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The Flaw Of Disagreement

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: And in our subject, the benefit of each and every person within his collective is evaluated not according to his own goodness, but according to his service to the public. And vice-versa, we appreciate the attribute of evil of each and every individual only according to the harm one inflicts upon the public in general, and not by one’s own individual value.

These things are crystal clear both from the perspective of the truth in them, and from the perspective of the good in them. This is because what is found in the collective is only what is found in the individual. And the benefit of the collective is the benefit of each and every individual: who harms the collective takes his share in the harm, and who benefits the collective takes his share in the benefit, since individuals are part of the whole, and the whole is not worth in anyway more than the sum of its individuals.

Egoism does not allow us to understand and accept this; it distorts the picture. However, looking at things impartially, objectively, we will have to accept that everything is as it is. If you follow the simple normal logic, it is clear that this is how it should be. Nature is a unified integral mechanism, and obviously every part in it depends on everyone else, and the system as a whole depends on all its parts. In this case, of course, the collective and individual benefit is the same.

Question: But the individual cogwheel in this mechanism has no freedom of choice. Then what is the point of saying whether it is good or bad?

Answer: Indeed, the cogwheel itself has no free will. It cannot decide whether it should or should not rotate to the benefit of community. Everyone does what he or she is predestined to do from above.

However, this system has a mechanism similar to a clutch: the thing is the extent to which I am engaged internally with the “engine” to rotate with it without any questions asked.

Question: So, do we have free will?

Answer: It is to want to rotate or to rotate unwillingly. My freedom is in agreement. But I will be working in any case, either “under duress,” under the pressure of the “roller of development,” or of our own accord, with pleasure.

In general, the system is perfect and acts with absolute efficiency, but I feel and perceive it according to the measure of my consent to its work. In addition, others view it in the same way, and so in the end, we all feel the personal or collective flaw of disagreement—of the individual or of the system.

But nevertheless, our perception does not affect the system itself.

Question: How can we hasten correction?

Answer: To want to agree with the work of the system, with the movement of its parts. This will change everything in my feelings. I add and take away nothing in the true reality; the difference is only in how much its picture is distorted by the “distorting mirror” of my egoism.

My whole life is unfolding on this canvas as I “paint” myself relative to the true system, disagreeing with it in one way or another. And I call this picture “my world.” In essence, this is a snapshot, an impression of my disagreement with the original nature, with absolute love. My whole being is the projection on some “screen,” outlining this “discrepancy of opinion.” I do not see the real system; I see nothing, but my own internal flaws.

Question: Is there such a thing that’s detached from the wholeness of perception, my personal “corner”?

Answer: Yes. I can feel my desires to the extent of their oppositeness to the system. Thus, my world, like the spiritual reality, also consists of 613 parts, but each of them appears to me as opposite to the whole.

This oppositeness is divided into 125 degrees or stages of equivalence or non-equivalence. Now, I am sort of behind the last, the 125th degree, in complete detachment, in absolute lack of understanding. Then, as I rise on each degree, I will discover the discrepancy between me and the system in greater resolution, and by correcting these flaws, I get closer to agreement, to “complete faith,” complete adhesion.

Thus, for the time being I see and feel only myself relative to the state that they want to show me. Of course, for comparison, I am not immediately offered the world of Infinity, the ideal system of nature, the Creator. It is impossible because now I can distinguish only a tiny discrepancy, like a child, who is encouraged to study well in class, and if he succeeds, he is praised as an “A” student.

At the same time, we must remember: Now I see myself, and nothing more.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Peace in the World”

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The Summit Which Will Not Yield Without Preparation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have been organizing conventions for over ten years. The first convention that was held in Israel was initiated by the Moscow group and since then the tradition developed when friends from different countries come together. So, we are more familiar with our brothers who live around the world.

However, so far, we have not used these conventions in the form that should be revealed in the end. A convention is a general gathering, the place of the revelation of the general desire, the collective intention and the interaction (Zivug) with the upper Light to which we are drawn.

