The Collapse Of The EU Is Only A Matter Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Bernd Lucke, founder and leader of the Alternative for Germany): “’My reaction is that the euro splits Europe,’ he said. ‘It is actually dividing the European nations as it involves a heavy economic burden on those countries.’

“’The euro is not a currency under which the European project can prosper,’ he said. ‘There is a division of Europe now and this is going to become bigger in the future…’

“’There are parts of the German media that try to communicate this idea that we are a Right-wing populist organisation, but we argue against that because I think we have serious and realistic goals. Not populist goals. We are dissatisfied voters of all major German parties who long for the dissolution of the euro.’”

My Comment: The collapse will be even more terrible than the fall of the Soviet Union!

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