In What Way Is The Ego Good?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In what way is the ego good and how is it possible to beneficially use it?

Answer: The ego is good because it’s the only energy that exists in us. It’s what pushes us forward, raises us. Throughout evolution, it has been constantly lifting us from the beastly level to the present level.

And today we are at a meeting point where we actually change. We begin to understand that the previous form of ego that we used has exhausted itself. We’re not able to work with it any further, thus it shows us the present crisis.

This is the crisis of the former ego, when we used it and it seemed to us that all was well, everything was normal, and it was possible to continue in this way until the end. But suddenly it was revealed that it had closed, had encompassed us into a single system, to complete interdependence.

And if we are completely dependent upon each other, how can we use our ego? Gradually we become like one family in which everyone is dependent on each other, and I need to use my ego, calculating my dependence on others. This means that in this way I need to use it differently, meaning already in an integral manner, according to the ego of others.

It turns out that we need to begin to use the general ego that is shared by us: to connect it together and rise above it so that our unity, connection, and support will be higher than our personal ego, that is, so that our ego becomes mutual, social, and collective.

This means that our group needs to have a shared goal, and we need to attain this mutual goal by each one pushing towards it with his personal ego. Then everyone will be ready for a mutual goal, a mutual connection, and in the end we’ll begin to measure our success to the extent of our connection. That is very important. Thus our ego isn’t annulled, but simply is utilized in such a way according to how it’s revealed today to humanity, meaning in an integral way.
From a Virtual Lesson 10/21/12

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