Cleaning The Pipes For The Surrounding Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe time allotted for the correction is 6,000 years, but it refers to the corporeal timetable. This means that in 6,000 years we have to complete the correction, or we can complete it much earlier, by the right preparation on our part. This is called “I shall hasten it” (hastening time), instead of “in its time” (during the natural process of evolution) by the path of sufferings.

So if we want to reach new states, we have to draw the Light that Reforms and we have to check by what corporeal actions we draw the Light that will prepare us properly. In the meantime our actions are corporeal, which means in order to receive. But although our intention is egoistic, in order to receive, we can draw the Light of correction and so it is called the Surrounding Light.

If our preparation is correct, the Light influences us and awakens us according to our efforts. Our efforts are in acting before the friends and showing how important the goal is for us, and how each of us is ready, yearning, and burning for it. Even if a person doesn’t feel such enthusiasm he has to act that way and show much greater enthusiasm externally than he actually feels.

A person who doesn’t do that actually sins and thus destroys himself. He is thrown out and the Surrounding Light doesn’t take care of him. The Surrounding Light illuminates and operates according to the connection between people. A person who doesn’t spur others as much as he can according to the conditions he has received from Above draws himself away from the Surrounding Light.

The Surrounding Light is in constant motion and calculates things automatically: To what extent do I use the means I was given, accordingly I draw the Light closer to me or away from me. If I open myself to others and try to spur them, I become a kind of a pipe through which the Surrounding Light can influence them.

So we begin by simple, totally mechanical actions that have nothing to do with spirituality. But thanks to them, the Surrounding Light begins to illuminate more strongly through me, and thus I awaken myself and others. This is how it works. Accordingly we prepare ourselves by trying to connect, and then in this connection we are rewarded with a greater and more powerful illumination and also with a greater revelation.

This means that everything depends on the preparation of our vessels and we should start from corporeal actions that are far from spirituality, which everyone can do, even the youngest undeveloped person. It makes no difference if he doesn’t really understand what is going on and finds it hard to focus on the intention since his unique power that depends on his effort is taken into account.

Kids who run around and make great efforts grow fast! Then a person begins to feel lazy and has different egoistic accounts. He stops running around and prefers to rest, and so he stops developing. When we reach the state in which we don’t need to develop physically but rather spiritually, we begin to slow down the pace of our changes until we totally stop developing and are thus inclined to die.
From the Talk About the Preparations for the Congress of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/13

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