The End Of Family!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from OxygenLiveOutLoud): ”Oxygen Media released initial findings of a study conducted by uSamp, providing insights into motherhood and adoption, revealing that a whopping 87 percent of Americans believe the definition of a traditional family has evolved and 55 percent say there is no longer traditional family. …

“The study reveals American’s are becoming increasingly more acceptable of societal changes in how traditional family is defined and judged, along with the changing roles men and women take on in this new family dynamic. When looking at the idea of motherhood, more people define a ‘mother’ as the woman who raised you (82 percent) compared to the woman who gave birth to you (53 percent). …

“More people believe same-sex couples can be great parents (79 percent), women are taking on traditionally male roles today (88 percent), men take on traditionally female roles (76 percent), and even a single father can act as a mom (78 percent). …

“Most Americans admit that the definition of a traditional family has changed over the past few years.”

My Comment: All this is a product of the last stage of the development of egoism in the human being and society as a whole. The destruction of the family ends the entire first stage, the egoistic stage of human development. The next is its transition to the following stage, to the altruistic one, in which society will be similar to the entire united integral nature, will be one whole with nature, and not a cancerous tumor as it is today.

It depends on us by what force we will advance: Consciously, voluntarily, learning how to become united, or “forced into happiness” through suffering. The method of integral education is offered to humanity to learn the good path.

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