The War For Peace

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From “Analysts talk of a global revolutionary wave. Riots have swept not only Greece, which threatens to default, but more affluent countries. In the USA, the protests have spread to many cities. Online communities for the organization of the actions emerged in dozens of cities. Activists from Canada and Australia are joining the protest.

“Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal are going to join the 99 percent of people who are struggling for survival, while 1 percent of the wealthy continue to prosper. …Protests are held under the new scheme: They do not have organizers; participants learn about the place and time of a protest action through social networks or through the website

“The crisis inevitably leads to the escalation of protest movements, but the feature of the current protests is their re-export. It is the first global wave of revolution: The protests began in Western Europe and the USA, have spread to the periphery, the Arab countries, but now are returning. Today’s protests could become a trigger for change.”

My Comment: Humanity is becoming a single community, and its inner connections guarantee the transfer of desires and thoughts among all people, up to full unification into a single organism. This is the law of evolution of human society. The one who understands this trend of nature and goes along with it will win. Opponents of this natural process will only lose.

If governments do not understand this, people will suffer, but the change will still happen. It is better not to resist, but to study nature, as Kabbalah suggests, to study the laws of mutual guarantee (Arvut), of new relationships of humanity as one body, and follow them. Otherwise, protests will force to do this but by bloody methods because the laws of nature are relentless.

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