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The Most Important Generation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Have countless reincarnations of humanity for millennia not produced any spiritual effect?

Answer: Everything is accounted for; everything has its own account; however, our generation is definitely more important than the previous ones. Indeed, they were preparation for today. Nothing happened for a reason until now; people had no independence in the true spiritual sense.

In fact, it is not about bodies but about the same souls. The point in the heart went through cycles of life, becoming more obvious, and today we are finally able to bring it to light.

And besides that, the influence that brings people to this state, so that they will become independent sooner, passes through us to the external audience. It is said, “All shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest.” In other words, everyone has to grow spiritually, to identify the root of his soul, and to connect his “cell” with the common “body” consciously, with awareness, efficiently and effectively.

So, everyone has a place in the community and differences arise only in the order of entering it. And this order is determined by the system’s parameters.

Question: But not everyone will come to the group?

Answer: In the end, of course, everyone. Indeed, our final state is unity, the same as before the breaking. We just return to it gradually, if desired, according to one’s efforts.

On this path, you will feel what is above you and what is below. Above you, you will find the Kabbalists of all generations: the active part of the system. And below are those who have not come to the correct realization and whom you have to help.

As a result, each of us is like a communication channel, like a capillary that transfers vitalizing forces to other cells.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Analysis And Synthesis Of The World Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to identify evil and develop hatred towards it?

Answer: It is impossible to identify evil if you are not found in a group, in the point of connection, in some form of connection. We need to constantly adhere to this form of connection and to go deeper into it, clarify, investigate, learn about, test, and to try to penetrate into its inner essence.

Within our connection I discover the inner spiritual system. When the separated parts begin to connect correctly, then within them is discovered the spiritual structure that is constructed from two forces that are opposed but complementary. So I am already building the connection within myself, and with this I assemble my soul, sticking the Kli together. All of its parts are a desire to receive, but they are connected between them in order to complete each other, that is, for the purpose of bestowal.

To the degree that I enter and deepen this clarification, both in the analysis and in the synthesis of this structure, which is composed of opposing parts, with this I clarify everything there and find all the answers. Therefore, we need to be aimed constantly towards connection in the interior of each and every person, to try to see them connected together; this is called my yearning to discover the spiritual world. For all of humanity are connected within it, only we don’t identify this.

This yearning to identify this connection, to be found in it, live within it, and to feel it is called my yearning for the Creator. For the force that connects all the parts inside is the higher power.

Within our connection I discover that “There is none else besides Him.” I don’t just connect all of our parts together by assembling the puzzle of the collective soul; rather, I try to discover the Creator in it. He is the one who scatters all of creation into parts so that I will assemble them again back into one picture and will see it. Within the puzzle that I assemble, I build the image of the Creator.

In conventional puzzles trees, grass, and the sun are pictured, and in this puzzle, the Creator. If I reach the Light of Hassadim, then with its help I am ready to connect and assemble this puzzle. Its parts will no longer be opposed and will not reject each other. And when I begin to work with reception in order to bestow, then these parts will be ready to adhere to each other like the pieces of a magnet.

And from the mutual cooperation of these parts, their relationships “for” and “against” connection, I construct the form of the Creator. It is possible to construct it only in this way. It is impossible to discover Him only through one positive force of bestowal that nothing is acting against. Therefore, only through the shattering are we able to reveal the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/13, Question and Answer with Dr. Laitman

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Rapid Progress On A “Cushion Of Air”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where is it possible to find the power to bless the evil like the good?

Answer: Of course we don’t have such powers; like these; we only  have a desire to receive for ourselves. We require “support,” the “support of the Torah,” and Light. It is necessary to try to be illuminated all the time; this will hold you and give you spirit, elevation, a solid base, as if you are on a cushion of air.

A man himself doesn’t have such means. But to the degree that he humbles himself to the group and values the friends, values and praises the Creator, from this he has the ability to accept all the bad events which have been sent to him intentionally as a means for advancing him towards the good. He no longer blames the Creator for sending him the evil and various problems all the time. On the contrary, he can thank the Creator for taking care of a person like this in that he gives him more and more exercises in order to advance, to grow.

Not living within the belly of his desire to receive, but within reason, in the “control system,” that accepts objective decisions, this is a great accomplishment that is possible only through the support of the environment. Even in our world everything is arranged in an identical manner. If a person doesn’t support the environment, then the person quickly falls to a half-savage state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/13, Question and Answer with Dr. Laitman

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By 2018 Robots Will Replace Office Workers

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton, an artificial intelligence firm): “Many of us already rely heavily on technology for everyday tasks, but the very technology we need to get through the day could soon be after our jobs – and the shift could happen much faster than we think.

