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Upbringing By The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that the soul is altruism, that is, the property that is available to few people. When we are engaged in correction and raise the world with us, do we share with the world the soul that we have earned or do we grow the world soul with the Light of correction that comes down to us?

Answer: We do not create anything new. We have very small animalistic, selfish desires, and the Light with which we can manipulate if we become like it. We draw the influence of the Light on ourselves, and the Light causes even greater egoistic desires in our egoistic desires, which, each time, we are correcting.

Let’s suppose that the desire to receive is small, like a dot, with a minimum capacity equal to one. The Light, the property of bestowal, exists in it.

Upbringing By The Light

The Light enters this desire: The property of bestowal pumps this dot with its desire to bestow, with warmth, love, compassion, and tenderness. This dot swells, and a huge desire emerges in it. And then the power of Malchut is equal to, say, a thousand. Why did it get such a tremendous power of desire to receive? It’s because the Light filled it in that way.

We say that there is Aviut (the thickness of desire) in the Light. What does it mean? I offered you a cake, gave you some candy, handed you a pillow, and suggested something warm to you. I pumped my attitude into you so that you begin to desire all this. My good attitude toward you is turned into a desire, and then if you do not get it from me, you begin to suffer. Thus, I cultivate a desire in you. This is what the Light does to us similar to what we do with a spoiled child. Thus, It builds us during the descent from above downward.

Then during the ascent from the bottom upward, It does the opposite, but almost the same. It affects our egoism, irritating it, as if crushes it. Under the influence of the Light, the ego swells and becomes bigger and bigger. Thus, we grow.

The egoistic and altruistic components grow in parallel, and at every state, in every world, they are opposite and have to complement each other until we reach the level of infinity.

Upbringing By The Light

The Light does everything; it increasingly develops negative desires in us. When you start to study, you have small desires. And tomorrow, you begin to hate others, and then something else, etc. And so it is with the Creator: Today you are afraid to say anything against Him, tomorrow you will hate Him, and the day after tomorrow, you will yell at Him. The time will come; you will grow up and will find out that this is so.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 2

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The Difference Between Spiritual And Corporeal Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The general ego is growing during the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It turns out that we seem to accelerate the growth of the ego. And as long as we delay the connection between us, humanity is becoming more egoistic.

Answer: The ego is not transferred from us to humanity. It does indeed develop sharply, but it is in us. To the extent that you aspire and yearn for the love of friends, you feel that you hate them and are rejected by them. Those who do not yearn for spirituality don’t feel anything. They have the ordinary corporeal animal egoistic urges, and nothing more than that.

If I strive forward to the “plus” with the friends and attain let’s say “plus one,” I immediately feel “minus one.” But if I am on level zero, on the initial corporeal level, I am just an animal. This means that it is an ordinary corporeal ego.

Spiritual ego is a totally different matter; it appears only in order to push me to an even stronger connection with the friends in the group. First it all seemed okay, fine: “Let’s connect guys!” We rent a place, everyone is burning, everyone is working. Suddenly we feel that we cannot even look at each other. This means that a negative spiritual level has started, and that’s a good thing.

Now is the time to rise above it, to rise to the next level “plus two.” And then again “minus two” appears.” And thus, over and over again. Without this zigzag we would not develop.

The Difference Between Spiritual And Corporeal Egoism
Can you imagine what ego people who rise have, like Rabbi Shimon’s students who wrote that they were ready to burn each other?

When you reach such a level, these attributes appear in you. So we have to establish an environment. You will not be able to attain this level without a strong group to support you and direct you. It “shakes” you when it is necessary so that you will wake up and see where you are; it obligates you and the others to perform your duties in the group, pulls you to dissemination, wakes you up at night, etc. It is impossible to advance without it.

At first a small ego appears in the group. But if the friends don’t notice it, if there isn’t someone who can help them, the group falls apart. There are many such groups. I hear about it occasionally.

So, we should actually be happy that serious signs of the spiritual advancement appear. This is already spiritual egoism.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 1

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The Art Of Working In The Middle Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the work in the middle line and how can I feel it?

Answer: The middle line doesn’t actually exist. After all, there are two forces active in nature: the force of bestowal (in red) and the force of receiving (in black). A person is neither one of them. The two forces emanate from above. There is the force of bestowal that created the force of receiving that is opposite from it. These two forces, let’s say plus and minus, exist in nature and everything stems from them: the still, vegetative, and animate. Man is of course a “spiritual creation” and exists in the comparison, in the connection of these two parameters inside him. 

The Art Of Working In The Middle Line

The Masach (screen) is the plus, and the ego is the minus. Connecting them inside him correctly is above his ego, and by following faith above reason, a man stabilizes the middle line. This is the whole art.

This means that on one hand, I want to get closer to the friends despite my ego, since we discover the spiritual world only in the connection among us (the yellow part in the drawing).  And our ego (the black circles in the drawing) remains and grows even more.

