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There Is No Need In Creating New Jobs

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from CNN): “The ‘failed’ policies of austerity must be rejected and focus instead turn to job creation, international union representatives said during a meeting of global leaders in Paris Tuesday.

“Members of the International Trade Union Confederation, speaking at the Organisation for Economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) Forum, said the world needed to shift its focus as harsh austerity measures had been unable to pull troubled nations such as those in the eurozone out of recession.

“Richard Trumka, of the AFL-CIO union in the U.S., said austerity had ‘totally and utterly failed,’ destroying millions of jobs, driving economies into recession and choking recovery.

“It had created a ‘lost generation’ of youth that economies and societies could not afford, he added.

“Burrow called for a 1 trillion euro investment into infrastructure as a way to create jobs and combat the financial crisis.

“Polling conducted by the unions and presented at the conference showed seven countries — Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, UK and the U.S. – supported, by a huge majority, investments in education, research and new technologies.”

My Comment: No activities will help reduce unemployment. There is no need in factories that are being shut down now and in millions of similar businesses that will be closed in the near future. It is necessary to direct people into a different area of occupation: correction of our nature from egoism to correct mutual connection through the method of integral upbringing. This will create millions of jobs, will engage all layers of society, and will create a good atmosphere.

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The Collapse Of The EU Is Only A Matter Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Bernd Lucke, founder and leader of the Alternative for Germany): “’My reaction is that the euro splits Europe,’ he said. ‘It is actually dividing the European nations as it involves a heavy economic burden on those countries.’

“’The euro is not a currency under which the European project can prosper,’ he said. ‘There is a division of Europe now and this is going to become bigger in the future…’

“’There are parts of the German media that try to communicate this idea that we are a Right-wing populist organisation, but we argue against that because I think we have serious and realistic goals. Not populist goals. We are dissatisfied voters of all major German parties who long for the dissolution of the euro.’”

My Comment: The collapse will be even more terrible than the fall of the Soviet Union!

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A School For Unique People

A School For Unique PeopleRabash, “The Need For the Love of Friends”: Therefore, one must cling to the society…There is a special power in the adhesion of friends. Since views and thoughts pass from one to the other through the adhesion between them, each is mingled with the power of the other, and by that each person in the group has the power of the entire group.

In corporeal life a person is unconsciously drawn to society since his evil inclination pushes him to look for greater success and profit, and the greatest success for him is to establish himself in the eyes of others. Therefore, a person constantly examines what those around him consider good or bad and what is important for them. Accordingly, he establishes the parameters and determines his attitude to everything that happens. He is not even aware of that, but his opinion is totally based on what society appreciates, and without this a person would remain an animal.

The method of Kabbalah also raises a person from the animate to the human level but in a different manner. A person has to forcefully exert himself, in order to adhere to the right society; he has to know what it is exactly that he wants to buy from it. It’s only possible to acquire the values of society if one submits himself before it. Besides, he also needs to rise above the friends in order to bestow upon them the greatness of the goal and to uplift their spirits.

In these two ways of treating others, from below and from above, a person acquires the powers that he lacks. The powers that come to him are not egoistic, his ego isn’t increased like in this world where thanks to the influence of society a person receives an egoistic force that is ten times greater than his single egoistic force. Here he concedes and annuls himself, wanting to establish good relations and to convey joy and the greatness of the goal so that everyone, including himself, will submit themselves with regard to it and accept it by “faith above reason” no matter what. By that he doesn’t receive only a greater force than he had before, but a totally different force, the force of bestowal.

Thanks to his efforts, he receives the force of bestowal from the upper Light. If there is a group of ten (Minyan), then through it each one receives the force of bestowal from the source of bestowal above. Thus, a person acquires a force that is ten times greater, and is even corrected, with which he can advance.

This is the first phase of the spiritual path, and a person must constantly examine himself as to whether he really submits himself before the group. Perhaps it’s the ego speaking from inside him, thus confusing him in different ways. He should try to outwit this cunning snake that prevents him from being incorporated in the group.

