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Was The Prophecy Wrong?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why did Baal HaSulam, who was such a great Kabbalist, who could foresee so far ahead how the correction of the world should develop, predict so early about the wisdom of Kabbalah that it should have spread among the people a hundred years ago?

Answer: Back in the days when Baal HaSulam lived it was already possible to correct the world, but he couldn’t foresee when it would actually happen since there is the factor of freewill of the general here. He didn’t know what they would choose!

He said that we received the chance and there is no doubt that we have received a chance, he wasn’t wrong about that! But he couldn’t know whether it would be fulfilled now or not. This means that his assumption was not wrong; he simply couldn’t foresee how the people would behave.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/05/13,  Writings of  Baal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The  Zohar

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Transmitting Spirituality From One Person To Another

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe teacher stands in the front, he sees further ahead and guides the students. But if a student has his own ideas as to his development and the correction of the world, he is already his own teacher. He can remain a student and believe that the teacher is wrong about the direction of the development. He cannot receive the spiritual attainment from his teacher but can only receive theoretical knowledge, wisdom. Thus he doesn’t study Torah which is the means, the instructions of how to attain the attribute of bestowal; studying means being in contact with the upper by performing different actions. It has nothing to do with the mind, as it says, “It isn’t the wise who learns.” A student receives the force of bestowal from his teacher by his connection with him.

The force of bestowal is transmitted by an inner channel, since it isn’t philosophy nor theoretical science. So everyone can receive this force, both the most stupid and the most wise. Its transmission depends only on the necessary actions that each person performs toward the environment, submitting himself, raising his teacher, and connecting to the group so that the whole group connects to the teacher who represents the upper level, thereby receiving the correction from him. This is what happens on every level.

If a student ascends, his teacher also ascends with him, and if a student descends, then his teacher certainly descends with him. This is isn’t the teacher’s real state but how it’s depicted to the student; everything is with regard to the one who attains.

When a person only comes to study, he doesn’t understand all this at first. He has to wait until he begins to listen. It may take a couple of years, but when he finally begins to hear, the group must help him since otherwise it may take decades. The friends must explain to him that it’s impossible to attain spirituality unless it’s transmitted from one person to another and only if there is a connection between them and physical contact, which means that they can see, hear, feel, understand, and somehow impress one another, perform certain actions, be in contact, and be in mutual interaction. This is how it has been arranged for ages, and it cannot change since it’s a replica of the spiritual roots.

The wonder of the last level of this world is where by my corporeal actions I can bring Him contentment as I submit myself, connect to Him, adhere to Him by some corporeal assistance, and by that receive the spiritual revelation from Him. How is this possible? Yet I can make efforts on the level that I can do so since I cannot do anything else. In the meantime I don’t understand what bestowal is, I don’t have the intention of “in order to bestow,” but I can act on the corporeal level and it’s enough for the time being.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/05/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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When Does The Spiritual Contact Begin?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is physical contact important for a student who rarely meets the Kabbalist teacher and other friends?

Answer: The point is that studying by correspondence or virtually is a new thing. Usually studying by correspondence in a university is not considered a very serious thing.

When it comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah it is even a more acute question, since there must be some contact between the teacher and the student at least once in a lifetime. It allows them to connect initially and then to already act from a distance, by developing the feeling of the contact between them. But if there has never been any contact, it’s very complicated.

After all, witnesses are those who see and not those who hear; even in court or anywhere else people ask, “Have you seen or heard?” So a true witness is someone who has actually seen things.

Besides, during the meetings there is contact between me and the audience, while the people in the audience also connect amongst themselves trying to be one whole and it’s then that we can reveal the upper state. But when a person studies virtually and is somewhere all alone or with a few friends, it’s not enough.

So massive gatherings where I am also present should have a very strong impression which cannot actually be felt virtually. Therefore, I must go to conventions. There is no other way; that’s how it should be.

