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Fragmented Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are all linked to each other, like organs, sinews, and cells of one body. Our body is an interweaving of infinite links between minute parts, systems, and cells. That is also how we are interwoven between us and linked to each other. We are apparently found in some sphere which is entirely filled with all kinds of threads and types of connection that link us into one. There are billions of links and every link acts at the “speed of light,” really with infinite speed.

We don’t need to arrange and stabilize these links in ourselves, they are revealed in us ready-made. This is revealed to us from the state of Malchut of the world of Infinitythis passes through a shattering and these parts are revealed before us as apparently far from each other.

But in fact, this distance between them is required for us to create a “sensitivity,” to focus the “resolution,” making it possible for us to see them and the links between them. Otherwise this is impossible; we can distinguish the details of the picture only on condition that they are separate, only in the gap between them.

Therefore, in order to see the entire general system and to be included in it, we must realize the principle of “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” For “your friend” is not some stranger; rather, this is myself. And no matter what I look at, I see my parts that are found outside of me and seem distant and remote, opposite me, so that in this manner I will better discover the concept of the shattering. The stronger the shattering works in me, the more the world seems fragmented and unattainable. This fragmentation testifies to the intensity of the shattering in me.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Foundation Of The Spiritual Ladder

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of creation, if we establish it according to the appropriate activity, is adherence with the Creator. And according to the result, it is in order to bestow all the good to the creatures according to His name, which is “the Good that does good.” And from the side of the creatures, the goal is attained through a correction from their side, in order to bestow satisfaction to the Creator.

Eventually, all three of these conditions are discovered in the point of unification. This point of unification is cumulative, it is “drawn” through the connection of the various, opposing, opposite parts that repel each other. These parts, that is, humans, in spite of it all, make an effort and work, and with this they want to connect their hearts together through a unique power called the Light that Reforms. And that is how we implement the goal of creation.

Today we are found on the level of “this world,” which is found under the ladder of the spiritual levels. And the idea is that all the levels are discovered here in the level of this world. This is to say, the Kabbalist attains all the levels while he is also found in attainment of the level of this world. This ladder “is positioned on the ground and its top reaches the heavens.” And even though its height reaches and grows to the heavens, its foundation is nevertheless found on the earth.

And therefore every ascent on the ladder of the spiritual levels is expressed in the relationship between people, in the relationship of the still, vegetative, animate and speaking in this world. It is easy for us to explain it in this manner according to the interconnection between the branch and the root. And that is essentially what needs to be revealed.

The Kabbalists discovered this in “potential” not through deeds in this world, in small amounts, in a small connection, in a small group. And we need to discover this ladder actively, on a larger scale.

But in any case, according to the conditions, our bestowal to the Creator is carried out through love of the other. And from this we can draw conclusions about it as to which forces and which efforts we need to invest in love of the other so that in this way we can reach love of the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Physical Body Is A Mechanism For Inner Fulfillment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the framework of integral education is it possible to create a course that teaches us to behave correctly in our bodies, with ourselves, so that on a basis of correct behavior the person can advance onward?

Answer: Only if he will begin to feel happiness through a mutual connection with others. But in the meantime, in a natural way, we can only be connected physically because we have not yet found another virtual level of communication outside of ourselves, even though science already talks about a possibility like this, especially physics and psychology.

Since we exist in a real manner within the body, we are connected with one another through its sensations and comprehend one another in this manner. If we feel that our body becomes a tool through which we reach inner fulfillment, then this will be comprehended by us as a positive tool for this will become a source of happiness, will give us fulfillment.

So then being alive is necessary, to  vitalize, to be healthy and fit. We reach this only through involvement with integral unification through changing a person’s view of himself.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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The Right Contact

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the right contact between people mean?

