My Spiritual Simulator – 10.07.10

Spiritual Simulator: Questions of the Day

Preparing For The Right Attitude

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of our work is aimed at preparation. Our task isn’t to erase the egoism that becomes revealed in us, but to be ready to always perceive it as being revealed in us by the Upper Light, the Creator. We should immediately discern it in the Light as bitter, yet joyous signs of our development.

Our souls (desire and Light) underwent a gradual descent, and now we have to reveal the same degrees or states from below upwards. We have to experience them and all their details since otherwise there will be a flaw in the general Kli, in the Final Correction.

We are unable to change fate as it descends from above downwards. However, we can prepare for seeing and perceiving it differently. Unpleasant sensations in egoism, the will to enjoy, are caused by the fact that I identify with my ego.

If, however, I ascend above it and prepare to see just good changes in everything that comes from the Creator, then the same states of egoism’s unpleasant revelation will be perceived as good, positive, and useful. I will be grateful for them.

When I begin perceiving the Creator’s attitude to me differently, then all my intentional and unintentional transgressions become my opportunities for becoming corrected and reaching bestowal, and then these transgressions turn into my merits. Therefore, everything depends on me and my preparation.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/10, “The Righteous Feels Good and the Righteous Feels Bad”

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Kabbalah For Beginners “A Place Of Connection” – 10.07.10

Kabbalah TV Channel 66’s Kabbalah for Beginners, “A Place of Connection”
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Sweet Pain Of The Creature

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the beginning, Zeir Anpin and Malchut are the six Sefirot of Zeir Anpin and a point of Malchut. As to all of the worlds and Partzufim from the World of Infinity to Zeir Anpin, they are designated solely for Malchut. Malchut is the created being that for now is a mere point: “the point in the heart.” We have to enlarge it!

How, then, does the creature grow, and what does the Upper One have to do for it? In Malchut, in the point that is cleaving to his Chazeh, Zeir Anpin evokes a sensation of judgments (Dinim) and restrictions, that is, he stirs up the desires that are demanding to be fulfilled in order for this point to awaken and start growing.

These restrictions descend to Malchut from the mother, Bina. Through the Upper Sefirot, GAR de Zeir Anpin, they enter Keter of Malchut. It is regarded as Rosh Hashanah or the beginning (head) of the year, the beginning of Malchut which is called “a year.” This is where her awakening starts.

Her entire further development occurs by way of the lower Sefirot of Zeir Anpin, its NHY (Netzah, Hod, Yesod). To achieve this, Zeir Anpin has to attain the state of Gadlut (adulthood), which he receives from the mother, Bina, due to the “sounding of the Shofar.” This awakens in Zeir Anpin its own desires, the Sefirot of NHY, which occurs during the “ten days (Sefirot) of repentance” between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. During these “ten days,” every time Malchut receives stimulation from NHY of Zeir Anpin, they strengthen her so as to arrive at the state of “Yom Kippur.”

Awakening us to the state of Gadlut can be achieved solely by way of restrictions since only thanks to them (the Light of Hochma [Wisdom]) can we feel how much more needs to be corrected in us in order to prepare our spiritual vessels (Kelim). After all, we do have the vessels, but they are broken. At first, they are evoked through restrictions without any “sweetening,” but later, the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) descends and sweetens them (the state of being love-sick).

Sweetening is what is regarded as correction. It is written that the Creator “created the evil inclination, and He gave the Torah as a spice.” To add a spice to egoistic desire means to sweeten it so as to correct and use it. Previously, this desire was “bitter,” but if it is “spiced” with the intention to bestow, then it is sweetened and can be used and fulfilled.

This is what is called “sweetening” of the judgment. Judgment is the desire to receive for self-gratification, whereas sweetening is the same very desire, but with the intention to bestow. We only need to replace the intention.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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To Live For Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I arrange my life to dedicate it entirely to the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: It is easy to examine and organize corporeal life: Make sure that you are not harming others with any of your corporeal actions. In other words, you can’t be a thief or a criminal, live at someone else’s expense, and at the same time, act in order to bestow, as it were, in hopes that you are advancing toward correction.

First of all, you need to correct yourself so as not to bring harm to others and not to deprive them even in some indirect manner. The rest of your work takes place solely in intention. Obviously, you should help a friend to find a job, for example, but, essentially, our entire work lies within the spiritual area by means of spiritual connection.

We mustn’t copy various “altruistic” or “spiritual” organizations which provide “humanitarian” help and thereby corrupt people. They breed parasites by depriving people of the opportunity to become independent and take care of themselves. In fact, it is those very organizations who benefit from this.

