Luminous Garments Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanBetween the Creator and the created being, the Light and the vessel, desire to bestow and desire to receive pleasure, there is the law of equivalence of properties, form. Only if there is similarity between them can the created being feel the Creator, approach, and touch Him.

But what can be done if the creature is created as opposite to the Creator? Indeed, the matter of creation is the will to receive pleasure. But this desire can cover itself with “garments,” “intention,” it receives from Above and work with this matter “for the sake of bestowal.” Then, it will fit the Light precisely.

The desire to enjoy contains 613 individual desires within, and we must reform all of them so that instead of a simple desire to receive pleasure we would prefer to enjoy only bestowal, as does the Creator, the Light. Such transformation of every desire, adding the garment “to bestow” to it, is regarded as carrying out a Mitzva (commandment). That is, reforming 613 desires, we perform 613 Mitzvot.

It is possible to correct desire solely by the force of the Light that created it. If we yearn for bestowal, we are brought to a Kabbalistic group where we can actualize it. And there, we discover that we are unable to bestow and are totally against unification. That is, we are shown our true substance: the desire to receive pleasure.

In this case, by studying together we can find the Light that Reforms called the “inner Light of the Torah.” The external part of the Torah is the original Kabbalistic texts where this Light is revealed. And thanks to my desire to be reformed, while reading these texts together, we draw the Light to ourselves.

The Light reveals to us even greater evil so that we’ll have an even stronger desire to get rid of it, discover that we can’t do it on our own, and wish to unify with the Light. Thus we double our desire for the Light. First, we ask the Light to reform us to bestowal. And afterwards, we ask to use this bestowal to cling to the Light, to reach the embrace, adhesion, which was the initial purpose of creation.

A person who desires such correction is regarded as “Israel” from the words “straight to the Creator” (YasharEl). If he studies in the group and yearns to unite with the others, he receives a force from the Light that unifies and reforms them. This force is regarded as the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). It fills the space between them, and instead of hate, they start feeling unity and love, while within this unity they feel the Light itself, that is, experience the Creator.

Thus, the desire to enjoy acquires the “garments” of bestowal and discovers its Creator therein. In other words, we need to ensure that we get the “garments” for our soul! There are many such garments, the 125 rungs of our inner unification. One hundred twenty five times I need to uncover hate, followed by unity, followed by hate, followed by unity, thereby constantly increasing my receptivity.

Thereby we correct ourselves, receiving more “luminous” garments for the soul, up to the last correction. And the Light, which gets dressed in us, also becomes more exalted and brighter in hue.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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