Uniting Or Becoming United?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: With what should I associate myself: The desire to unite everyone or to become united?

Answer: First of all, we associate ourselves with the desire to become united. Certainly! We go from the center to the periphery.

I have to tell myself that I am the center of the world, the center of the group. This is stated in the articles of Rabash. That is, the action is mine, but I do not know the actions of others. That is why I have to state that everything depends on me, and if I correct myself, by this I correct the whole world. And if I lead it in one direction or another, then it depends on me how it will change.

So first of all, it is my uniting all of them, and then my desiring to join them. That is, my goal is the functioning ego. We do not kill it, do not run away from it, but rise above it. By “rising” we mean that we control it. This is what a person has and nothing else.
From the Preparation to the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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Contact With The Information Field

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will the communication between people change in the integral society? Will they move on to some kind of deeply sensitive system of communication?

Answer: By their complementing each other, people will create such devices and mechanisms for measurement that they will feel the next level, the world, that in the meantime they don’t feel today since we aren’t connected to each other.

The thing is, despite the presence of the relative repulsion, there is no attraction between us which means there aren’t two forces which work to build the picture of this creation.

A person has to have a new sense organ called the “soul.” By uniting in integral groups, people find contact with their soul and then start communicating with each other on the level of the general soul—the unified information field to which they have to connect.

Therefore, there is the appearance of a large group of sensitive children because humanity is now more prepared to have contact with this information field.

Question: Can we expect some evolution on the level of biological bodies?

Answer: No. The biological body exists only within our feelings. To the extent that our feelings will begin to change into being higher, then the body will gradually lose its importance within our feelings until such a state that the whole world will begin to disappear like in a fog. Already physicists and psychologists are speaking about this. These are purely scientific statements.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/20/13

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Beyond Time And Space

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from JSpace): “Physicists have long known that quantum particles can influence each other regardless of how much distance is between them in a phenomenon Einstein mockingly called ‘spooky action at a distance.’ Now, scientists at Hebrew University’s Racah Institute of Physics have proven that this rule holds true for quantum particles that do not even exist at the same time.

“Einstein’s observation, called entanglement, describes the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics. Quantum particles of light, called photons, exist in a haze of uncertainty, and can be polarized horizontally, vertically, or, bafflingly, in both directions. However, the moment a particle is tested for polarization, the uncertainty collapses and the photon is polarized in only one direction.

“Entanglement occurs when there are two photons. Each can be polarized in one of the three directions, but entanglement links the polarization of these particles even when they are each undetermined. So when the first photon is measured as having collapsed into a vertical polarization, the second has simultaneously collapsed horizontally, no matter how far away it is.

“According to findings published in Physical Review Letters, Israeli scientists have entangled photons that don’t even exist at the same time. Eli Megidish, Hagai Eisenberg, and colleagues from Hebrew University used a scheme called entanglement swapping to prove that two photons that don’t even exist in the same moment can be entangled. The key was to use two pairs of entangled photons, and then to force a photon from each pair to become entangled with the other.

“This advance expands the reach of quantum theory’s implications. Additionally, the experiment could improve long-distance cryptography by allowing long-distance users to be linked by a quantum network.”

My Comment: We are getting closer to the border with the upper world that exists beyond time and space, but science will have to stop at its boundary because further a different mind will be required that the human being will be able to obtain only by changing his properties from egoism to altruism. In this case, he will be able to understand the actions of the upper world described in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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A Small Garden Can Feed Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Next Big Future): “The Pronutria process is radically more efficient than current agriculture and livestock cultivation, and produces pure nutrition up to 1,000 times more efficiently, with minimal environmental impact and maximal nutrition quality.

“Livestock alone occupy 45 percent of the world’s land surface area and contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than cars, planes, and all other forms of transportation combined. Even with the yield improvements offered by GMO crops, these 10,000-year-old technologies are simply too resource inefficient to meet the world’s growing demand for nutritious food. …

“The central breakthrough in Pronutria’s technology is the discovery that single photosynthetic cells can be optimized to allow for the continuous and ultra-efficient production of essential proteins, lipids, sugars, or vitamins, using only sunlight, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and either fresh or salt water as inputs. “

My Comment: The crisis is happening in countries where the population has enough food and in general do not starve! It is possible to solve all modern problems technologically, but they cannot be solved practically until we correct the human being so that he no longer seeks to suppress others, and on the contrary, yearns to support others as his children.

Before human egoistic nature (his property to suppress others) is changed, the crisis of human confrontation with nature (the property of love and bestowal) will only expand. This crisis, since it is general, will not let us solve any of our problems. For example, while there is general abundance in the world, half of humanity will die of starvation.

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Life And Death In The Eyes Of A Kabbalist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You and I are the same age. Today we see different flaws in the young generation that were taboo in our times, how can we find the power to love these people? Suppose a person behind the wheel runs over a boy before his mother’s eyes, can she love the killer afterward?

