UK Lifts Ban On Cocaine

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Independent): “An independent report commissioned by the influential All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform has urged that coca’s illegal status be reviewed and research conducted into the possible legal uses of the leaf which, it is claimed, could benefit the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people.

“Evidence from the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy last week found cocaine was 51 per cent cheaper than in 1990 while its potency had increased. Group chair Baroness Meacher said that the war on drugs had ‘disastrous consequences’ in the developing world. ‘The employment of poor farmers and their families by the drug barons in Colombia continues to be irresistible while few, if any, alternatives exist,’ she said. ‘But these farmers could earn a legitimate income growing a crop to generate products with positive therapeutic… functions.’

“Rather than waging war on producers, governments should consider using aid budgets to create regulated markets in which the alkaloid that makes cocaine was safely removed from the leaf and alternative products found, the report says.

“As well as being a rich source of protein and calcium, coca can also be used to make wine and treat muscular pain. It also offers a potential treatment for cocaine dependency. The report said companies such as Coca-Cola already have special permission from the US Drug Enforcement Administration to import dried coca leaf, while it is also legally imported into Europe to make energy drinks such as Red Bull.”

My Comment: This blog pointed out this not once. Not once the “comments” drew attention to the smoking ban, as a prelude to the legalization of drugs. The main thing is to lull concerns by caring about people’s health – “may he die healthy,” it would be spent less on medical care.

This issue has been addressed repeatedly in the blog. It has been pointed out in several comments that banning smoking is a prelude to legalizing drugs. The key is to sedate public awareness under the pretense of caring about people’s health: “Let them die healthy,” which would reduce spending on healthcare.

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