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Preventing The Friends From “Falling”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the time between the Arava convention and the European convention, the friends in the group worked very hard and on the whole have experienced many descents. What can we do so that the friends won’t “fall?”

Answer: We need only one thing to help the friends not to “fall”: to strengthen the connection with the Creator; the friends from other groups should remind you about this. When a group works correctly, it becomes one whole. An individual, however, cannot do anything. So, there are many groups that have to help one another. Only in the connection between them will the Creator be revealed.

Groups should work as a single organism, just like a body operates. Can the kidneys, the heart, the lungs, and other bodily organs be healthy if there is no communication between them? It can’t happen! There must also be an organ that manages all the activities just like in a body the brain (Brain) does.

Preventing The Friends From "Falling"

It operates all the groups and they give it “feedback.” Thus there is a constant cyclic mutual activity of all the organs.

If the body’s activity is not circulating, there is no balance between the organs, and then the body is ill. Even if all the organs are healthy and only one part is ill, it will lead to the imbalance of the whole body. Therefore, there must be a mutual connection.

We have already reached this point. Now in order to connect and to advance correctly without any obstacles, everyone has to be connected, and we need the mutual interconnected support of all the groups, one system of studying and disseminating.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 3

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Nachshon’s Leap

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The people of Israel were afraid to leap into the Red Sea (Yam Suf – Final Sea) until Nachshon decided to do this. It seems that it was not easy to do.

Answer: This truly wasn’t easy. We see that difficulties appear in all stages of the spiritual process. Always there are those who were ready to turn back. Our ego is so multi-layered that it is not immediately possible to abandon it, to go away from it, or at least to establish that it is bad.

It is difficult for a person to nullify himself before others. If I don’t act first, this says that I would prefer for someone else to do it. Would this be a desire for love and unity? It is true that at that moment the matter was still not clear. And we see that after that the “golden calf” and many other problems were to appear.

Question: What does “Nachshon’s leap” represent?

Answer: In a person there is a characteristic that represents proceeding with faith above reason: “My death is better for me than my life.” So, the person leaps into the sea, what will be will be. Certainly this is not talking about our present state. The action that is called “Nachshon’s leap” requires preparation.

It is required in order to pass to the next stage, but are we prepared to carry it out? In the meantime, we are far from realizing it, even though this moment rapidly approaches. There is no doubt that we are found in the stages of redemption. In the connection of hearts is the idea of peace and wholeness; in this is our salvation, this needs to come as an alternative to the current situation in Egypt. Therefore all of our work, learning, and dissemination are directed towards connection and unity. Only with the help of connection and a good mutual relationship can we be saved.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Night of Passover Seder” 3/4/13

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And The Sons Of Israel Cried Out From The Work

And The Sons Of Israel Cried Out From The WorkQuestion: What is the meaning of the expression “…and the sons of Israel cried out from the work?”

Answer: It means that we raise our hands and cry: “Help us! We are unable to leave Pharaoh, to escape our egoism for a new life.” Why not? What is the purpose of this entire game? Its purpose is to reveal the upper force! If we could exit Egypt ourselves, we wouldn’t have any problems. However, in this case we wouldn’t reveal the upper force, the force of bestowal and love. It has to fulfill us, reveal itself to us, and let us feel itself. During the escape from Egypt it’s first revealed as something that beckons us: as a cloud or a fire pillar. But then we reveal it practically.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Exit from Egypt” 3/4/13

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Under The Yoke Of The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Did the people of Israel ever know that they were under the dominion of the ego?

Answer: Certainly. The group of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his sons knew. The people of Israel carried out great spiritual work throughout all of these generations beginning from Abraham when they left Babylon and entered Egypt.

Today it’s not only the people of Israel, but rather the entire world also, that are beginning to discover that they are in Egypt.

But this is does not mean that the world is going backward. It makes no difference what happened before, for in the Torah there is no concept of “before” or “after.” Today the world comprehends that it’s found under the yoke of the ego, which is destroying us, leading to an abyss and destruction. The entire world already feels this. The “seven years of plenty” have ended, during which the ego played in our favor.

We wanted to prosper in a consumer society, and we constantly increased the rate of growth. From year to year we celebrated success, but today everything is finished. The descent has begun; everything is vanishing. Even though the leaders and the bankers try with all their might to hold on to the past, from day to day the condition becomes more severe. People understand that the problem is in the person.

