From Separated Egoists To A Single Whole

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does one’s perception of oneself as a separate individual need to disappear?

Answer: We all unite into one team. At first it’s a team where each one of us represents a separate individual, but we all act in coordination, like cogwheels that spin and try to synchronize the common movement. Then this connection becomes adhesion: Certain parts of every one of us join each other’s parts to such an extent that we don’t just wear out as we brush against one another and spin together like separate parts of one mechanism, but this entire mechanism becomes one whole void of any inconsistencies.

The absolutely full interaction between everyone brings us to the point whereby we stop perceiving ourselves as existing separately or even as our collective “we,” but begin to perceive ourselves as one single whole. This transition to one single whole is our goal, and there we begin to perceive the upper force, the Creator.

The world must strive to properly connect all its parts. Global interconnection, world integration, the crisis, and all the problems are obligating us to do this today. This is enough for people without points in the heart to reach an absolutely coordinated interaction between them. This is called “we.”

And “we” with the points in the heart must unite these points. Other people do not have them. But we do, and we must connect our points in the heart so that they will unite into one whole, not into “we,” but into union, “one.” This is our next level. On the level of union into “one,” meaning when we are like one man with one heart, we begin to feel the upper world and the upper force that controls and maintains the entire creation, including our universe and us.

The world consisting of separate egoists will have to unite because it can’t survive any other way. This is nature’s condition, which it sets for our egoistic desires. And when people with a point in the heart wish to rise above their egoistic desires, these points connect into a spiritual vessel.

So it’s as if three degrees exist here: egoistic (separated), egoistic (connected, combined in reciprocity and integration), and spiritual, when everything connects into a single whole.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/27/2011

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