Fighting Drugs: New Challenges

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Malta Today): “Europe’s drugs problem is in a ‘state of flux’, with new threats emerging that challenge current models of policy and practice, the European Drug Report 2013, published [May 28, 2013] by the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA), says. …

“An estimated 77 million European adults (15-64 years) have tried cannabis in their lifetime; around 20 million reporting to have used it in the last year. Despite national differences, recent survey data suggest overall stable or decreasing trends in use. …

“Driven by globalisation, technological advancement and the Internet, an open market for new drugs has now developed which presents significant challenges to public health, law enforcement and policymaking.

“Until around 10 years ago, most new psychoactive substances appearing on the European drug scene were produced in underground laboratories or sourced from diverted medicines and sold directly on the illicit drug market. While this still occurs, the emergence of a thriving ‘legal highs’ business on the Internet and in specialised shops in urban areas has marked a fundamental shift in the drug market.

“Today, these substances, often produced in China and India, are now imported into Europe in bulk where they are processed, packaged and sold as ‘legal highs’. They may also end up on the street where they are sold as substitutes for amphetamine, ecstasy, heroin or cocaine.”

My Comment: An organized war against smoking and encouraging organized drug trafficking is one of the plans of “calming and debilitating” the population, putting millions of people in a completely unnecessary drugged condition. Restrictions on the use of drugs will be gradually removed ostensibly to calm the population. “In the narcotic cloud, we float into another world.” But the plan of nature to bring the human being to the likeness to itself will destroy their plans, and we will have to bring up a new human being in the system of Integral Education.

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  1. Dear Rav,

    In my group here, there is a tendency of smoking marihuana. Before I come to the group I got rid of it very easy. Now I can’t. My question is: is it worthwhile to pray that my friends will stop smoking it?

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