The Main Thing – To Strive For Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the correct way to act during the workshops?

Answer: One should act according to Rabash’s writings about the assembly of the group: A person has to lower himself to the group and imagine himself in the assembly of completely corrected people who may not seem so to him as I see them through my egoistic filter as uncorrected to the extent of my corruption.

I have to actively participate in the discussion even if I don’t have anything to say. They will understand and support me.

The main thing is to aspire that the soul will be one whole, to the center of the group, not forgetting that these “ten” in the world, along with all of us, are all united in a spiritual body seeking to reach the first similarity with the Light, the same property, mutual bestowal!

As soon as we reach this level, we sense the fulfillment from the Light, from mutual bestowal, and from connection—we are born as a spiritual object.

Good luck!

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