We must consider the next convention in St. Petersburg as new, the first of its kind. Its feature is full-fledged preparation. We are not going to a festival, not on a holiday with an easy and enjoyable program. Of course, I am not against “lightness,” but I am against frivolity.

We must prepare for this event extremely seriously. This does not mean that you should walk with grim faces. On the contrary, we all need to be in great spirits but at the same time together feeling that we are just about to gather the forces needed for that general special power by means of which we will be able to realize unity with the upper Light to the extent of our similarity with it, even minimally.

We want to generate at least a bit of bestowal from our part, which the upper Light will be able to correct by giving it the correct form. Then, after the correcting light of AB-SAG, the filling light will be revealed, and we will know the Creator, and all this is in order to bring Him contentment.

The main thing we need to build in ourselves is confidence. It all depends on the preparation, and the result of the preparation and during the action itself, so to speak, there is nothing to do. Figuratively speaking, you have for dinner what you have prepared. It is said, “He who did not labor on the eve of the Sabbath, from whence shall he eat on the Sabbath day?” That is why the main work is carried out not at the convention but before it.

Eighteen days are left before the convention in St. Petersburg. It promises to bring a record number of participants. In addition, it follows right after the convention in Krasnoyarsk, and never before have we had such a dramatic difference between the properties of vessels that are revealed by these two meetings.

In short, we have precise work. We must do the same thing as in Krasnoyarsk but in different internal and external conditions in another layer of the general desire. The difference is clear to us and we understand that we need to neutralize it. If we manage to create the same atmosphere in St. Petersburg, the same unity, the same transparency, as in Krasnoyarsk, we will be awarded a great revelation.

However, I repeat: Preparatory work from every individual and all together is required. If we had a device that measured the level of preparation, I would have put it at the entrance to the convention hall and would allow inside only those who meet the requirements and would send the others home. Everyone should understand that if he does not participate correctly in a common effort, he causes harm that comes back to him to the extent that he prevents everyone else.

This is a very harsh law. So first of all, we must thoroughly check all the participants as to whether they are prepared for the convention.

Besides that, from this day forward, we constantly need to discuss the upcoming meeting, to prepare and distribute materials to create a general online territory where everyone will be able to ask questions in various languages. We will translate these questions and answer them. We need a committee to deal with all the concerns in the framework of the spiritual preparation for the convention. The groups of St. Petersburg and Moscow take care of the physical and organizational preparation, sparing no effort, and that is why we need to help them in other areas.
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/23/13

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Ascending While Feeling The Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If love is bought by presents, then what kind of gift can a person give the Creator?

Answer: We are in a system of fixed laws that connects matter (the desire to receive) and the Light (the attribute of bestowal). They are two opposites by nature. The desire to receive typically enjoys the light of separation and hates the light of adhesion.

So the question is: What should we do with these two opposites? Which should we prefer? How should we grow stronger along a way that is hated and so unpleasant to such an extent that we cannot follow it and we subconsciously push it away?

This is what all our work should be about in order to ascend above the current feeling to the level of thought.”Everything becomes clear in thought,” so we first must sustain ourselves in thought and not feeling. The thought constantly must examine and study the feeling so that eventually we will understand which feeling we must reach.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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Can We Buy Love?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does it say that love is bought by actions? What about the intention or is it only with regard to corporeal love and not spiritual love?

Answer: Both spiritual love and corporeal love are bought by actions; our world is the world of actions. If we perform actions, even if we don’t have the right intention and the right feeling, these actions draw the Light that Reforms that changes our feeling and our understanding.

There is no other means! If our matter, our desire, and our intention are focused only on ourselves, we cannot do anything that is the opposite. The opposite is done by the same means that is called “this world” in which we can perform actions. Although these actions stem from our desire to receive and from the intention to receive for ourselves, on the level of this world, it is like bestowal, which means that I give to the other.

I want to receive for myself and I also give to the other because I want to receive for myself, but if I arrange and organize the giving according to the advice of Kabbalists, then the giving works! It is said that the sages of the Talmud made a certain preparation that allows us to use the means of the Light that Reforms instead of torturing ourselves physically, instead of working directly against our desire and our intention.

