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Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore us, there lies an enormous creation. We neither feel nor understand it, and cannot comprehend its magnitude. This is why Kabbalists were instructed by the Creator (Nature) to keep communication with us in a specific manner. These special souls have already performed correction through various methods, almost without the assistance of the environment, and now, before the term expires, they are turning to us and offering the method of correction.

They explain how to arrange a correct environment, and we certainly should use their advice since if we choose the path of natural development, every stage will be lengthy and require enormous strength. Similar to the teachers of a kindergarten group, Kabbalists inform us about rules and conditions and teach us games and exercises. Their advice should be taken as a vital necessity. I must obey them since otherwise, I won’t advance. One shouldn’t deceive oneself, hoping to find some side roads.

Check and see whether you are truly participating if you open the book, but don’t realize it. Let’s see if you will still have complaints after that.

“It’s in your power to build an environment,” Kabbalists say. Yes, you can, but you are lazy in arranging such an environment that will give you confidence, raise the importance of the goal (adhesion with the Creator) and the means for its attainment (unity with the friends). In fact, only working in this environment that you have created will you find everything you need to feel the spiritual world.

It is okay if the environment looks external to you. In truth, these are all your inner Kelim (vessels) that came out due to the breaking. Do you want to correct the brokenness and enter spiritual reality? No problem: accept them and start loving them as you love yourself. When you do, all these external Kelim will unify with the inner ones, and you will return to the correct perception, you will see spirituality instead of corporeality. Everything has been written and explained, so realization of the method lies in our hands.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Llesson 10/5/10, “What to Look for in the Assembly of Friends”

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  1. There exists a saying, “God doesn’t always give you what you want, but He gives you what you need.”

    Of all, I must know, that He knows best– even in those terrible times.

    Love to you my dearest Rav. So close. Always with me and together with me.

    Sandra El. Watson (Alberta, Canada)

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