The Crisis Sums Up The Results Of Globalization

Opinion: (Vladimir Yakunin, Founding President of the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations, Ninth Annual Session): “Globalization has turned out to be the next stage of colonization policies of the major world powers, with the civilizational crisis, the exit of which is in an open dialogue, based on the desire of all the nations for justice, not manipulation.

Globalization: a new phase of colonialism

“The ‘mondialism’ of the European version as a global project of creating a commonwealth of nations, collapsed after the World War II alongside with the disintegration of the colonial system. This project was replaced by ‘Globalization,’ which brought about such instruments as ‘democracy,’ ‘human rights,’ and ‘finance and market economy.’ Meanwhile, the globalization project, that advanced on the basis of the Euro-Atlantic consensus, creation of transnational finance and market institutions and the ‘efficient’ consumerist economy, constituted the third stage of colonization. It was preceded by the second stage, marked by the transfer of a substantial share of industry to the third countries in pursuit of cheap labour and access to natural resources.

The threats of unipolarity

“Political elites of many countries have long since put up with the fact that international politics has de facto become some internal affair, or even a private matter, for the USA. The States, now as before, are trying to adjust the regional structure of the world to their benchmark.

“The ideology of the European identity domination and the western worldview is backed by the system of human rights supported by legal procedures. But such a system of human rights cannot be considered universal and is incompatible with concepts of human rights in other civilizations.

“Globalization in this form leads to the creation of differences within the world system. We approach complete indifference to anything in the world with the exception of bank notes.

Dialogue instead of manipulation in the network

“The contemporary world is witnessing the emergence of a broad social environment, primarily due to the spread of Internet and social networks, international communications and contacts. Meanwhile, we are witnessing rather a strange phenomenon: the very fact of communication is here, but such contacts do not carry any social content, that is, they lack a well-defined social responsibility and allow for any form of abnormal behavior, the attempts to delegitimize authority, cultural values and traditions.

“The universal urge to have the “freedom” to say “anything and in any form” has a temporary character and is beginning to fade away.

“Such technologies as the so-called “twitter revolutions” are applied to achieve definite political and economic goals. This virtual tool is all the more dangerous, because it is not only capable of producing a selective and arbitrary impact on human behavior and cause large-scale conflicts in society, but, as we can see, can cause casualties in real life.

“You are aware of our point of view: it is real participation in the affairs of the world community, which is only possible in the framework of a direct dialogue and does not depend on any trigger signals.”

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