Spirit Which Transcends The Body

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the next stage of development of humanity, it will be more sensitive. There are a number of trends that confirm this. First, the children of today are much more sensitive to receiving information. Second, we see that today on television there are dozens of entertainment programs on which psychics and many other people with more subtle sensitivities appear with a clarity that is unknown to us.

One gets the impression that humanity is changing internally if not externally then at the level of the organization of the biological body or its method of processing information. Does some kind of law exist here?

Answer: All of these problems began to appear hundreds of thousands of years ago at the time of transition from the ape to the human. We came down from the trees, gradually stopped hunting, began to be involved with farming, passed through a system of slavery, started to establish cities and civilizations, to print money, invent writing, and so forth. All this helped in human development.

So, in our day, a need is appearing in humanity to feel the guiding power that will give us the possibility of discovering why we are living, the ability to feel its purpose, and to attain this while we are still alive in this world and not just in the next world as religion would tell us. We need to attain the next higher state, regardless of whether the body lives or dies. While being in the physical body, it is as if we are actually found outside of it, next to it, only identifying ourselves with the body.

With the help of the special lessons of integral learning that help a person to develop connections—how “to go outside of oneself,” to feel the other, to live within him, to love him, to be integrated with him—with this, a person develops the technology for psychological emergence from himself.

In addition, when he begins to realize this, he sees that he is not a body but rather a spirit, desire and intellect, which doesn’t exist within a body. The body is merely their temporary carrier, but this carrier can convey all its information wherever it wants, from one bearer to another, from one computer to another computer.

When a person begins to understand that he can “transfer himself,” then a sensation of freedom appears in him. So, from this, he can solve completely different problems.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/20/13

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