Are We Lost? We Aren’t!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Some of the population drinks alcohol, some need drugs, some are fanatical, some don’t see anything except their ideas, some feel hatred and fear, some think only about sex, some are ill and think only about their health, and some are completely ruled by money or power. However, there are the few, the rare others, who are focused on what is outside of themselves and have the intention to do good. Life is founded upon these few.

Tell a person who only worries about his health or sex to think about the world. Do you know what he would say in response? Try it.

Humanity is at the point of making a decision. Either it will perish or begin to correct the situation gradually. In a short time it will pass the point of no return. Can we only send to the earth and humanity our love and wishes for health and nothing else?

Answer: You are not taking into account two circumstances:

  1. The world is governed by the upper force according to its plan and goal, and we can affect this force. It leads us to the goal, to our correction, in equivalence of form to it, either via suffering or consciously, by good, depending on our behavior.
  2. According to our behavior, we, the one percent, have influence many times over as compared to the negative influence of the masses, the ninety-nine percent. However, it is on condition that we act correctly, in cooperation.


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  1. slavery truth. as a psychiatrist I face the pain every day. I see people who have everithing in life and are deeply unhappy. they say life is meaningless. we have to help them through education.

  2. Resonance with the force, carries a signal much further than a cacophony of mad ambition. Otherwise our efforts are lost to noise, to the flux of the sea, which sits still naught for a moment.

    If one’s intentions are aimed well, even a single thought, a single action by one person, can have drastic affects. Look at history.

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