Don’t Impede Yourselves

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The people who prepared the Novosibirsk Convention cannot get together in a good organized physical group. They communicate virtually, watch the lessons every day, each from his own home. This is how it has been for five to seven years. How can we help them unite in a group?

Answer: If they really want to move forward, they need serious obstacles. For this, they should get together. Only by overcoming obstacles, uniting above them, will they begin to move forward; otherwise, all their studies are just theoretical. If they have an opportunity to get together and they do not want this for their own reasons, then they impede themselves. They can be nice children, organize everything perfectly, but for each of them to stay in his place is impossible.

If they were separated by long distance, for example, hundreds of miles, then it is another matter. But they live in the same city and have to meet. They simply must!

Probably, they cherish their egoism and are afraid of losing it. The Creator pushes them on purpose, gives them such nice workouts as a convention.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/8/12, Lesson 4

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