Burning Bridges

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While you were away last week, the world group had some active interactions. For the first time, we truly felt that we depend on one another. How can we hold onto that moment now and not fall back into passivity?

Answer: We must not recall the situation we experienced. The past is burnt. We must not look back like Lot’s wife. What belongs to the past is gone, and we don’t go through what we went through, not in our feelings and not in our thoughts.

Even if you think that you are leaving something special behind, it makes no difference. You must keep away from the best state just as from the worst state.

Under no circumstances should you try to recall it in your thoughts, desires, or your words, and do not try to reconstruct anything. Empty yourself completely of everything that was. Even if you felt good, now, you will feel even better. We must start every day anew and turn over a new leaf.

No one is disturbing you, not me and not the friends, no matter what they feel. The state of things in the outer world also has nothing to do with it. You must enter a new state, a new phase of connection without any burdens, as if you don’t know anything, as it is written, “Each day they shall seem new to you.” We must not compare the current state with what was before. Start everything anew, and only thus will you reach a new structure.

Even if you have succeeded, now it is as if nothing happened. Don’t be afraid to lose it. By being afraid to lose something, you are expressing a contemptible form of receiving. Everything that you have attained and everything that you have felt, doesn’t exist now, and it shouldn’t exist. Otherwise, you care only about your feelings.

The main thing is to detach yourself from the past. Without it, you will not advance forward. You are advancing toward bestowal, and this means burning all the bridges.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/25/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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