Unemployment In The World Of Unfinished Business!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Gavriil Popov, President of the International University in Moscow): 
“As it is known, the model of the Soviet and Nazi state socialism ruled out unemployment. There is nothing more difficult for a person than the impossibility of finding a job, that is why unemployment during crises is the main factor of people turning to socialism, national socialism, fascism.

“The experience of Soviet socialism has shown that providing all the members of society with work creates social stability, but reduces the average wage because the output should be divided among everyone; the desire to work effectively is diminished, and society heads towards a dead end.

“Unemployment is inherent in the modern postindustrial formation. But it is intolerable in comparison to the benefits that post-industrialism gives the employed. The solution must combine rewards to those who work efficiently and provide employment to everyone who wants to work with reasonable salaries.

“Therefore, it makes economic sense to have two systems of work:

“The sphere of competitive employment, based on competition, where high earnings stimulate efficiency;

“The sphere of social employment, providing jobs and wages sufficient for life to those who cannot work in a competitive environment (the elderly, the disabled, women with children, the unemployed in the sphere of efficient economy). Social employment must be self-supporting. And there is plenty of work in the social sphere: the collection and recycling of waste, remediation of forests, road repair, remediation of wasteland.”

My Comment: There will be a need for work in the social sphere for many years ahead. In any case, it is necessary to combine work in both spheres with integral education.

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