There Is No Need In Creating New Jobs

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from CNN): “The ‘failed’ policies of austerity must be rejected and focus instead turn to job creation, international union representatives said during a meeting of global leaders in Paris Tuesday.

“Members of the International Trade Union Confederation, speaking at the Organisation for Economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) Forum, said the world needed to shift its focus as harsh austerity measures had been unable to pull troubled nations such as those in the eurozone out of recession.

“Richard Trumka, of the AFL-CIO union in the U.S., said austerity had ‘totally and utterly failed,’ destroying millions of jobs, driving economies into recession and choking recovery.

“It had created a ‘lost generation’ of youth that economies and societies could not afford, he added.

“Burrow called for a 1 trillion euro investment into infrastructure as a way to create jobs and combat the financial crisis.

“Polling conducted by the unions and presented at the conference showed seven countries — Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, UK and the U.S. – supported, by a huge majority, investments in education, research and new technologies.”

My Comment: No activities will help reduce unemployment. There is no need in factories that are being shut down now and in millions of similar businesses that will be closed in the near future. It is necessary to direct people into a different area of occupation: correction of our nature from egoism to correct mutual connection through the method of integral upbringing. This will create millions of jobs, will engage all layers of society, and will create a good atmosphere.

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