This Light operates on us if we perform actions according to the advice of Kabbalists: yearning for the love of friends, giving presents to the friends, trying to connect between us, and studying together from Kabbalistic sources.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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Resuscitation According To The Advice Of Kabbalists

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is love of the Creator? What is the difference between love of the Creator and love of friends?

Answer: Love of friends is the work that is done by the Light that Reforms in order to connect our vessels. It seems as if they are distant from one another and that we have to bring them together, but in spirituality there are no distances. By working on our vessels, we acquire attributes that are similar to the attributes of the Light, and so we can discover what is already in us.

It is like a person who has lost his sight and by certain healing methods can rehabilitate it. This means that Kabbalists give us advice as to how to revive and rehabilitate ourselves in our current state.

This means that you remain at the same level and nothing changes but your ability to feel. This level of sensitivity is called the spiritual ladder, the levels of attainment, revelation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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Mistakes From Childhood?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately I have been remembering many things from my youth and feel ashamed of things that I did then…

Answer: You will see what you did again…. The Creator intentionally presents all this to you and you need to understand that it was He who did all this and not you.

That is, you need to understand that everything in the past is what He did with you, “There is none else besides Him.” Therefore, don’t eat yourself up!

If you condemn yourself about the past, then you are condemning the Creator because your entire past was determined by Him. It is only the present and the future which is determined by you.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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The Model Of Future Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Anatoly Wasserman, journalist, political consultant, scholar): “Post-industrialism did not prevent the crisis because the world was building just its model – a society where the industry operates without human intervention, and the person is engaged in development.

“It was assumed that people, freed from the sphere of production, would be engaged in creative activities, culture, art and creation. But no one bothered to establish this process of engaging people. It was also found that people do not need so many services that could be provided by those who were freed from production.

“The result was that many people exist on unemployment benefits, disguised as activity that no one needs. And payment for these salaries, or rather hidden unemployment benefits, requires financial maneuvers as payment for something in demand.”

My Comment: Wasserman is right, but he does not have a solution: It is the introduction of integral education and upbringing everywhere, and then in the gradual, gentle transformation of society into a society of reasonable consumption, the reduction of excess production to bring humanity to a uniform level of living, and unity, up to the point of revealing in this unity the Creator—eternal and perfect existence.

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Not Negotiable

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We say that we should feel pleasure in the friend. Suppose a person loves power and revels in his power in the group. Do I have to enjoy this flaw in him?

Answer: If he were a member of your family, your child, would you enjoy the fact that he behaves in this way?

Comment: I would reprimand him.

Answer: A reprimand should be given not directly but by implication, carefully, so that he understands that he needs to behave differently. This would be better for him and for the others.

If he really brings so much harm that it disturbs the group and brings foreign thoughts, foreign ideas, and if he starts to proclaim a new path, then he has no place in the group. Then the conversation is short—expel him from the group.

There are only two reasons for excluding a friend from the group:

  • If he goes against the general flow of the group, against the primary sources or teacher and this spoils the collective work
  •  If he disturbs the unity of the group. In this case, the worst thing is if he separates families.

I have heard that these problems do exist and I strongly warn that this must not occur. Do whatever you want but the friend’s family is sacred because the family is the basic unit of the corrected society; it should be corrected, and there can be no excuses.

The violation of these two principles prevents us from progressing because the family is the cell of the group and our ideology is the vector of the group.

Basically, these are spiritual laws. So, keep in mind that if these things take place, then they need to be eradicated soon with no questions or discussions, this is not negotiable.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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Studying And Teaching Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the first half of the 20th century, Baal HaSulam wrote about the unity of the world and the crisis that humanity would have to go through. There were serious times then. Two world wars were looming over the world. In general, the picture was obvious and that is why Baal HaSulam pointed out that starting in 1995 the wisdom of Kabbalah would be required by the masses, that people will study it seriously and in great numbers.

Naturally, it is a long process. It was not exactly in one year that the “bell rang” and everyone rushed to Kabbalah as into the open doors of a store. But still it just happened.

In anticipation of future events, Baal HaSulam wrote his works on the further development of humankind. Of them, the main one  is a very interesting collection, mostly a notebook, which is called “The Last Generation.”

