The General Soul: Mine And Ours

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls“: Moses is equal to 600,000…

“Moses” is a concept. However, in this case, let’s say Moses is a person who has reached complete connection with all the parts of the one soul that exists in reality. It has been divided into 600,000 parts and these parts have been divided into smaller fractions. Moses is an attribute, a state in which all the parts are incorporated.

Accordingly, a person who reaches the level of Moses can live in one soul, and reaches the connection with all the other parts according to the principles: “Don’t do unto your friend what is hateful to you” (a righteous), and “Love thy friend as thyself” (a complete righteous). And hence the principle of “love the Creator your Lord” is fulfilled, the perfect state.

Therefore it says that Moses is equal to all the other souls, the whole world.

On the other hand, however, it says that everyone must reach the level of Moses, since in addition to belonging to a general soul, each of us has a private spark, and in this spark, he has to include all the other souls and connect them into one soul.

Everyone can reach the level of Moses and connect everyone around him. By that he attains the whole general soul. It appears as his soul; he just discovers it from his spark, from the root of his soul.

For me, the process begins with the connection with others. There are people to whom I am connected in a state called a group, and there are the others, the external world with whom I establish an external connection for the time being. But eventually, I connect everyone into one and discover unity. But I discover it on the basis of my Reshimot (spiritual genes) in my point in the heart (•). Because of it, I can see the world. No matter how strongly I connect the intention of in order to bestow to myself, I am still the one who bestows. My perception always remains subjective and I cannot see the world through someone else’s eyes; I cannot actually dress into someone and feel what he feels through him. These are the laws of nature.

I discover the sum (Σ) of all the vessels (desires) based on my attributes, which do not disappear. Someone else also connects to the whole world, including me, and discovers it in himself, based on his attributes. We both discover the whole world, each from his perspective.

Later, after I connect with the whole world, I reach my private end of correction. Besides, after everyone reaches this level, a special force arrives, the Light that connects all our whole private states into one whole general state, the general end of correction.

I don’t know what it is; I don’t know whether the individual responses disappear there.  After all, now all the parts are corrected and they make up one whole body. There are different assumptions. Perhaps all the cells are incorporated into one another in every way and become the Partzuf of Adam HaRishon (first man) once again, the way it was before the shattering, before the sin, only now the intensity of the connection with the Creator is 620 times greater.

Thus, we have the same soul, and each one must reach the level of Moses, which includes all the souls. There is no contradiction here.

Each soul is ready to absorb the souls of Moses, Aaron, Samuel, David, and Solomon within it, as you progress through periods of development. During the exit from Egypt and the reception of the Torah, the soul of Moses revealed in it.

We have been through a periods of correction, through which part of the collective soul was already corrected. This part is called “the forefathers.” This is the head of the Partzuf where everything is in order to bestow.

Then there is the part called “the sons” which is imperfect. It was corrected during the exile in Egypt, the first and the second Temples, and there are corrections and corruptions in this part. The last part, the last two thousand years, is not corrected at all and we still have time to reach complete redemption.

So we use the general system in which there is the corrected part of the “forefathers” (HBD), the part of the “sons” (HGT) that is partly corrected, and us, the generation of the exile, the “last generation.”


My and Our General Soul


We are all incorporated in everyone, and the whole history that we have been through operates on every generation from the state of the previous generation. That is why there is the concept of “the merit of our forefathers,” the vessels that these souls have already corrected. Thus today we work on incorporating and we have what to rely on.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls” 

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  1. It is only in your name I find solace
    It is only in your words I find peace
    It is only in denying this world I feel progress
    It is only in your presence I find Joy
    Infinite, unknowable and barely seen
    yet the most high, ineffable and most serene
    more true then even reality itself
    illusions upon illusions upon more manifested maya
    As I look at you, you look at me, deadlocked in eternal stare
    I no longer know who’s will this is and I longer care
    freedom from attachments grips, my body becomes prepared
    chockmah and binah the only relief to my thirst
    it is only after ive spoken i realize the depth of my words
    thou which speaks through me and as if the little fragment of myself seeks to understand
    The path of the hook, i always will be, always have been, I am
    It is against my nature to want to be heard
    and yet I am compelled to express your infinite glory
    The First and the Last.

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