Answer: The right contact is the appearance of a general shared desire in heart and mind. When something shared is created between you and me, not in you from me and not in me from you, rather between us, then a very interesting third component appears which is called “joy.” This feeling is on a level higher than us.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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Legal “Grass”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Vox): ”Although worries about cannabis are usually based on prevalence rates of cannabis use in the population, age of the first use of cannabis is important as well. Early onset age of cannabis may have serious short-term and long-term negative effects on individuals. Previous studies find that early cannabis use increases the intensity of use and the probability of subsequent drug use (Yamaguchi and Kandel 1984). Van Ours and Williams (2007) find using Australian data that individuals who start using cannabis early in life are less likely to quit at later ages. Van Ours (2007) finds for cannabis users in Amsterdam that quitting rates increase with the age of onset. Van Ours et al. (2013) find using data from New Zealand that early onset of cannabis use may lead to mental-health problems i.e. to suicidal thoughts.

“Cannabis policies across the world differ – cannabis use can be: Legal, Illegal but decriminalised, Illegal but unenforced, or Illegal.

“The slight difference between decriminalisation and non-enforcement is that under decriminalisation there is no legal punishment, whereas under non-enforcement there is a punishment, but this is rarely enforced. Only four states in the world have legal or quasi-legal cannabis use: the Netherlands, the states of Washington and Colorado in the US, and North Korea. Several European and South American countries and states in North America have decriminalised cannabis use. However, countries which forbid cannabis use still outnumber the others …

“Our recent paper investigates if cannabis shops in the Netherlands have had negative spillover effects on youngsters by analysing to what extent living near a coffeeshop affects the age of onset of cannabis use (Palali and Van Ours 2013). If there was a negative spillover effect, then we would expect those who are living close to coffeeshops to have a lower age of onset of cannabis use. …

“…Furthermore, we would expect the closure of all cannabis shops to lead some potential users to go on the black market in search of cannabis, where they will be more likely to come across dealers of hard drugs. All in all, although existence of coffeeshops seems to have an adverse effect on the uptake of cannabis among youngsters, this is insufficient reason to advocate closure of coffeeshops. …”

My Comment: The task of the elite is to put all the extra people in the world on soft drugs to calm them. There is nothing to occupy them, and their number needs to be cut by wars or natural population decline.

The method of integral education (Kabbalah) says that everyone in the world carries his spiritual information, which he is required to realize, and the sooner the better for him and for the world. Therefore, it is necessary to explain what the meaning of human existence is and civilization and how we can reach the goal, set by nature, (the Creator), in the best way.

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Becoming The Creator’s Partner

Dr. Michael LaitmanDesire, Israel, (“straight to the Creator”) in a person gets reformed in stages, step by step since it must reach understanding and attainment according to its inner needs.

In this, it differs from types of desires regarded as “the nations of the world” that get reformed all at once in one set. Desire, Israel, demands that a person discern and attain the spiritual world, get to know it, immerse in its details, become the Creator’s partner, and not just join the system and receive all the good from it on a platter.

Israel wishes to connect with this system and work with it, receiving pleasure from knowing it. As it is written, “Know thy Creator and work for Him,” and there are such desires or people who don’t aspire to knowing the Creator, although it is written that, in the end, “for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.” However, this is regular knowledge by a person simply residing in the spiritual world.

As in our world, not everyone wishes to be a scientist or researcher and enjoys learning about creation, understanding its causes and effects. There are two rungs of bestowal: to explore and get to know the Creator, or simply join the source of all good. Therefore, the souls that belong to Israel advance step by step, gradually. Naturally, they suffer while doing so since the entire attainment is founded on the previous unsatisfied need that must be cultivated.

Those who refer to the “nations of the world,” the lower rung, and who come in to take it for granted, as it seems, also must do a lot of work, but it doesn’t imply internal adhesion with the Creator as that of two partners.

Whether such a desire emerges in a person depends on the root of the soul. Heart, liver, and lungs—all the vital organs of the body—must maintain the connection with the brain that governs them in the first place, and all the rest of the flesh, comprising 90% of the body, doesn’t have such a direct connection with the brain and interacts with it through the supplementary systems.

This doesn’t mean that one desire is good and another bad, because at the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun), all souls will be absolutely equal. The difference lies only in the path to it. The strong desire is obliged to work on its path itself and uncover all the secrets of creation and the weaker ones, each in its own measure, simply attach to and support the former one. Essentially, everyone must reach the root of his soul, which signifies the end of correction.