Hence, this is the rule by which I should advance toward the Creator: I take care of the corporeal needs inasmuch as it is necessary to sustain my existence, while the rest of my efforts are aimed solely at the revelation of the Creator in the connection with the friends.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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Knocked Off Or Pushed Forward On The Path?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one remain in the correct intention if the Upper Force intentionally knocks us out of it?

Answer: The Upper Force doesn’t knock us out of the correct intention, but merely loads us with greater desire that we can overcome and correct. Above, everything is calculated precisely, in accord with the entire system: how much effort you have exerted and how much strength has been accumulated and stored. To this measure, additional desire is now being revealed to you.

Meanwhile, you think you are being swayed off the path. But you are not being diverted from it; rather, you are being given a chance to advance. Yet, you see it as obstacles since you don’t aspire to work. If you were eager to work, you would rejoice in the burdening.

It all depends on how well I prepare myself. If I am striving to work and view an opportunity to do more and more of it as a reward, then all these so-called descents are not going to be such in my eyes. I will be able to see that this is an opportunity for advancement and success. I will be grateful for this burdening of the heart as a correction because for me it is yet another opportunity to demonstrate my love for the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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Kabbalists On Kabbalists, Part 28

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions on the passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

Following the Paths of Kabbalists

Since the mind of the world is one, divided among numerous carriers, it turns out that if two people are clothed with the same mind, they think about a single issue. If there is any difference between them, it is actually in its greatness or smallness. By nature, the small surrender before the great. Hence, the small who think the exact same thought as the sages ponder the same topic as the sages, and unknowingly surrender and unite with the sages, according to the nature of Creation. In this way the entire world becomes corrected.
– Baal HaSulam, A Sage’s Fruit, Talks, “Permanent Delight and Excellent Enslavement”

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What Is The Left Line?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Кabbalists prohibit engaging the left line in communication with the friends. What is this left line?

Answer: The left line is my egoistic desire aimed solely at receiving or getting fulfilled. It stimulates me “incorrectly,” yet assists me thereby. If I know how to work with it, I discover “help against me” in the left line.

The left line is always turning, twisting, and pushing me; if I keep examining it, if I am sensitive to its setups and treat its every new “project” with suspicion, then such self-examining helps me to keep adhering to the Light. As a result, thanks to the forces of reception and bestowal, I always rise above the desire, above the provoking thoughts and actions, in order to look at them from the side.

For as long as a person is submerged in his will to receive, he remains at the animate level and is subordinate to nature. However, we speak of the steps being made above nature or above reason.
From the 1st part of the
Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/10, “What to Look for in the Assembly of Friends”

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Test Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore us, there lies an enormous creation. We neither feel nor understand it, and cannot comprehend its magnitude. This is why Kabbalists were instructed by the Creator (Nature) to keep communication with us in a specific manner. These special souls have already performed correction through various methods, almost without the assistance of the environment, and now, before the term expires, they are turning to us and offering the method of correction.

They explain how to arrange a correct environment, and we certainly should use their advice since if we choose the path of natural development, every stage will be lengthy and require enormous strength. Similar to the teachers of a kindergarten group, Kabbalists inform us about rules and conditions and teach us games and exercises. Their advice should be taken as a vital necessity. I must obey them since otherwise, I won’t advance. One shouldn’t deceive oneself, hoping to find some side roads.

Check and see whether you are truly participating if you open the book, but don’t realize it. Let’s see if you will still have complaints after that.

“It’s in your power to build an environment,” Kabbalists say. Yes, you can, but you are lazy in arranging such an environment that will give you confidence, raise the importance of the goal (adhesion with the Creator) and the means for its attainment (unity with the friends). In fact, only working in this environment that you have created will you find everything you need to feel the spiritual world.

It is okay if the environment looks external to you. In truth, these are all your inner Kelim (vessels) that came out due to the breaking. Do you want to correct the brokenness and enter spiritual reality? No problem: accept them and start loving them as you love yourself. When you do, all these external Kelim will unify with the inner ones, and you will return to the correct perception, you will see spirituality instead of corporeality. Everything has been written and explained, so realization of the method lies in our hands.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Llesson 10/5/10, “What to Look for in the Assembly of Friends”

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Disassembling Teaches How To Re-Assemble

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn the spiritual path we have to exert efforts like a restless child who runs around like mad, causing havoc, breaking and smashing things. He’s lacking sense, but after dropping a glass a few times, he will discover its brittleness and learn how to hold it properly. Having disassembled something, he will learn how to put the parts back together.

In a similar fashion, we need to attain the breaking of the collective soul that happened before us, to discover the forces of the breakage. Otherwise, we will not know how to gather all the shattered souls into a single whole.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/10, “What to Look for in the Assembly of Friends”

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