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First And Foremost!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should know that everything depends only on our preparation. All the states are already prepared in advance and are registered for every day during the 6,000 years. The timetable of 6,000 years is called the “the press of evolution,” which pressures us and pushes us forward thus forcing us to perform all the actions that were prepared “in its time.”

But all our work is to move from the natural path of our evolution (“in its time”) to the path of the Light, of hastening time (“I shall hasten it”). By that we don’t follow the calendar by advancing from one day to the next automatically, but we advance only according to our preparation.

“I shall hasten it” is cleared only by our preparation and not in the state itself. We can say to what degree we are in the state of “I shall hasten it,” which means to what extent we are working in spirituality, according to the efforts that we make in order to attain a new state.

The spiritual work is done according to the action that comes from Above. It is very important to emphasize that everything is measured by the preparation that precedes the action: what we did, how much we did, what efforts we made, how we climbed up the King’s mountain, and what we did for Him, for the group, for the friends. All this comes first and foremost!

Thanks to our preparation we reach the desirable state, which we didn’t really understand. We simply determined that we want to reach it and it didn’t even matter that we couldn’t imagine it. It is because you cannot know what a certain state is before you reach it.

Therefore the preparation is so important and we need to do everything that we can. And what you have to do will become clear in the process: what exertion you have to make and how to fill your measure. A moment before that we don’t even know that it is about to happen.

Only at the end when we complete all the work we have to do, does a special action called “Rav pealim mekabtziel” arrive, which is like the end of correction, but with regard to the current vessels that we have prepared. This action connects all our small actions into one big account (as it says: “many pennies add up to a large account”) and then the next level is revealed. It is a small personal level of our correction, but it is the same process as in the general end of correction.
From the Talk About the Preparations for the Congress of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/13

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The Convention In St. Petersburg: A Jump Begins With A Running Start

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreparation is the key to success!

  • From this moment, I have to imagine the convention in its ideal form. What do I need to do this? Gathering of friends—what should they be? Emotional experiences—what kind and by what external means can we achieve them? Lectures—on what topic? Perhaps, I will recommend my own. What questions do I prepare; what would I like to ask after the lectures and workshops? How do I connect with everyone? How am I getting ready to perceive everyone? As a guest? As a host? As a friend? As a student? As a teacher? As a servant? Who am I in relation to everyone? And how should I behave in each state of this spectrum?
  • I am working on what is the most difficult for me. For example, if I do not like to dance with everyone all together, then I prepare myself to participate in this in advance, sparing no efforts and pressuring myself with all my strength.
  • I will try to stay in the correct intention constantly, to hold myself in it all the time because everyone depends on my intention. It is true that I transfer the Light through my thin “pipe” to them and thus I have to stay “online” constantly. I need to talk to my group of ten: everyone supports everyone else, so that none of use loses this “pipe.” We share it, and we want to turn it into a wide channel of communication for the entire convention.
  • I am concerned that no one is disconnected from the right intention—concerned to the point of inner trembling, in fear and anxiety. When something happens to the baby, it is a disaster for us, the “end of the world.” Now, I worry even more. The problem is that this fear is not in our hands; we cannot feel it well; we are not sensitive to the detachment from intention. So, I should be literally in a fever, shaking with fear for everyone so that they do not lose the intention. Success depends on this.
  • No matter what the friends do, no matter what they say, what songs they sing, I want everything to turn out for them as it should. I constantly worry and care about them as the mother of a baby who started doing something. I look at him with anxiety—if only he will succeed. It is said about this, “a concern in one’s heart, let him tell it to others.” My concern is transmitted to all.
  • I try to come as early as possible in the morning to prepare everything, to speed up everything, and to start uniting with the friends, to sit and sing together even there are only fifty people, but we are already starting to fill the “space” of the conventions with our feeling.
  • Each time, on the way to the convention and back, I try to make sure that none of my friends lose the mood, the intensity.
  • The gathering of friends must be moving, emotional, as much as possible to prepare us for the lectures, talks, or workshops that will follow them. This is very important. All the speeches and songs should have a clear program and in the right proportion. The gatherings may not be long, but should be heart-felt. Without this preparation, a person will not be able to be included in the overall atmosphere, to the “air” of the convention, which should be breathed in, lived. The main thing is to affect and touch everyone. We need to think seriously how to achieve this.
  • We need to find a mutual feeling, a mutual heart—obtained with the help of mind. We are rationally working on the feeling to become united.


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Cleaning The Pipes For The Surrounding Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe time allotted for the correction is 6,000 years, but it refers to the corporeal timetable. This means that in 6,000 years we have to complete the correction, or we can complete it much earlier, by the right preparation on our part. This is called “I shall hasten it” (hastening time), instead of “in its time” (during the natural process of evolution) by the path of sufferings.

So if we want to reach new states, we have to draw the Light that Reforms and we have to check by what corporeal actions we draw the Light that will prepare us properly. In the meantime our actions are corporeal, which means in order to receive. But although our intention is egoistic, in order to receive, we can draw the Light of correction and so it is called the Surrounding Light.

If our preparation is correct, the Light influences us and awakens us according to our efforts. Our efforts are in acting before the friends and showing how important the goal is for us, and how each of us is ready, yearning, and burning for it. Even if a person doesn’t feel such enthusiasm he has to act that way and show much greater enthusiasm externally than he actually feels.