Answer: It isn’t about loving the killer. You are bringing an extreme example, but I will try to explain. The mother has to rise to the level where she sees what actually happens: That nothing in this world is done by people, but that everything is fulfilled by the system of cooperation between all the people and the one upper force that leads us towards the goal.

What does “her son” mean?  The boy that was killed is her son on the corporeal level, but on the next level, on the human level, it is part of a system that appears and disappears. When I discover the whole system, I don’t see any flaws in it; I see that everything is managed by only one force.

But in this case I am not on the same level the mother is, where we see, God forbid, how her son is killed. I feel all this differently. I am not the mother anymore, and he is not the child, we are all mutually connected and I already understand that both life and death are perceived in a totally different way. It is an endless change of states. What is the difference between feeling ourselves in our body and feeling ourselves outside the body? These are different levels of perception. We learn all this in the perception of reality.

So there is no answer to your question as you ask it. It is impossible to explain to a mother who is on the corporeal level of her development what has happened to her son. But a person who attains spirituality certainly perceives everything differently.

I also saw it with my teacher. Several months after I came to study with him, the mother of one of his students passed away. According to Jewish custom the relatives of the deceased sit Shiva at home and mourn. I came to express my condolences and what do you think I saw there? They were having small talk as if nothing had happened. I was shocked. It really affected me at the time.

This means that I began to realize that people see life and death in a totally different manner; it isn’t a tragedy for them, not the loss of life. When you begin to feel the whole network of forces, you see that nothing disappears, and no one goes anywhere, but simply disappears from your perception and not more than that. But it is hard to explain that at the moment.  We have to advance towards revelation and then a person will discover the answer to all the questions by himself.
From the 1st Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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We Have To Feel Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have a very friendly, close-knit virtual group. We would like them to be present at the convention. What is the best way to do this virtually?

Answer: From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, in the universe there is nothing but the desire to receive and the Light that affects this desire. The Light, acting on the desire, causes in it a fourfold development that begins to be manifested in the four stages of the worlds: Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya.

However, in order to be independent of this Light, it is necessary to get out from under its power. That is why the desire that was broken on the last level falls to a state where it feels no connection with the Light. This state is called “our world.” That is, our world is the desire degraded to the point where it feels only itself, out of touch with who governs it, who affects it. This is the state that we call our world, this world.

Actually, there is no difference between our world and the spiritual world. It is only if you are on any of the 125 degrees of the spiritual world that the connection between two forces is manifested there more obviously, in desire. The desire feels who affects it and why, how, and what for. It is in dialog with the Creator. In other words, the force of reception (the force of desire) and the force of bestowal (the force of the Creator/Light) are in the desire itself in the clear form.

However, on our level (the last level), it is not clear because disconnection took place. That is why our world is built of the three kinds of desire: still, vegetative, and animate. However, the human level does not exist in it because it belongs to the next spiritual levels, to the 125 degrees.

Our world is very important because in beginning to attain the upper world I must be absolutely independent, not under its power. “Independent” means cut off, detached from it, not familiar with, ignorant. If I exist in this way, I can carry out my own completely separate actions, not under the influence of the upper Light, but because “I have decided myself.”

That is why our world is the most important. After all, any Kabbalist, no matter on what degree of attainment of the upper world he is, must perform his further advancement while being in the body—that is, in sensation of the lowest egoistic degree—and ascend from it.

Suppose that I am on the 20th spiritual degree. In order to rise to the 21st, I need to lose the 20th degree completely and become like everyone else in this world, feeling only it and rising to the next degree from it, and during the transition to the 22nd degree, I have to fall again to the very end, to this world, and again begin my ascent from it.

It is impossible to attain a single spiritual degree and the transition between them if you are not in the feeling of this so-called, our world. People think, “Now, I disconnect from this world and will not care. I will fly there and advance further. Why do I need physical contact with the friends?” They are absolutely wrong in this. We will need this communication. We will not escape it!

How much attention have the Kabbalists given to the description of the order of the group: How it should interact, meet, and what to talk about. It is said that the only opportunity to rise to the upper world is if the group conveys to you the power, the importance of the goal, the importance of unity, and the importance of annulling oneself before the group.

When you are constantly in the group, you are active and can control yourself, not theoretically through the Internet behind which you can always hide, but practically when you can look your friends in the eyes or look away, or can hug or reject him. You cannot do this virtually. It is impossible without this. If you mean the method of Kabbalah, you must feel each other.

What can we do in a region where villages are 500 or 1000 kilometers apart, not to mention big cities? You need contact with each other physically at least occasionally.

I flew here because it is very important to bring this region together, so that you could meet once or twice a year even in small groups of 30 to 50 people. After all, people who have this opportunity but do not use it lose a lot.
From the 1st Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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Outsmarting The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the commandment, “Do not take G-d’s name in vain” symbolizes that it is forbidden to take advantage of the Creator for our egoistic goals, then it turns out that all the religious madness for the sake of the Creator that has taken place during our historical development only distances humanity from Him?

