The Perfection Of Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens to the individuality of each one during the unity of the world group? Is there any importance to our attributes when the Creator separates us, connects us, or requires some kind of effort from us? Or do they not make any difference?

Answer: Imagine that once there was a body and it broke into small parts. How is it possible now, from all these parts, to create the same body?

Each one of us is responsible for a certain part of this general body that is called Adam HaRishon (the first human). I am a small part of his liver, and you are a small part of his lungs, and someone else is a small part of this heart, etc.

So how can we change our foundation? It is impossible!

Therefore each one needs to remain with one’s initial attributes. He retains his character with all his innate attributes. It’s all his. It is precisely thanks to this individuality that he expresses himself.

However, this entire wonderful picture is comprised specifically from opposites, from the differences of each one of us who is completely opposite from his friend. And so they all can connect themselves and in this connection to attain this compound, like a general body that will be perfect specifically thanks to each one complementing the other. Under no circumstances do they need to be identical.

Only one thing is needed from a person, that is to connect with others in bestowal to all of the others! By following this condition, each one realizes himself in an individual manner towards the others. And from this comes forth one, huge, integral Kli (vessel/desire) which is complete.
From a Virtual Lesson 11/11/12

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