A person who doesn’t do that actually sins and thus destroys himself. He is thrown out and the Surrounding Light doesn’t take care of him. The Surrounding Light illuminates and operates according to the connection between people. A person who doesn’t spur others as much as he can according to the conditions he has received from Above draws himself away from the Surrounding Light.

The Surrounding Light is in constant motion and calculates things automatically: To what extent do I use the means I was given, accordingly I draw the Light closer to me or away from me. If I open myself to others and try to spur them, I become a kind of a pipe through which the Surrounding Light can influence them.

So we begin by simple, totally mechanical actions that have nothing to do with spirituality. But thanks to them, the Surrounding Light begins to illuminate more strongly through me, and thus I awaken myself and others. This is how it works. Accordingly we prepare ourselves by trying to connect, and then in this connection we are rewarded with a greater and more powerful illumination and also with a greater revelation.

This means that everything depends on the preparation of our vessels and we should start from corporeal actions that are far from spirituality, which everyone can do, even the youngest undeveloped person. It makes no difference if he doesn’t really understand what is going on and finds it hard to focus on the intention since his unique power that depends on his effort is taken into account.

Kids who run around and make great efforts grow fast! Then a person begins to feel lazy and has different egoistic accounts. He stops running around and prefers to rest, and so he stops developing. When we reach the state in which we don’t need to develop physically but rather spiritually, we begin to slow down the pace of our changes until we totally stop developing and are thus inclined to die.
From the Talk About the Preparations for the Congress of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/13

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Sabbath Is A Kind Of Next World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #190, “Every Action Leaves an Imprint”:  And certainly, tasting from the next world requires great preparations during the six days of action. To the extent that one has prepared, so is one’s sensation.

But without any proper preparation to extend the spiritual taste of Shabbat, it is to the contrary: He grows worse due to the corporeal pleasures. This is so because after corporeal meals one is only drawn to sleep, and nothing more, since after eating comes sleep. Thus, his eating brought him lower.

Sabbath is a special state; it is a kind of a next world, a special day which is a corporeal sign of the spiritual end of correction, which we will reach in the future, called “Sabbath.” It is a spiritual state and not a specific day on the calendar that is printed on paper or that appears on the computer.

We yearn for this special state called the Sabbath and this day comes when we arrive at the state that we want to arrive at. The corporeal states arrive regardless of our desire in the time that they are meant to, which is called the natural process of evolution, “in its time.” But the spiritual states come only according to our inner preparation. If we make the necessary inner preparations then we are incorporated in a state called a new “day.”

So a “day” has nothing to do with the calendar but rather depends on our preparation. If I complete the preparation, I am incorporated in that “day,” and if I don’t, then an endless number of corporeal days can go by, but the spiritual day doesn’t arrive and so a new state doesn’t begin.

The spiritual state totally depends on the preparation, but the preparation is by corporeal actions. It means that I have to do everything that is in my power, as it says “everything that is in your power, that do,” and “he who doesn’t work on the eve of the Sabbath, what will he eat on the Sabbath?” So everything is determined by our preparation.
From the Talk About the Preparations for the Congress 6/26/13

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Don’t Listen To The Ego’s Whining

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have not felt happy about being on the spiritual path for a long time, what am I doing wrong?

Answer: Your ego is poisoning you and erasing the joy. Apparently your environment is not strong enough and so it cannot impress you. You must have the right environment that will enable you to work above the whining.

We will constantly hear the whining inside our ego. All our dark evil forces are there and they constantly try to draw all our energy for their own benefit. It is actually our inner hell. We, however, have to face them by building our Heaven above them: the attribute of connection, of bestowal, whole and complete love, the feeling that I am like a baby in the arms of the society. I give them everything that I have and in response I receive total support.

Then I feel joy since I discover that everyone worries about me. I have nothing to worry about since I am in a world that is absolutely good. Everything is wonderful and cannot be any other way if we have such relations with our environment.

Although all this is built on top of the dark forces that remain inside me and want to separate us, and I actually feel these evil forces in my stomach; it is clear that they are devotedly doing their job since they are the Creator’s messengers. After having given all of myself to the environment, I am absolutely sure that I can be above these evil forces. I only want to annul myself and to dissolve among the friends, and this is my only hope, sense of security, and joy.

I have no other option, no other way. I throw myself into them like into a pool and am among them ready to give them everything, as long as I receive the light of security. This light provides security since the upper Light is in it. This is what we should do!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/20/13, Shamati #58

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Where Can You Find Guarantee For Eternal Love?

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “The Generality of Man”: “Now let’s talk about the love of the Creator. First a person has to know that love is acquired by actions, by giving his friend presents, so each present that he gives his friend is like an arrow and a ball, which makes a hole in his friend’s heart. Even if his friend’s heart is like stone, still every ball makes a hole in it, and the many holes create a space in it. Then the love of the giver of the presents enters that space.

The warmth and love attract the friend’s sparks of love and then an attire of love is woven by the two loves that covers the two. This means that one love revolves and surrounds the two of them and they become one man, since the attire that they are both covered by is one attire. Thus they are both nullified.”

If two people feel mutual love then they mutually complement one another. Each of them is incorporated in the other and then a third party appears between them, the Creator, who testifies for their love and sustains it.

One sided love cannot be sustained for a long time. It takes two who feel some mutual love connection, even if it is in different levels of intensity. If one of them is greater than the other, he descends to the level of the second since it is much more difficult to ascend than to descend. So he creates a special spiritual Partzuf for himself which is his expression on a lower level and by that helps his smaller friend fulfill their mutual love. Thus he helps his friend rise higher each time.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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