In the spiritual world there is no inequality; this is another difference from the material world. Being in the spiritual world, a person acts based on his natural desires and cannot desire something that isn’t planted in the root of his soul.

Only in our corporeal world can I covet a neighbor’s luxurious car. However, in spirituality, I cannot desire what he does. I desire solely what is planted in my own informational genes, Reshimot.

I can gain inspiration and motivation from him but only in order to reform myself. Hence, there cannot be division into “big” and “small” there.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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In The Endless Stream Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I wish to become a partner with the Creator in the work, what do I need to do for Him to agree to it?

Answer: If you agree, it means you are already His partner. You don’t need to do anything else, the Creator always agrees.

However, you choose Him not because He is the most powerful, intelligent, profitable partner. You wish to be His true helper which means to walk the same path to the goal that He defined according to His rules. This means that you are already in bestowal (Hafetz Hesed).

If I come to the Creator and ask to be His partner, it means that I’ve risen above my entire ego and fully entered the state of bestowing in order to bestow. I left the desires of the corporeal world at the level of vital necessities and rose above them with my point in the heart. Next to it, there grew an entire mountain of hatred (Mount Sinai), my ego, and I have ascended it with my point in the heart.

Now, I stand at its summit as a perfect Bina, Hafetz Hesed, and having reached this point, I can tell the Creator that I wish to be His partner. I am ready. Now, give me a job! And He says, “You want a job? Here you go! We will take this entire mountain of hatred and start picking desires out of it and use them to bestow to the rest.”

In the endless stream of Light

To be the Creator’s partner means to yearn to be like Him. The Creator gives me the Light and says, “Use your ego to bestow the Light to the others, and you will be like Me, and I will raise your desire, expand it so that you will rise to My exalted position to bestow to all like I do. Then, you will be a partner in everything there is.”

Desires belong to the others, but the Light is mine. Hence, I must withdraw from my desires to please myself, engage in the desires of others, and use mine solely to fill theirs. A mother has her own desires and everything is available to her. She owns the entire world, but she uses it only in order to bestow to her child as his desire dictates.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Mind Or Heart: What Is More Important? – Laitman Unplugged


Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Please explain how you establish internal contact with people?

Answer: I try to search for and immerse myself in the place where spirituality is revealed, and each time to re-enter there from our external world. Through the external group, I go inside it in a way where faces and material characters disappear and only the points in the hearts are exposed; I delve into the relationship between them, their connection in one place, and through it, I penetrate more and more deeply into their spiritual properties.

This work has to be done over and over again, and this place constantly expands while acquiring more components, supplying the spirit of life. At this point, when you walk in and experience that connection, tangible forms of connection begin to manifest: the spiritual Partzuf with the occurrence and Histaklut of Light, the complete TANTA (TaamimNekudotTaginOtiyot, the taste of the filling and the gradual departure of the Light leaving memories, letters, the tools for further work)

And this place is the internal oneness that expands to the entire creation so that you feel it is all around, that there is nothing but it. And conversely, the entire material world that was all of your reality and which left one tiny point for spirituality, contracts, and this spiritual point grows and fills the entire universe!

And finally, the corporeal world fades away from the foreground, as if the still, vegetative and animate levels are not the most important things for a person. In truth, you start feeling that those people are completely controlled from Above and don’t have any freewill or independent identity. Hence, this world vanishes from your perception. And what is left is only the place where all these spiritual relationships exist. You recognize the upper and the lower ones there, all the Partzufim and how they work with each other and are starting to better understand all of it. And it all depends on how much effort a person exerts in order to have it revealed.

We have to return to it anew each time since we are constantly thrown out from spirituality, pushed down to this world, and we return to the external picture, suddenly seeing the same faces and this entire world that cover the internal picture from us.

And a person starts making more effort striving to penetrate it so that the inner world will grow and expand onto the whole world. In this way, spirituality constantly either contracts and returns to a point or expands again—as if it is breathing.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/10/10, Letter #13

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