Moses Is The Center Of The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why isn’t the connection with the friends mentioned in Rabash’s article “Come to Pharaoh?”

Answer: Nowhere in the articles of Shamati, in other articles, or in the whole Torah, Talmud, the Mishna, etc. is there any explanation about how the group should operate. The only place in the Torah which speaks about that is the gathering at Mt. Sinai. There is no other place where this is mentioned because it is obvious that it is an essential condition. There is no other place where the Creator can be revealed.

We are in this world in which we can come closer on a physical level by gathering in one geographical location and performing certain collective tasks. Thus, we can create the conditions necessary for the recognition of the need to be connected, to be united, to study together, and to disseminate. The purpose of all these activities is to reach the connection in which the adhesion with the Creator will be revealed.

These things are so well understood in advance that we don’t even need to speak about them. If you don’t join a group, then you don’t have the conditions in which you can begin to read any Kabbalistic text. You won’t even understand what you are reading, about whom, what for and how to fulfill it; you won’t understand anything.

Only Rabash described and explained in his systematic and coherent way the whole method of group work in his first twenty articles that are about the society. He didn’t speak or discuss this in his lessons, but only wrote about it in his articles. He didn’t speak with us about love of friends and about connection, but only about Pharaoh, Moses, etc., in the same manner that all his articles are written. The articles about the society are totally different from all the Kabbalah books starting from Adam HaRishon until now, and are very special.

There aren’t any such accurate explanations about what we have to do and the regulations of the group anywhere. It is because it was clear that these regulations were well known and understood and without it there is no point to even start studying. First, you have to arrange the place that you can work in, and only then draw the Light that Reforms. Otherwise, where will you draw it to?

Question: But it says that the Creator says to Moses: “Come to Pharaoh!” Who is going? Do I go by myself or with the friends?

Answer: Moses is a sum; it is the sum of all your friends. It isn’t a person but rather the center of the group in which you contact the Creator. It is never about a certain person. One doesn’t exist in the spiritual world; one is only a shattered part of a vessel which contains nothing. The Creator brings the shattered part to the right place and says: “Take it!”

It is here that you can find the power by which you can put yourself back into this giant puzzle, into the general mosaic, into the place that is meant for you, and thus complete the vessel. By inserting yourself into your place, you are helping the other parts find their place and complete the puzzle.

But if you are just sitting somewhere by yourself studying without any connection to others and without even a virtual connection, then you have no chance of succeeding. You will study all the texts theoretically and that’s all. You won’t have a chance to discover the good and the evil. You will lack the necessary conditions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11.25.13, Writings of Rabash

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