of your heart, something that is very deep and personal,   and try to connect this hidden spark to the center of the group, you will fulfill your “point in the heart.”

Question: And this means to resemble the Creator?

Answer: Yes. because the center of the group is the depiction of the Creator. This is the picture that is depicted in your vessels. You don’t know what Light is by itself. For you the Light is a phenomenon that you discover in the vessel. When our vessels are connected, when each one annuls himself and wants to reach the connection of all the points into one, this is the depiction of the Creator. This means that we are adhered to Him.

Thus, if I am adhered to the group, I am adhered to the Creator. There, inside among the friends are all the discernments of His portrait.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/12, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Cause And Effect

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The island of Haiti very well demonstrates the irreversibility of laws of nature. For many years it had been a flourishing country with a wonderful climate and a relatively developed infrastructure. However, five years ago the earthquake hit, and the international community invested trillions of dollars in the island’s restoration.

The UN organized global help, and it seemed everything was going to be okay and life on the island would go back to normal. But it turned out that even tremendous resources that were pumped into it couldn’t prevent chaos and destruction.

This is a colorful example that once a certain point is passed, human nature becomes irreversible.

Answer: This once again confirms that first of all it is necessary to educate the population. And only then, depending on the extent of the education, direct the population further towards formation of the new social interaction. The Haiti Island’s problem cannot be solved merely by money injections. If those funds hadn’t been provided, the island’s inhabitants would have gotten out of the situation by themselves.

Comment: Not the whole island suffered damages from the earthquake. But those who still had homes and could feed themselves by fishing moved to UN tent cities where food was given out for free. Mafia-controlled clans put the entire island under its power. UN troops move only at daylight in tanks because gangsters are all around. And these gangsters annihilate the island’s every attempt to break away from the existing situation.

Answer: It’s what was once done to Africa.

I’m repeating again that education, a universal education system, must precede all transformations. If we do not want humanity to advance through crises and brutal world wars, we have to first of all organize an education system ourselves!

You say that the cause of everything is the crisis, and hence we must change the society and human nature, make them integral and interconnected. I think here our opinions differ on what is the cause and what is the effect.

From my point of view, the cause is the motion of the force of nature that is constantly pushing us toward the new evolutionary state. Since we already went through all our previous evolutionary stages, right now we are moving toward the next one. The next stage of humanity is integrality, globality. Nature is moving everything toward integration, toward equivalence with itself.

Just like everything in nature, for instance, pressure and temperature differentials, is moving toward coordination and entropy, the same process is happening to humanity. It has to move toward integration because nature is forcing us and thus causing in us the crisis that we have today.

It wasn’t us who caused it, but the contrast of our contemporary societal state with the state we must come to. This is what we feel as the crisis.
From a TV show “Experimental City: Exiting the Crisis” 02/03/2012

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Are We Lost? We Aren’t!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Some of the population drinks alcohol, some need drugs, some are fanatical, some don’t see anything except their ideas, some feel hatred and fear, some think only about sex, some are ill and think only about their health, and some are completely ruled by money or power. However, there are the few, the rare others, who are focused on what is outside of themselves and have the intention to do good. Life is founded upon these few.

Tell a person who only worries about his health or sex to think about the world. Do you know what he would say in response? Try it.

Humanity is at the point of making a decision. Either it will perish or begin to correct the situation gradually. In a short time it will pass the point of no return. Can we only send to the earth and humanity our love and wishes for health and nothing else?

Answer: You are not taking into account two circumstances:

  1. The world is governed by the upper force according to its plan and goal, and we can affect this force. It leads us to the goal, to our correction, in equivalence of form to it, either via suffering or consciously, by good, depending on our behavior.
  2. According to our behavior, we, the one percent, have influence many times over as compared to the negative influence of the masses, the ninety-nine percent. However, it is on condition that we act correctly, in cooperation.


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