We mustn’t underestimate physical contact, since the coefficient of the benefit of what this action leads to is great. It’s for this reason that our world was created in a physical form, since it’s from this level that the spiritual contact begins, so let’s make the best of it and let’s all meet.
From the Virtual Lesson 6/2/2013

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Advancing As Rational Beings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The next phase in the development of humanity is the transition to a completely new level of consciousness. But it lacks logic, that a large number of leaders and businessmen will be involved with issues like these. What for them does this transition symbolize?

Answer: I think that if people listened to the laws of nature, to those who study nature, then they would profit from it. The fact that they are like small children trying to close their eyes and play with their toys certainly brings no benefit to them nor to the world because a gradual accumulation of negative potential takes place.

We need to try to explain and to disseminate this knowledge; there is no other choice. In the end they still will be heard. One more beating, and then another, and in the end, somewhere along the middle, moving between the suffering and consciousness, we, in any case, will decide that it is enough and that we desire to move forward as rational beings.

But by completely closing our eyes and not paying attention to it, we are going in a completely opposite direction to nature, and there could be serious consequences to this.

The key to cooperative mutual activity between people is their relationship where we need to create a system parallel to nature. Thus, to a businessman who operates a company and has influence on people’s mutual activity, I would suggest setting up a course of integral education of at least two hours a week at his place of business.

We need to explain to the employees about the integral system, mutual dependency, about mutual support, and how it provides a person with the state of inner security, of tranquility. Their manager will see to what extent people will begin to cooperate with each other in a much more effective way. They will stop “jamming the wheels.” They will have the motivation and will begin to quickly agree with each other and reach mutual solutions. We all know that the lack of trust and desire inhibits the production process.

Motivation is related to the fact that we teach people how to relate to each other correctly. They will suddenly discover within themselves great forces, kindness, correct cooperation, and mutual understanding in solving all kinds of problems. Absenteeism will be reduced in connection to family problems, to illnesses, and people will be more active, healthier, and friendlier. Let’s begin today and see what happens in another month or two.
From KabTV’s “Through Times” 3/17/13

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The Future Of Modern Business

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In business today, a line of products or services is manufactured for which no one, in fact, has any need. This is the basis of modern business. What will happen in the integral society to a company that, for example, produces a very expensive brand of neckties, and thus lives and grows?

Answer: Their customers will disappear.

When you give people the right education, they themselves will choose what they do. Many of them will invest only in learning and dissemination, which is to say, in studying, for this is not just learning. They are learning to develop a system of integral mutual cooperation that everyone on earth needs to learn.

The future of humanity is automation, 3D printers, etc., so people won’t work in factories. Certainly this will not be overnight, but just give them a chance and tomorrow it will appear, and no one will need special neckties.

Question: The whole problem is in this. Today, businesses exist thanks to manufacturing neckties. It creates jobs there.

Answer: We are very rapidly reaching a time when people will be provided for through totally different systems and they will feel much happier. Who needs this kind of business? People need to be happy.

That is, a businessman will feel happy, not from selling another thousand expensive neckties, but from something completely different. He will go on to organizing integral education networks and will gather people within the networks, will organize universities, and the like. In this he will find himself instead of selling ties. Anyway, this business has no place in the future. One way or another, it will go bankrupt.

What we require is only what is imperative for the right existence on a normal and minimal level: a house, nourishment, clothing, a car, and the like. All this must exist, but in a normal way. A person will not particularly pursue any of this.

So, describe this to yourself: People with integral education would be eager for what? It will be that which is imperative for life and nothing more. All the unnecessary businesses will disappear.

Question: Practical experience proves that a businessman will feel himself to be secure up to the last day and will not be ready to listen to our advice. An unrealistic condition is formed. We need to wait until everything falls apart for him, but then there will no longer be any one to teach. The collectives are freed, and there are no resources.

Answer: So, we will come to a factory like this and offer them a course in integral education for the entire factory.

The entrepreneur will gradually start his factory again and will come out of the crisis with this. So, through the gradual transformation of the factories that are essential for maintaining the normal existence of humanity, we will form a completely new network. Everything superfluous will cease, and all the “superfluous” people will begin to be occupied throughout their entire workday with forming an integral network between them in the likeness of and equal with nature.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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