Further progress in the desire to acquire and to be successful has become impossible because the desire itself has changed. Fashion has become repulsive to us; we have become tired of annoying advertising that calls upon us to buy unnecessary things. Durable goods, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and televisions, break down quickly because manufacturers benefit from our buying new products, allowing them to profit at our expense. Through this we are drawn into an endless cycle of work, and so we work 10 to 15 hours per day.

Gradually it’s becoming clear that this approach to life is unacceptable. Our ego is destroying us and when we understand this, we will feel that we are in Egypt, in the service of the ego. But this is not yet everything. The feeling that the ego is destroying me and doesn’t let me live is not enough. I need to think about how to rise above it and to organize my life in a different form, not in reception, but in bestowal and in connection to other people. Since this connection is being revealed today throughout the world, I must be included in it, otherwise I will be found in conflict with natural development.

Through connection with other people in the world and becoming a unified integral system, I become included in it and begin to exist within it harmoniously. Otherwise, I will be lost and will endure all kinds of blows.

But how can I leave the ego and connect well with people? Through my desire for this, I begin to feel how much it stops me, pulls me backwards. And here the struggle between me and my ego begins. I become like Moses, my ego becomes like Pharaoh, and we begin to struggle over the outcome.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Night of Passover Seder” 3/4/13

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I Am Disappearing And Growing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Light influences a person according to the root of his soul, where is my participation in this process and how do I determine its pace?

Answer: The Light that Reforms illuminates according to the state of the general system in which we are all integrally connected. We are all mutually incorporated in one another, and so I can’t be disconnected from my generation, from time, place, and the general state. My state depends on others and their state depends upon me.

Besides, I can also advance individually, but my individual advancement is being incorporated in everyone. This means that I can’t think only about myself. It’s impossible in the framework of this system, and by that I will not help myself. If I pray only for myself, I cause myself harm, no matter how good my prayer may be. If it doesn’t go through the group, it causes my soul harm.

So we should always remember that this is a general system in which we are all connected, all tied to and dependent on each other. Our work is namely to reveal this system.

My individual effort is focused on the revelation of the general. I don’t reveal the place I am in, I reveal where the others are, the society. I don’t discover myself, but rather the system in which my “self” disappears.

I on the next level am the one who feels his “self” less and who feels the society more. On a higher level there is a lesser feeling of my “self” and a greater feeling of the society.

So how can I pray for myself? In the next state, on the next level, it will not be me anymore! The society on the next level is “me.” The current “self” disappears in the general system, and the system becomes me. This is actually what I feel and perceive as myself. I see it as my soul.

I Am Disappearing And Growing
There is the point of my egoistic “self,” and from it there are circles that spread as each time the circle and the society get bigger: society 1, society 2, and society 3. If I annul myself to some extent, I perceive the first one. Then I annul myself a bit more, and I perceive the second one; I continue to annul myself and I perceive the third one. These phases are called Ibur (gestation), Yenika (suckling), and Mochin (mind).

So who am I? I am what I identify with. If I am incorporated in the first society, then this will be my “self”; if I am incorporated in the second society, then this society will be me; and if I am incorporated in the third society, all this will be me. My current self disappears. This means that each time I build myself above my ego, above the Masach (screen), by faith above reason.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/13, “Matan Torah (The Giving of Torah)”

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Every Branch Is Close To Its Root

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe all know that every branch is naturally close to its root, and so our nature is close to our root, to the Creator. The desire to bestow, like the Light, like the Creator that has created us, is instilled in it. But we are in a concealment that weighs heavily on us and doesn’t allow us to see ourselves the way we really are.

Therefore, all our attributes seem corrupt. However, we have to understand that it isn’t our true form. It isn’t us but rather the concealment! Only by taking off this concealment or by rising above it will we immediately reach our root. It’s like garments that we need to take off and rise above. This is called working in “faith above reason,” which means rising above our ego, above the cover that is over us, and living above it.

We are actually in the state of Ein Sof (Infinity) but we forget that. We should always see the world of Infinity in everything: in our relationships, in our aspirations, in the entire picture of the world that we see.

The Creator did not create anything bad; He only created good as a result of His aspiration to bring goodness. But He concealed this state so that we will discover it and see that He finds it desirable and we do so as well.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/13, “Matan Torah (The Giving of Torah)”

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