Authentic Altruism And Humanitarian Help

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Baal HaSulam writes that love for another has to be so deep that we would be willing to give the only pillow we have. Does this mean we have to fulfill each other’s material desires as well?

Answer: I don’t have anything to fill these desires with! Where am I going to get 7 billion pillows for the whole of humanity? If everyone cares solely for bestowal, a person will have only necessities in order to sustain himself. What, then, would he be able to give to others?

A law forbids us to give up necessities without which we couldn’t survive. This concerns the survival of the animate body that mustn’t be neglected. So, it turns out that I have nothing to give away to others, and it isn’t required of me. If I have arranged myself correctly in relation to the correction process, I will have no extra food nor money to spare since I live solely for bestowal and take nothing beyond what is necessary for myself.

However, we are forgetting that we don’t have to do anything ourselves. Everything is arranged by the Light. We just have to create the connection in order for the Light to act through us. If I am thinking about another’s need, he will receive what he needs. It is I who arranged it for him. By doing so, I have become equivalent to the Creator because I have evoked the act of bestowal.

I can’t do more than motivate the Light to act. This means that I raise MAN (Mayin Nukvin, Female Waters) which is a request or prayer. My MAN, request, from Malchut works similar to how MAD (Mayin Duchrin, Male Waters), answer, from Bina. I raise to Bina all my will to receive to the magnitude of ZAT de Bina. Everything gets resolved in the thought: I provide the desire to fulfill the friend, but it is the Creator who fulfills him. I am just a connecting link between the other person and the Creator. This is how the world is created in my imagination so that I could correct myself.

I feel that I don’t need anything for myself except to bestow to another. I feel his desire above my own and, above his, I feel the desire of the Creator, an opportunity to fulfill and delight Him. If I organize my desires in this fashion, it means that I perform my actions. The Creator will carry out these acts, and we will attain oneness. I asked Him to unify us in adhesion, and He did. I only need to keep asking.

The Creator intentionally makes others lack something. It is done so that I develop a desire to ask the Creator to fulfill another’s lack, so that I desire to become one with Him, to merge and equalize myself with Him. He created all evil in the world and wishes for me to act on everyone’s behalf as their guardian and look after all of them. He fulfills the world with the Light of Infinity, and then disappears, giving me a chance to bring the Light back into this world.

However, I must understand that this is how the world is painted by my imagination in my “matrix” or the illusion that I must live specifically for my correction. If I try to give something away, that is, try to correct the world and not myself, then I will only harm the world further in order for me to realize what a mistake I had made and to start correcting myself after all. We clearly see that any “humanitarian help” brings additional damage by  provoking terrorism, theft, and idleness.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/4/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings

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