This first level is the most difficult, and the sages say that “a thousand enter a room but only one comes out to the Light.” We have to take into account that our “school” is meant for unique individuals. The test is only in a group of ten. If we don’t look at the whole world, at yourself, and at the friends through the group of ten, you are always wrong.

A person can be part of a group, of some committee, or of some department, but if he doesn’t work in a group of ten, he cannot see anything but his ego.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/13

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Very Helpful Imaginary Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Yesterday, you spoke about Abraham who discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah by introspection. What is that?

Answer: All of reality is in a person. What is more, reality doesn’t actually exist, there is a picture of it that I develop inside me. It is felt in the vessels, in my desires, by a certain sensor, by inner frames of a photographic film that reflect the reactions to the upper Light that depict my lack of equivalence of form with it.

A “flashlight” of the simple white Light is directed at me, but I am made of 613 different desires, different attributes that form a colorful, three dimensional picture of the world filled with sounds, scents and things I can touch on the background of the white Light. In other words, I actually “draw” or design the world in which I live.

However, according to my perception of reality, everything depends on my attributes and not on anyone else. It turns out that, if I change, the world will change. This is what we can do by introspection when I understand that I can change the world by the changes I make in me.

So, how can I change? I cannot do that by myself. I only have an unpleasant feeling in the current reality, and I cannot pull myself up by the hair out of the swamp. After all, even the thoughts about a change are part of this swamp.

This is exactly where the force of the shattering helps me. In my fictitious reality, there are people around me who tell me, “You know, we also think about that.” I see that the other parts of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature are managed by one general mechanism, but my imagination draws people who have the exact same vector as I do, and this enables me to practice and to exercise. Now, I can see myself from the side. I can work with them just as I work with myself, like with an external reflection of myself.

When I work with them, I discover that this game is very creative. The relationship with the images of the friends helps me advance by acquiring a new perception, a new feeling. They don’t develop my old attributes and don’t add to the previous mind and previous feelings, but rather develop new qualitative attributes in me, attributes that I didn’t have before.

For example, a multi-dimensional perception or rising above the concept of time: Before, I could see the past, present, and the future, and now I stop feeling time. The external movements disappear and I perceive everything internally and connect it with the inner movements. I change, and as a result I feel changes on the background of the white Light.

If I work with the images of the friends that I see this way, I understand that it is true that they are depicted by my imagination, but the right attitude toward them allows me to acquire a special means for inner changes. Through the mutual efforts with these images, I attribute a certain independence to them—to the extent that I want to be independent. Eventually, when I play with them this way, I acquire the perception that takes me out of the current picture that is drawn on the screen of my consciousness to a new reality.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Why Does A Businessman Need Money?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I met with a group of the representatives of medium and large businesses who read your blog. They became interested in the integral methodology and began to show this literature to their employees. The result was a radical change in people’s life values.

They really begin to appreciate life, nature, and health more. However, at the same time, their motivation not only to make money, but even to work at all, disappeared. For example, an accountant quit his job and began drawing, and a businessman could not find the motivation to do business, so his company went down. What could be their motivation that they are driven to move on?

Answer: The problem is that you need to be involved in integral education, rather than self-learning. This is wrong because on one hand, they seem to be convinced that there is nothing in their relationships and activities today that could be worth giving strength and attention, but at the same time, they do not see another goal before them. That is why it is necessary to restructure the entire system and not just to exclude oneself from it as an active element. This is incorrect.

All the books on the subject of integral education are intended to acquaint oneself with it, and then there must be a specialist constantly tied to the groups of people. It is impossible otherwise.

In the integral system there is motivation to improve productivity, to ensure that people in the company think about how they work, how to save, make more economically, and how to relate to each other better. Here, to the contrary, a person leaves somewhere, loses any motivation and the desire to work. This is the wrong use of the method.

Question: Can the entrepreneurs who have completed the school of integral education retain the desire to earn money, and for what purpose?

