Coming Home, To One’s Spiritual Root

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are some friends able to go to the convention and others are not?

Answer: We study everything we need in order to enter the spiritual world. Once we enter this sensation, we will begin to study other levels of attainment of the universe. We will already be in the upper world, like on a tour.

And then we’ll be able to understand where each one of us comes from: This is your spiritual home, your source, this one is mine, and this one is his. We’ll understand how different we are, and at the same time, we will realize why from all of humanity specifically we needed to unite into this collective Kli that represents the entire mankind. This vessel is very diverse but at the same time integrally connected due to our efforts, and this is exactly why all other people on earth can connect to it.

Today we still don’t understand where each one of us comes from, from which spiritual root, and why we connect in this specific way. We don’t know why we exist as we do, men, women, with different personalities and qualities, or why one’s destiny suddenly lands him somewhere North or South, and another one lands in the center of the civilized world, and so on.

Later a person will understand how necessary all of this was. He’ll see that all of his qualities, origin, and distance or closeness to others, absolutely everything comes from his higher spiritual root to the tiniest elements of his physical and spiritual body. And this is why no one will have any questions about why he was created one way and not another. He’ll see that he was placed in the most optimal conditions that enable him to reach his correction, including his presence at the convention or participation in local groups out of lack of another opportunity.

We need to understand that everything comes from the need for our common correction. For this reason let everyone make the most effort in the place and state where the Creator has placed him or her. If we make these efforts, everyone will necessarily receive absolute fulfillment for their soul. They will have no questions, no empty spaces in desires or the possibilities to perceive the upper world.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/27/2011

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