After Rabash I inherited Baal HaSulam’s archive—that which had survived, had not been stolen or lost. I found the fragments of this archive in the basement in such a shape that perhaps not everything could be restored, but some parts could be. Based on them, we created the book, The Last Generation.

In this book, Baal HaSulam describes the basic principle of the life of future society. It consists of sketches and individual records that are grouped in one way or another. Extensive research work was done to collect them. Of course, we do not add anything to what was written there, but in the end we make our own conclusions.

Overall, from this book and other works of Baal HaSulam such as “The Mutual Guarantee” and so on, we understand that there is a need in people to change their world when they become disappointed in their own forces, in their ability to do something with it. When many are overcome by lack of understanding, then comes the time to explain everything to them.

We find ourselves in this state. Every year the world realizes more and more hopelessness, helplessness, purposelessness, and so on.

Accordingly, there are several reasons why we should go out into the world, first, as the Kabbalists point out, because this is the desire of the Creator and we cannot invent our own goals, intentions, and excuses. If it is stated, it is done.

By nature, I would be happy to sit in my office quietly exploring various works and write my own. This is my character. However, life forces and it can’t not be done.

When I wrote my first three books in 1983, Rabash began to treat me differently. He really saw that I not only studied diligently and was constantly with him as a student and assistant, but I made efforts in dissemination. It was a good sign for him. It was not easy in those years. I republished those books in 1990 in Russian in Novosibirsk. They were sold. The fourth book was Attaining the Worlds Beyond and other books followed.

Dissemination is the most important moment for the Creator. He does not consider a person who thinks only about himself. He ignores him; moreover, He despises him.

Conversely, a person who invests strength in dissemination receives special help from Above. After all, he opens the path to others through himself, similar to Bina working to correct the lower Partzufim. That is why he receives everything for everyone, the light, knowledge, and strength pass through him.

Thus, dissemination is our main activity. If we are talking about love and bestowal, what kind of realization of the principle of love for the other as for oneself could be if not through dissemination and teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah?

This is necessary, no doubt. However, this is only for a small group of people who have the point in the heart, the embryo of the independent spiritual vessel (Kli) and independent part of the soul. You will see the system of our entire created desire. Each organ contains these particles. They are few. In essence, it is you and I, as well as all the previous generations of Kabbalists.

However, it is a very small part. Similarly, every point of the body has a tiny piece of the brain that receives and processes information. Every organ has particles that provide communication with the control center and the center itself is in the head. It is such a small “pea,” practically a microprocessor that deals with everything that happens in the body as well as all sorts of connections known and yet unknown to us. Its representatives, scattered all over the body, are the most important for any organ because they activate it.

Thus, we are these parts, and that is why we should not expect that there will be many of us. So, as it is written in the Torah, “You were the smallest of all nations.” It is important to remember that the Torah refers not to the Jews. The Torah refers to Israel and as we know “Israel” means “straight to the Creator” (Yashar El). These people are few.

So, the International Kabbalah Academy and Education Center will develop further, but you should not wait for a lot of people to begin lining up at the doors. However, in any case, we must develop this system and support it. It is desirable to teach everyone who wishes to study. This is evident.

We do not check people as to whether they have a point in the heart. You want to, study; you don’t want to, don’t study. A person attends a couple of lessons. He did not want it and left. It does not matter; he has something. The doors are open to everyone.

However, only we can carry out the most important dissemination, those who have the point in the heart. We are scattered around the world as in the organs of the human body. We are the “particles of the brain” in its various parts. We were given the task to manage the correction of humanity and we must do it and we must build a new society. We are pioneers, the first generation that studies in order to teach others Kabbalah and integral education. The world needs both.

This is what we need to do, not neglecting our task of studying in order to know and share our knowledge with others in the form in which they want it. As it is written, “Teach the boy according to his way,” that is, according to what he desires. If he does not want to study the system of the upper world, then do not teach him it. However, if he wants to improve his state, his earthly everyday life, this is good. In this vein, it is necessary to teach him.
From the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 4

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