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Fundamentals of Kabbalah – 12.02.12

A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah 

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I, The Others, The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Peace:” … practically determined as “bestowal upon others,” meaning that the actual manifestation of love of others is bestowal of goodness upon others, love of others should be determined as bestowal upon others.

Question: What is “bestowal good upon others?”

Answer: It is bestowal that suits the other, according to what is good for him and not according to what I think is good for him. The good of others is determined by the service to the Creator. Without these three points: “I,” “the others,” and “the Creator,” we are lost. If I work according to the notions of others, I will be under their control, and if I work for myself I will be enslaved to my ego, I need someone who is even higher so that the right formation will be created: the lower, the upper, and the uppermost, only then can I be sure that I am holding on to the right line.

Question: Where am I while I bestow upon others?

Answer: In the last link of the chain, in the Creator, since from there I can relate to others and to myself correctly.

Question: And where is my “self” then?

Answer: Outside myself and outside the others, looking for what is good for others in order to reach adhesion with the Creator. I see the Creator as my goal and then the adhesion with Him is the only good thing.

Question: And what if others don’t know what they want?

Answer: A baby doesn’t know what it wants either, but I take care of it, and by that I understand that it needs to grow, to become strong, healthy, wise, etc. So if I bestow upon someone, he is like a baby for me, he is smaller than me. In that case, I am the one who bestows and he is the one who receives my bestowal. This means that he has a deficiency that I fill. This means that I have to discover a deficiency in him that suits my filling, since I cannot give him bread if he wants milk. And besides, I have to discover a deficiency in him that is in his favor, a deficiency by which he will get closer to the Creator.

In order to do that, I have to connect to others and together attain a connection with the Creator. In other words, I have to bring about the connection of others with the Creator, and then I will be able to fill them. After all, what can I fill others with? I am not the source of the Light, but I bring others to adhesion with the Creator, and that means that I fill them. This is why it is impossible to manage without the formation of the three levels.
From the 4th part the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/30/12, The Peace”

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The Magical Light Of Unselfish Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe process of correction is divided into several stages that determine the order of our advancement. If we were allowed to feel now in our vessels of receiving the pleasure that comes from the Creator, that He is good and benevolent, we will never be able to correct them so that they will be in order to bestow. They would understand what pleasure there is in the upper Light and it would be impossible to restrict and to correct them.

So during the first stage, a person must attain faith, which means to acquire the force of bestowal that is born in him by the influence of the Light if he makes efforts in working in the group, yearning for bestowal, to the extent of his understanding of this attribute. Then the force that suddenly obligates him to feel that bestowal is good is gradually stabilized in him.

It seems that he prefers bestowal for egoistic reasons too, but it’s not so. He enjoys the fact that he isn’t selfish. The Light, due to its influence gives him this inclination, such values, that force him to value bestowal. Then a person is ready to perform actions of bestowal for the sake of the actions themselves. He only asks to be able to perform such actions towards those around him.

To the extent that he acquires the force of bestowal, he begins to understand how to work with his vessels, which is called observing the 613 commandments, which means the correction of the 613 desires to which a person’s general desire is divided into. Then, of course, he uses his whole desire only in order to bestow.

To the extent that he can use his own desires in order to bestow, he begins to feel not the force of bestowal anymore, but the force of love. Thus, as a result of keeping the 612 commandments, he reaches the last commandment, the 613th commandment, love of the Creator.

Then the permanent eternal pleasure is revealed to him by all these commandments, which was the goal of creation, by which the Creator initially intended to fill man.

It turns out that not one step along this path is possible without a person’s deficiency that precedes it. In that a person totally depends on the environment. So to the extent that it directs a person and increases his deficiency for bestowal, he raises his environment so that these deficiencies will be their common goal.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/30/12

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Bestowal And Receiving: A Conflict At All Levels

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Exile and Redemption”: The Creator will evidently show us that Israel cannot exist in exile, and will find no rest as the rest of the nations that mingled among the nations and found rest, and assimilated in them, until no trace was left of them.

On the whole, the vessels of reception are divided into 70 parts called “the nations of the world.” During the shattering they have all become integrated and were also integrated with the desire to bestow.

But there is another problem here: On the one hand, the integration of the desires to receive doesn’t create a collision. Even if they are different, they don’t contradict one another by nature. On the contrary, they operate according to a collective plan of receiving, and they certainly understand one another. On the whole, the nations of this world also understand one another and feel that they belong to the human race.

But it isn’t so with the desires to bestow, with those in whom there are sparks of bestowal. What is more, they were also in the corrections during the time of the Temple. There are Reshimot (informational records) of bestowal left in them and so they belong to a totally different species. This is where the conflict is created: The desire to receive, by its very nature, hates the desire to bestow, which is opposite from it and which seems to force it to bestow. The desire to bestow, on its part, doesn’t feel hatred towards the desire to receive, since it was sent by the Creator to take care of the desire to receive and to help it and not to be hostile to it.

So on the part of the Jewish people there is no hatred towards the nations of the world, but there is some weakness. The nations of the world, however, hate the Jews, because the desire to receive wants to catch the desire to bestow and to enslave it under its dominance. That’s the way things are, when “something from nothing” encounters ” something from something.” The events in our world stem from the upper nature.
From the 4th part the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/12, Exile and Redemption”

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A Mutated Ego That Kills Itself

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf there is one desire to receive in us and nothing but that, then we operate like robots. The moment some pleasure illuminates for us, we immediately begin to chase it and the moment we feel sufferings, we try to escape them. It is the natural behavior of every created being: the inanimate, vegetative, or animate.