Answer: Yes, but that distance is necessary in order to bring humanity to a dead end and from the recognition of evil to come to the recognition of good. Otherwise, we don’t learn. The only thing we can do in advance is to cognitively see the “dead end” as if we are already stuck and understand that we need to change the direction.

I find strength within me, even without coming to a dead end, to change the movement, even though it is against my will, against my desires. Thus, the recognition of the state that is created is essential as if I am really in a dead end; otherwise, I won’t have the strength to change the direction.

For this, one needs to use the environment instead of the Creator. The Creator won’t be revealed because we are still egoistic. But when I am stuck in a dead end with all of my ego, then there I begin to feel it. If the suffering hasn’t yet brought me to a dead end but I already want from afar to see Him and correct myself, then I have the possibility to determine all of that and to change within the group.

That is called, “my sons have defeated me,” that is, we outsmarted Him. They used the properties of nature around them in order to create such a form of mutual cooperation that helped them to determine the true spirituality in the connection between them. This means that we build between us a model which shows us according to an analog form, the spiritual categories which we have no connection to. In this way we can, without yet being at the spiritual level, correctly change our direction, to measure it, and operate within our society.

This is what was given to us. Otherwise, we would never be allowed to enter the spiritual level until we reach equivalence of form, its attributes. We are not able to do this if we remain as we are. “To enter” means to change ourselves according to it. But how do we change ourselves if we don’t know what it is in itself? Thus, in our world we need to build such a model to match it and then we will be similar to that spiritual level.
From KabTV’s “The Secret of the Eternal Book” 5/25/13

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New Terminology For What’s Important

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should understand that there is no difference between the wisdom of Kabbalah and integral education. It is simply the same idea conveyed in different words. According to the articles of Baal HaSulam, the method is based on the recognition of the importance of the goal, on exiting one’s ego, on ascending above ourselves, on the unity in which we discover the Creator, the upper force, the integral force of nature. All the conditions we speak and read about are true and can also be implemented in integral education. But there we don’t use terms like “Creator,” “created being,” “Surrounding Light,” “Sefirot,” “Partzufim,” etc.

On the whole we describe the same conditions and the same processes using ordinary language. We say that the force of integral unity gradually appears in the unity and the adhesion between us, or as we say today “the wisdom of the crowd.” This is the Creator, this is the Light. It doesn’t happen all at once, but gradually until we reach the real level, but on the whole it is the same thing.

Actually, when we use the terminology of integral education, you begin to understand the Kabbalistic terms better, their inner meaning. After all, we are used to certain words—but what is concealed behind them? What is their charge? What is the message? We don’t exactly feel that.

So when we approach integral education, we begin to actually feel what the Kabbalistic method is, how it unites people and summons in them, in the section between them, the revelation of the network of forces of the mutual altruistic connections. It is there that the next level of nature will be revealed, the true human level, or that of the Creator.

So we are not escaping the wisdom of Kabbalah but simply expressing it in different words. By the way, a similar method was also used in the first steps of this science. We already know that there are four languages for describing the spiritual integral upper state:

  •  The language of the Torah, which is the simplest language, by which everything seems to be described as a “historical” story
  •  The language of the Midrash
  •  The language of the Haggadah
  •  The language of Kabbalah

The language of Kabbalah is the most accurate; it is a technical language that uses only accurate terminology: opposite forces, that operate mutually by repulsion and attraction, getting closer and further away. In fact it is the clarification of vectors just like in mathematics: The cooperation of two opposite forces by the connection that they attain between them. This connection is called the Masach (screen).

So the whole system is very simple. The force of bestowal is presented as descending from the top down, and if the force of receiving can change itself and work with the Masach, then it becomes similar and equal to the force of bestowal. They connect, and on top of the connection between them, there is a feeling of the upper state.

We are the force of the desire. Nothing was created but a desire. There is the Light, the force of bestowal, and there is a desire, the force of receiving. We can make our force of desire resemble the force of bestowal. Then these two forces will not contradict one another but will mutually connect, and in this connection we will discover ourselves in the state of the upper force.

Thus the revelation of the Creator, the revelation of the upper force, takes place inside us. We actually become the Creator. So the Creator is called Bo-re (come and see), which means that you discover Him inside you. You change your personal attributes and then these corrected attributes become the revelation of the Creator inside you.

Of course, it is a different lexicon, but everything else is exactly the same, nothing new was invented and there is nothing else here. It is the same science that is expressed not only in these four languages but in an updated manner, by using the terminology of the modern social system.
From the 1st Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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Convention In Krasnoyarsk Day Three – 06.16.13

Convention in Krasnoyarsk, “There Is None Else Besides Him,” Day Three, Lesson 5

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Convention in Krasnoyarsk, “There Is None Else Besides Him,” Day Three, Lesson 6

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