Answer: It is to correct the world, to match it with the new system. Give me billions, and I will know what to do with it. They need to expand dissemination, to go further into the world! Then, their eyes will light up.

That is, the purpose of business is to further dissemination, to reveal the inner integral system because you disclose nature to all of humanity. You are the most important one here. You feel how you do this every day and all the rest find themselves in the system that you present to them. You feel like a god!

You can invest not only in dissemination but also in competition only on the new basis of building an enterprise where people will work according to this new system. It will be more efficient in terms of labor productivity.

Observe how much productivity will increase if people would desire to work, receive, earn, and simultaneously evolve, and further develop the integral system. For them, work will not be just a way of making a living but a means of expansion, a sensation of ascent.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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Helping The Wounded In The Battle Against The Evil Inclination

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do when I see that a friend is harming the group? Is it an indication of my lack of correction or that he is really harming the group?

Answer: If a friend was very dedicated before and suddenly changes, we have to help him. Of course, we mustn’t throw him out now since he is wounded by his evil inclination. We have to take care of him and to lift him. We can take him to a bar and have a beer together, go for a walk, or have a social gathering with some friends. We can ask him to do some kind of work that no one but him can do, and so we have to turn to him and really ask for his help. This means that we should try to get close to him in different ways, to evoke him and to warm him up. It’s very helpful to turn to his family for help.

We should try to do whatever we can, even if he speaks against the group. We should understand that this may be a temporary state of mind and should treat it patiently and wait until we see that there is no choice and only then break off from him, although it’s always a great problem if it’s an old friend who has been in the group for years. We should always rely on the group’s opinion and not on a personal opinion since you can never count on yourself when it comes to such matters.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/22/13, Writings of Rabash

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Inner Resetting

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that today the number of human actions in a certain period of time is accelerating. Apparently, this is due to the amount of information in which we find ourselves.

Answer: It depends on a person’s internal resetting, on whether he will be able to accept and transform himself according to a completely new paradigm, a new attitude towards himself and society, the environment and the world. If instead of trying to absorb everything in himself, for himself, a person readjusts himself in the opposite direction, then he will be able to find himself “outside himself,” in what surrounds him.

He will sense the present self only as a transmitting, faithful animal that exists only until he enters the next dimension—“outside himself.” And then, this animal (our physical body) disappears from our sensations. We are moving towards this.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/18/13

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Ego And The Sensation Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there some kind of dependence between a personal inner sensation of the speed of the flow of time and the person’s ego?

Answer: Certainly, the sensation of time is directly connected with all kinds of trends in the development of the ego of every person and every civilization. If we say that the world is different today, then we really mean that it’s changed in comparison to yesterday, but differently in its every part. We take this into account when speaking about some kind of global change, but not more than this.

It’s possible to learn how to regulate, to plan our time, but only if we take into account our natural inclinations and those limitations where we can at least make some kind of small change in our relationship to time.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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The Acceleration Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today most people think that in the subjective reality, time is beginning to advance much faster. In the past it seemed to them that time was stretched and smeared, so now the weeks go by so fast that people don’t pay attention to them. Why is this happening like this?

Answer: The life expectancy of the person who lived two or three hundred years ago was not more than 36 – 40 years on average. For them time flowed slowly, evenly, even though for them a lifetime was two times less than it is for us. In contrast, for us, there isn’t enough time for anything, time “runs” and suddenly we are old and then we die.

We feel time differently because the value of time is different. The number of activities that we can include in every moment in time has changed. Therefore time is also very saturated, dense.

This is not connected to fears, tension, or some kind of expectation that a person has; this is a much more complex problem. The more we develop, the more and more we become detached from the animal world.

An animal can live calmly. It has no concept of time: If it needs to lie down, it lies down, if it needs to hunt, it hunts, and so forth. That is, for the animal everything is determined, everything is according to the seasons of the year, everything has been considered. Nature shows it exactly what to do, and it has no problem with time. The animal is never late.

But the more that we have become humans in our development, the more we have problems with time. This is essentially because we want to renounce the concept of the “sensation of time.”
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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