An ordinary person in our world is no different from animals when it comes to this, because the desire to receive also operates in him, but his desire to receive is simply more sophisticated and confused since a person doesn’t understand where it comes from all of the sudden.

Animals operate according to their natural instincts and there is nothing external that influences them. A person, however, is motivated by attributes such as envy, lust, and honor. He is impressed by the environment that can influence him to value things that are against his nature and which destroy him.

Society doesn’t operate in favor of the individual, but in favor of the general egoistic, broken society. If one person is an egoist, then he simply operates like an animal with his small ego. He tries to get along in this world as well as he can: to build himself a better home, with healthier, more comfortable conditions. He tries to do what is beneficial for his body.

This is how people developed in ancient times. But when their ego grew and forced them to connect, in order to make a greater profit one at the expense of another, this egoistic connection generated a phenomenon called “public opinion.” This environmental effect became harmful for the individual, since not only did the ego grow because of such a connection, but it also took on distorted forms that are far from the natural forms.

It wasn’t a natural connection, but a distorted connection of desires, since when many egoists connect, their desires are opposite to the other desires and it is impossible to understand how they can even connect. So the influence of the environment on each individual brings about such distortions and corruptions of the natural desire, such as: envy, lust, honor, and power.

This is how humanity developed: The individual ego grew, and as a result of the distorted connections of egoists under the negative influence of the social system on every individual, society developed in a direction that is opposite from Holiness, from the corrected state which we eventually have to reach in the future.

Our social values have drawn light years away from the natural human needs… and as a result we all operate according to artificial, egoistic values that only harm us. But we are compelled to operate this way since we are subordinate to the law according to which the environment affects a person.

The whole problem is in the fact that this environment is bad and our big, complex, and distorted ego has mutated in different ways from one generation to another so we don’t even understand that it affects us and leads us in ways that are opposite from the natural correct way.
From the 1st part the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/12, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot” 

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The Elixir That Removes The Veil From The Eyes

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah and studies it all the while for himself but not to reach the higher quality, then it closes everything to him. He understands nothing of what happens inside him if he does not tune himself to the connection with the group, if he does not seek correction, to change himself through the upper Light, and if he has no urgent need to change himself.

And at first he performs all the actions completely artificially, and only gradually under the influence of the upper Light this becomes a necessary requirement. But if he does not have the right direction and he does not want to participate in this even artificially, like a child in a game, then Kabbalah becomes poison instead of the “elixir of life.”

Why? Because he becomes even more egoistic. He wants to make money with the help of Kabbalah. He thinks he has already become great and big and he does not need anything else. Such people usually move to the side or open their own groups. But it is good. Everything will eventually become clear.
From a Virtual Lesson 11/18/12

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The Perfection Of Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens to the individuality of each one during the unity of the world group? Is there any importance to our attributes when the Creator separates us, connects us, or requires some kind of effort from us? Or do they not make any difference?

Answer: Imagine that once there was a body and it broke into small parts. How is it possible now, from all these parts, to create the same body?

Each one of us is responsible for a certain part of this general body that is called Adam HaRishon (the first human). I am a small part of his liver, and you are a small part of his lungs, and someone else is a small part of this heart, etc.

So how can we change our foundation? It is impossible!

Therefore each one needs to remain with one’s initial attributes. He retains his character with all his innate attributes. It’s all his. It is precisely thanks to this individuality that he expresses himself.

However, this entire wonderful picture is comprised specifically from opposites, from the differences of each one of us who is completely opposite from his friend. And so they all can connect themselves and in this connection to attain this compound, like a general body that will be perfect specifically thanks to each one complementing the other. Under no circumstances do they need to be identical.

Only one thing is needed from a person, that is to connect with others in bestowal to all of the others! By following this condition, each one realizes himself in an individual manner towards the others. And from this comes forth one, huge, integral Kli (vessel/desire) which is complete.
From a Virtual Lesson 11/11/12

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“An Outrageous Prediction” By Saxo Bank

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Steen Jakobsen, Chief Economist & CIO, Saxo Bank): “Policy makers are finally realising that social tension can overtake much needed reforms and financing needs by virtue of rallying the voters. Note that the groups of people demonstrating across Europe are no longer just unions or public employees. This is now a national issue for many countries. One generation of youth has already been lost, with all the negative consequences expected for productivity, innovation and pure outlook on life. …

“IF – the policy makers ignore this call for ‘change’, then the voters will be radicalised, moving to the extreme left and right politically. We are considering having an Outrageous Prediction for 2013 that include a serious move back to Communism in Eastern Europe and towards more autocratic states in Southern Europe. …

“In times of crisis people go to extremes – and this is now a full blown crisis, as we have a banking, economic, political and social crisis in place. It can’t get much worse actually, which is probably a good thing. … Is it time for change now? I doubt it, but this is a step in the right direction, and it proves, once again, that to create a mandate for change you need to see a serious crisis.”

My Comment: If Europe does not understand its only remedy—integral education—it will split not only into states, but even into smaller formations to match the ego.

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