The Art Of Working In The Middle Line
Sefirot and worlds appear among us, in which everything is revealed. The upper world is external to us, external to our ego and above it, above the connection between us. Therefore, the whole wisdom of Kabbalah is based on the principle of “love thy friend as thyself.” Why? Because when you work on it, exit yourself, and build a kind of a sensor in the external form, you begin to feel the whole filling upper force. You may call it the Creator or the upper force, whatever you wish.

This is our work, and it is fulfilled in the middle line.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 1

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Distance Doesn’t Matter

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is a group? Are these physical bodies or my inner attitude?

Answer: It is preferable that I see them as physical bodies. It is desirable that I perceive them in my five senses.

When we enter the next level, and are on a real conscious level of mutual connection, distance will be meaningless. This means that we will reach a level that physicists talk about as existing beyond time and space, where certain forces and worlds operate. And it is actually so! Scientists approach this barrier and admit: “Yes, it is possible that there is something beyond this barrier, but what? We don’t know. There the feeling disappears and it becomes impossible to study things.”

In our case, however, this doesn’t happen. If we enter the same area, distance and feeling don’t matter to us. I don’t need to see anyone, I feel a person’s shape, his bestowal, and how I am connected to him in mutual bestowal: He may be more and I may be less (it makes no difference), but we are already on a different level of connection between us.

Then distances don’t matter to me and I don’t feel whether it is a man or a woman, a grownup or a child; it doesn’t matter if we are connected this way. I feel the previous generations of Kabbalists who are in this system, who developed themselves and remain in it. I already have a different feeling, different glasses.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 1

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From Individual To General

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the point in the heart awakening in a person indicate the dead end of material development?

Answer: I wouldn’t say that it’s the dead end of material development, although a person may, in all he does, whatever he may be doing today, feel that he’s reached a dead end in all spheres of action in our world.

In reality this isn’t a dead end of development, but a dead end of today’s paradigm. If we change it, then naturally we will begin to sense a totally different level of the universe. However in an egoistic, individual cognition, not in unity, in struggle with one another, we understand we can’t attain more, and can’t advance any further.

The next level of humanity’s development is global unity and creating a common body of attainment. This is why people can’t continue to develop individually. We observe this in all that is happening to us. We have reached a dead end not only in the sciences, but also in everything else. That is, we’ve reached a certain limit beyond which everything becomes a blur, as though it disappears. Our egoistic organs of perception, which are only directed toward reception, can’t receive any more. In order to expand, we must begin to connect them to each other.

Each one of us has a point in the heart, an aspiration toward a greater, or so-called “out of this world,” non-egoistic attainment, the desire to go from the individual to the general. If we begin to connect these points, to create a connection between us, then the connection of at least ten points gives the power sensor, which is able to perceive the next state: the upper world. This state is followed by further development, which takes place not in an individual but in a collective consciousness and perception. Therein lies the difference between our world and the next level. Only in this!

Hence, if today we’ve reached a dead end, it is only a dead end of our individual attainment of the world. By connecting the aspiration toward the upper world, we can create a new organ of perception for the next level.

This is why our current world is pushing us out of ourselves today; it is showing us that we must become integrated, interdependent, and united. This is why such interaction and great interdependence is being revealed in the world. Through all this, we are gradually being shown the next, gradually revealing the next level of our world.

Let’s hope that we can attain this level. Then we will have to teach this to everyone else. Right now we are at the beginning stages, at the approach to this next realm.
From the Virtual Lesson 12/2/12

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Spirituality And Warm-Heartedness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between spirituality and warm-heartedness? There are some warm people who are very pleasant and there are spiritual people who may be very unpleasant. What’s the difference between them?

Answer: We call warm-hearted people “good souls” in everyday life, nice people, who are ready to give quick support to others. This person understands you, is sympathetic and empathetic, feels compassion, helps you, etc.

A spiritual person is someone who is working hard on himself, “breaking his teeth,” fighting himself under great strain developing something that is totally different from a person in our world, bestowal, which doesn’t exist in our world. And this attribute develops by huge efforts, great intention, and immense concentration of exertion, attention, and constant work, and very strong self-control.

When a person reaches this state, he has a special attitude to others that doesn’t necessarily seem warm, kind, loving, or nice to us, because he thinks about how to turn us into spiritual people, meaning people who have a soul. This involves serious efforts by a person against himself, under pressure, with hard work. So the people are not necessarily pleasant or nice. Their mission forces them to relate to us, the small weak people, purposefully and in a goal oriented manner.

I experienced it myself. My teacher Rabash looked at me as clay from which he had to sculpt and he assessed the extent to which this clay would moan, but would allow itself to be molded. This is how I felt then. On the one hand, it is a great love, an inner participation and understanding, but actually, the external expressions are still very special. A person who can truly value them is a person who understands the goal before him, the attributes of the student and the work of the teacher.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 2

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