By 2018 Robots Will Replace Office Workers

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton, an artificial intelligence firm): “Many of us already rely heavily on technology for everyday tasks, but the very technology we need to get through the day could soon be after our jobs – and the shift could happen much faster than we think.

“Claims made by an expert in artificial intelligence predict that in less than five years, office jobs will disappear completely to the point where machines will replace humans.

“The idea that robots will one day be able to do all low-skilled jobs is not new, but Andrew Anderson, CEO of UK artificial intelligence company Celaton, said the pace of advance is much faster than originally thought.

“‘I’m afraid it’s now a reality that most clerical workers will disappear. This has profound implications for jobs of course, but huge technological advancements are being made all the time and artificial intelligence (AI) has now become very sophisticated to the extent that it can think and learn like a human,’ he said.

“AI, for example, can carry out labour intensive clerical tasks quickly and automatically, while the latest models are also capable of making decision that would traditionally be made by humans.

“‘[AI] can read and understand the meaning of entire documents by learning the patterns of words and phrases in context. It’s this ability to learn – and learn from the natural consequence of processing documents – that is minimising the need for clerical workers to carry out these repetitive tasks.

“‘The fact that a machine can not only carry out these tasks, but constantly learn how to do it better and faster, means clerical workers are no longer needed in the vast quantities they once were.’

“For example, a machine can recognise duplicate claims filed to insurance companies by knowing it has seen a phone number or an address before.

“More importantly, whenever human intervention is required, AI learns from this and therefore further reduces the dependency on clerical workers. …

“Machines can significantly increase productivity and therefore reduce costs. They can improve customer service, compliance, scale and efficiency. …

“By 2025, machines will be able to learn, adjust, exercise judgement, and re-programme themselves.

“‘The hardest hit would be professionals working in sales, education, healthcare, IT, management, finance and law – knowledge-based jobs, where analytics tools, mobile internet devices, apps or web-based services such as the cloud can be developed to outperform humans.’”

My Comment: Would it not be simpler to come immediately to a new organization of society and labor, keeping only the professions necessary for our existence, gradually reducing all the unnecessary ones, and creating a social basis for a new development of society where instead of the previous work, people are busy changing themselves and society.

They are provided with everything necessary for rational existence, but for eight hours a day they have to study the nature of humans, society, and the world in order to lead human beings to the property of bestowal and love for the other, and humanity to a society of justice and equality. After all, the natural development of society will nonetheless lead us to this, but only by a long path of searching and suffering.

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