“Claims made by an expert in artificial intelligence predict that in less than five years, office jobs will disappear completely to the point where machines will replace humans.

“The idea that robots will one day be able to do all low-skilled jobs is not new, but Andrew Anderson, CEO of UK artificial intelligence company Celaton, said the pace of advance is much faster than originally thought.

“‘I’m afraid it’s now a reality that most clerical workers will disappear. This has profound implications for jobs of course, but huge technological advancements are being made all the time and artificial intelligence (AI) has now become very sophisticated to the extent that it can think and learn like a human,’ he said.

“AI, for example, can carry out labour intensive clerical tasks quickly and automatically, while the latest models are also capable of making decision that would traditionally be made by humans.

“‘[AI] can read and understand the meaning of entire documents by learning the patterns of words and phrases in context. It’s this ability to learn – and learn from the natural consequence of processing documents – that is minimising the need for clerical workers to carry out these repetitive tasks.

“‘The fact that a machine can not only carry out these tasks, but constantly learn how to do it better and faster, means clerical workers are no longer needed in the vast quantities they once were.’

“For example, a machine can recognise duplicate claims filed to insurance companies by knowing it has seen a phone number or an address before.

“More importantly, whenever human intervention is required, AI learns from this and therefore further reduces the dependency on clerical workers. …

“Machines can significantly increase productivity and therefore reduce costs. They can improve customer service, compliance, scale and efficiency. …

“By 2025, machines will be able to learn, adjust, exercise judgement, and re-programme themselves.

“‘The hardest hit would be professionals working in sales, education, healthcare, IT, management, finance and law – knowledge-based jobs, where analytics tools, mobile internet devices, apps or web-based services such as the cloud can be developed to outperform humans.’”

My Comment: Would it not be simpler to come immediately to a new organization of society and labor, keeping only the professions necessary for our existence, gradually reducing all the unnecessary ones, and creating a social basis for a new development of society where instead of the previous work, people are busy changing themselves and society.

They are provided with everything necessary for rational existence, but for eight hours a day they have to study the nature of humans, society, and the world in order to lead human beings to the property of bestowal and love for the other, and humanity to a society of justice and equality. After all, the natural development of society will nonetheless lead us to this, but only by a long path of searching and suffering.

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Moses Is The Center Of The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why isn’t the connection with the friends mentioned in Rabash’s article “Come to Pharaoh?”

Answer: Nowhere in the articles of Shamati, in other articles, or in the whole Torah, Talmud, the Mishna, etc. is there any explanation about how the group should operate. The only place in the Torah which speaks about that is the gathering at Mt. Sinai. There is no other place where this is mentioned because it is obvious that it is an essential condition. There is no other place where the Creator can be revealed.

We are in this world in which we can come closer on a physical level by gathering in one geographical location and performing certain collective tasks. Thus, we can create the conditions necessary for the recognition of the need to be connected, to be united, to study together, and to disseminate. The purpose of all these activities is to reach the connection in which the adhesion with the Creator will be revealed.

These things are so well understood in advance that we don’t even need to speak about them. If you don’t join a group, then you don’t have the conditions in which you can begin to read any Kabbalistic text. You won’t even understand what you are reading, about whom, what for and how to fulfill it; you won’t understand anything.

Only Rabash described and explained in his systematic and coherent way the whole method of group work in his first twenty articles that are about the society. He didn’t speak or discuss this in his lessons, but only wrote about it in his articles. He didn’t speak with us about love of friends and about connection, but only about Pharaoh, Moses, etc., in the same manner that all his articles are written. The articles about the society are totally different from all the Kabbalah books starting from Adam HaRishon until now, and are very special.

There aren’t any such accurate explanations about what we have to do and the regulations of the group anywhere. It is because it was clear that these regulations were well known and understood and without it there is no point to even start studying. First, you have to arrange the place that you can work in, and only then draw the Light that Reforms. Otherwise, where will you draw it to?

Question: But it says that the Creator says to Moses: “Come to Pharaoh!” Who is going? Do I go by myself or with the friends?

Answer: Moses is a sum; it is the sum of all your friends. It isn’t a person but rather the center of the group in which you contact the Creator. It is never about a certain person. One doesn’t exist in the spiritual world; one is only a shattered part of a vessel which contains nothing. The Creator brings the shattered part to the right place and says: “Take it!”

