A Time Of Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanNow is a time of serious economic processes taking place. The crisis is rising up again in a new wave and this requires the world’s elite circles to make decisions they are not ready to make. That’s because everyone will have to make the shift to limited consumption.

The consumer society is over! The Earth does not have the resources to support unrestrained development. The golden billion cannot offer its way of life and its ideals to the other six billion. And by that it evokes intense hatred toward itself as well as the desire of others to rob it.

Nature does not have the energy reserves for us to keep increasing consumption and among other things, that means we gradually have to give up nuclear energy. We unwillingly have to start becoming a society of “intelligent” consumption, meaning consume to the degree of necessity, where necessity means “sufficient for existence” in the modern conditions.

The modern political and economic elite have justified and legitimized their power by promising people increasingly higher levels of consumption. This is exactly the reason why they cannot change the direction from ever increasing consumption to “intelligent consumption.”

Any decision said out loud will inevitably cause a drastic conflict in society and most importantly, distrust of the elite because in the any case society will understand that people’s income will no longer increase, that there are very difficult times ahead for us, and this will last a long time. Moreover, the consequences of this pressure in society are unpredictable….

A new ideology of development has to come forth, and it won’t be in the direction of consumption anymore. A new political elite has to be raised to suit the new ideology, and that elite will be able to change the system. Yet, the elite of the past won’t disappear. It will fight back. That is why it is necessary to provide a wide explanation of the objective laws that are being revealed to us, of nature’s limited resources, and the integral society. This will create wide ranging social support and a critical mass of interested people.

It is necessary to develop a wide social discussion about the objective need to replace the consumer society’s egoistic development with global, integral development that is in balance with nature, meaning one in which society consumes from nature to the degree that provide every person with the necessary and deserving existence. An intense the social discussion will enable a quick emergence of a large group of people who will gradually discern how to build society upon the new principles.

This will give rise to a new understanding of the methods to manage business and government, how to unite the ideological scheme with the governmental scheme, as well as to develop the concepts of the new governance and the ways of transitioning to it.

Closing comment: The “simplest” method of restricted consumption can be exemplified through a prohibition on advertising, which is “the engine of trade.” It is necessary to gradually prohibit advertising that compels people to buy an enormous amount of products that they don’t need at all, with the exception of the products that society determines to be necessary.

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