It is here that you can find the power by which you can put yourself back into this giant puzzle, into the general mosaic, into the place that is meant for you, and thus complete the vessel. By inserting yourself into your place, you are helping the other parts find their place and complete the puzzle.

But if you are just sitting somewhere by yourself studying without any connection to others and without even a virtual connection, then you have no chance of succeeding. You will study all the texts theoretically and that’s all. You won’t have a chance to discover the good and the evil. You will lack the necessary conditions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11.25.13, Writings of Rabash

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Room Of Laughter And Tears

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator says to Moses, (“Exodus” 7:26): “Come to Pharaoh” (together). I will also come with you in order to change your nature and transform it from reception to bestowal. It is only up to you to ask Me for this. But He doesn’t add, “Go, join a group, for without this I will not be revealed,” for this is self-evident.

If the person is not included in the center of a group and is not connected with the friends, then he cannot turn to the Creator. The Creator is found in the center of the group. We never turn to the Creator alone, rather only through connection with the others.

Moses is the general image of the group. Therefore he is called the leader of the people, symbolizing the general agreement, the oneness of the group. Therefore he has a link with the Creator and he can pray and ask and do everything for all the people.

In order to begin the process of correction of the soul, I must imagine that I am linked with everyone together into one image. Everything begins with our trying to connect and discovering that we are not ready to do this, as it is said, “I created the evil inclination; I created the Torah as a spice.” The entry into Egypt begins with the discovery that we are not ready to connect, we don’t want it under any condition, and we are ready to sell our dear brother Joseph; the main thing is not to connect.

Thus, the true egoistic nature begins to be discovered within a person, that “my death would be better” than bestowal, loving the other, and being concerned for him. And this is only the beginning, only the entry into Egypt. After this there are another four hundred years of Egyptian bondage, this is, passage through the entire thickness of the desire for pleasure. It is up to us to work on all the layers of our ego in order to decide in the end that, in spite of it all, we want to connect.

Then come the seven years of famine pass and the plagues of Egypt because we want to connect and don’t succeed; we try again and again without success. Until ultimately we despair and scream to the Creator, “Help!” We feel an immense demand for help from the Creator.

But this is always about connection and never about an isolated person. If we talk about some individual personality, this is only from the aspect of its connection with the whole in its unique and particular form. Therefore images appear as in The Book of Zohar: Rabbi Yossi, Rabbi Abba, Rabbi Elazar, and Rabbi Shimon. It makes no matter who this is, for this is speaking only about the quality of his connection with the others.

That is how it is also with the story about Moses and Jethro, about the burning bush. This is talking only about the collective and not about the man who fled into the wilderness. Where could he escape from his ego? This is talking about the person found within the group. The Torah talks only about relationships between us, everything “remains in the family,” within the group.

This is like a soap opera where all the events happen in one room. About this “room” it is said, everything is happening here: The wilderness, wars, the splitting of the Red Sea, everything appears within that room, in relationships between the people.

After this we discover that nothing is truly happening besides this! All of the reality that we see now is imaginary, false, and illusory. Rather, we are in fact seeing a unity that has been smashed, shattered, divided into fragments, distanced from each other. This is the picture of our world; instead of one person, there are a multitude of people, plants, animals, innumerable forms of different existence. That is how the four aspects of a single desire, a single entity, appear to us.

But if the person wants to grasp the situation correctly, it is up to him to know that only within the group does he have the opportunity to see the truth. The group is like a microscope, an instrument, which if we look through it, we can see what is happening. We have no other instrument in all of reality. Through greater and greater consolidation among the friends, which is to say, through the choice of a better and better environment, the person aims the instrument better and better and comes closer to the truth.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11.25.13, Writings of Rabash

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The Greatest Delight

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we do anything when we feel that we receive any pleasure for ourselves? Should we feel guilty?

Answer: You do not feel guilty because you receive pleasure for yourself, but because you don’t translate it into pleasure for the group for the Creator even though you know that this is actually what you should do. First, focus on “There is none else besides Him; I am in the middle of the group” and receive pleasure since it is not forbidden in any way. The goal of creation is to bring delight, but from what? The greatest delight is from the revelation of the Creator.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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A Cloud Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you see a student as small or do you see his potential when you answer questions?

Answer: I don’t see any form at all! I don’t see the student or the act of dissemination, but rather a desire that has no physical form, no limits. It seems like a spot, a cloud, and I work for it. But I don’t see a person at that moment. What difference does it make what he looks like? Even in our world when you live with someone for a long time you stop seeing his externality but rather communicate with his inner self.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.02.13

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